What next for Newcastle United as new owners watch on?

The feeling leading up to kick-off was immense. Genuine hope, anticipation and excitement.

As the crowd inside SJP grew and grew the noise got bigger and bigger. So much so that the Sky Sports presenters standing just socially distanced from each other were having to shout.

And still the noise rose as Wor Flags came into play and showed everyone what being a NUFC supporter is all about. Then his Excellency, Wor Yasir arrived and the place went nuts! Looking at his face and his daughter’s as they accepted the reception and welcome brought goosebumps.

This was it; the moment had arrived and then BANG, Callum Wilson strikes after 1 minute 48 seconds and its absolute bedlam. The noise even came over sitting watching from my front room and bad leg or not I was dancing around like a demented camel.

Then, POP, Spurs equalised and reality bit in. By half-time it was 3 – 1 and the fortunate Toon fan that survived his heart attack and thankfully is getting better wasn’t the only one feeling unwell as BruceBall bit in and our inept defending let us down again.

Even Maxi was subdued and then at 3 – 1 down in the second half he takes off our only route to goal! Unbelievable! Now, I know that Wilson hasn’t played in awhile and perhaps was tired but who else was going to score? No-one probably given the lack of service to the “front” men!

So, now the owners know the extent of our problems. The fact that the league table and our form don’t lie. The fact that no matter how much we celebrated Ashley’s departure it simply has to be followed up by another one and quickly at that. Bruce, the two Steve’s and even Jones seemed powerless to do anything about it.

Plus, there’s a reason some people only make the subs bench. The ‘great creator’ and media pundits darling Jonjo Shelvey comes on. He’ll change the game! Honestly, I’ve seen milk turn faster. What a horrible, horrible cameo!

By the end, the fans turned and in reality who can blame them? Yes, we were all urged to get behind the team and not make it about Bruce but with yet another disastrous performance how could the fans not fail to make their feelings known.

Last week I said the speed of the new takeover had probably taken the new owners by surprise and when they went after/looked at their targets they probably weren’t available. I even convinced myself, wrongly, that they were right to leave Bruce in charge for yesterday.

I thought we needed to appoint a Director of Football first and allow them input to the Managerial appointment. I still have some thoughts in that direction but to answer the question in my title.

Bruce simply has to go and surely, surely, surely if not today then tomorrow.

Who comes in? I have no idea but surely it can’t be worse than what we’re currently having to endure, takeover or no takeover.

PIF, PCP, Reubens et all, GET IT DONE!

3 thoughts on “What next for Newcastle United as new owners watch on?

  1. Bruce continues to make the same mistakes with team selection by playing people out of position, personally I think we will go down this season as we will be cut adrift by Christmas.
    Ashley has walked away with more than he deserves considering the steaming bag of Sh*t he has left behind Bruce included.
    Despite all their money it will be difficult to attract anyone to a club where the rot has well and truly set in.
    Alex Bruce thinks his Dad has been disrespected!
    Believe me Bruce has thoroughly deserved that disrespect, he has earned it.!


  2. Jeff you are spot on, exactly as I was thinking. The only thing you missed was how “well “ Joelinton played. Never have I seen such a complete useless addition to a squad. I lost count of the times he gave the ball away, often having won it in the first place . Why Bruce continues to play him beats me.


  3. Mike:
    Bruce plays him because he’s a numpty, and hasn’t got a clue!
    He also rates Gayle who picks up his money for doing SFA.


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