NUFC player ratings vs Brighton – A few 7’s, several 6’s, the odd 5 and one 4

It could’ve been a win had Wilson not been brought down just as he looked set to make it 2-1, but we were forced to settle for a point at The AMEX through Isaac Hayden’s second half equaliser.

Here’s our marks out of 10 and comments on each player involved:

Karl Darlow – 6 – Not much to do despite Brighton’s general dominance. Nothing particular wrong in his game except you expect that Dubravka would help organise the defence more.

Jacob Murphy – 6.5 – Contributed well to the rare attacks but the gaps seen from his right-back berth showed why it is a worry seeing him playing in the wing back position.

Emil Krafth – 6 – Didn’t really do much throughout the game. Did his job and didn’t have any major hiccups.

Jamaal Lascelles – 6 – An early yellow card was worrying but he settled down ok afterwards. Still feels like the poorer option when compared to Fernandez.

Ciaran Clark – 6 – Did well to knock the ball down for Hayden to score the equaliser but his penalty mistake was a clear indication why we need upgrades in defence.

Matt Ritchie – 7 – Despite being a 32-year-old right winger playing in left back, he did a solid job in defence. Ritchie’s real contribution came in the build-up to the goal where he combined brilliantly with Saint-Maximin to cross the ball in to the box. Ritchie’s chance creation cannot be denied but it would be a fair question to wonder whether he should continue throughout the rest of the season.

Isaac Hayden – 7 – Took his goal well and did all the mucky stuff he needed to. If he were just that bit better on the ball and had better passing decisions then we wouldn’t be so desperate for an upgrade.

Jonjo Shelvey – 5 – His decision to not shoot at the end when Lewis Dunk stood in goal summed up how generally ineffectual he was, today. With how much the game slowed down in the second-half, it was on him to take the game by the scruff of the neck and start dictating attacks but he didn’t do enough.

Miguel Almiron – 4 – Huffed, puffed and didn’t really do anything. Almiron can be highly effective player but not with how deep he was being played.

Allan Saint-Maximin – 5 – Another game where he was basically invisible. Gains a point for how well he occupied the two defenders before passing to Ritchie to set-up the goal.

Callum Wilson –7 – Organised Saint-Maximin to be out wide to pick up the ball in the build-up to our equaliser. Should have had a goal and only missed out because of cynical foul by Sanchez.


Joelinton – 7 – Came on and was a vast improvement on Almiron. Worked hard and helped build attacks. His ball to Wilson before the Sanchez foul was fantastic.

Dwight Gayle – N/A – 

3 thoughts on “NUFC player ratings vs Brighton – A few 7’s, several 6’s, the odd 5 and one 4

  1. Looks like St Max and Almiron playing to be away at the moment, don’t look up for the fight?
    Or the Coach certainly doesn’t have a clue how to get the best out of them both!
    Defensive issues are just a repeat of all season, and midfield generally not up to it only get the odd decent performance from individuals.


  2. Jamaal Lascelles- settled down OK afterwards – all I remember is the ball lobbed into our box, nobody within half a mile and he heads it back to a Brighton player.

    As for you Shelvey comment – you just don’t like him, do you, because he was in no way “ineffectual”. He controlled the midfield and was the only player who put any passes together.
    You’re just pigged off because he didn’t ping the ball straight at Dunk, who was clearly the tallest player on the pitch and is an experienced keeper.


  3. Jones HAS TO GO = simply isn’t going to help and what the last 3 games have shown is that he’s been the mastermind behind the utter shambles ALL season

    He’s been going up in the stands the past year and coming down to tell everyone what’s going on = if he really thought it actually worked he’d have a member of staff doing it and updating him…

    ..this would have told him after 5 minutes last night that he’s simply out of his depth… would just hinder the new manager = we need to shed everything from the past ownership!!!


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