Sky Sports: Newcastle player contacted by FA for his comments after Sunday’s 1-0 defeat v Chelsea

Following Newcastle’s controversial defeat at Stamford Bridge, Isaac Hayden tweeted out how ‘proud’ he was of the team – saying it was ‘some performance’ considering we were up against ’12 men’.

The tweet is clearly a dig at officials, referring to the incident involving Kai Havertz – the scorer of the winning goal who should’ve seen red for elbowing Dan Burn – as well as the stone-wall penalty VAR failed to give for a foul on Jacob Murphy.

A few days on, Sky Sports report that the FA have now made contact with Hayden to ‘seek observations’ from the midfielder following his comment on Twitter after Sunday’s game.

Here’s the tweet itself:

VAR has been a controversial topic since its inception, but recently it has received mass criticism – a blatant hand-ball from a Man City player against Everton that was ‘missed’ which cost them a crucial point being a significant example. Just imagine how costly that could’ve been for us had we still been in the drop zone…

Now, with referee David Coote failing to even look at the monitor for a second viewing, there has been outrage at how the system is being used – and deservedly so.

So, while referees around the country are allowed to make incorrect decisions and cost clubs vital points without repercussions, players and managers must be punished if they even suggest the idea of criticising the very people who got those decisions wrong.

Frankly, it seems to me that the FA’s time would be better spent investigating the officials who are causing such controversies in the first place. 

7 thoughts on “Sky Sports: Newcastle player contacted by FA for his comments after Sunday’s 1-0 defeat v Chelsea

  1. I have a couple of issues with your article.

    1. It’s one thing for the fans to sit in the bar after the game and say we played 12 men, but if a player is publicly suggesting that the referee was on their side then that is a serious allegation and should be investigated.
    2. Hayden has not been “punished” for his criticism (yet). He has been asked for his “observations”. Obviously the FA want to know why he is saying that.
    3. How did you reach the conclusion that VAR assistants refused “to even look at the monitor”? There isn’t the slightest bit of evidence to even suggest that.
    4. While technically the referee CAN request a look at the replay it would surely be the dumbest decision a referee could make to request a replay at the insistence of the players.
    And why would he? That’s what the VAR Assistant is there for.

    So while we definitely ended up on the wrong side of some dodgy officiating your comments are pretty uninformed.


  2. Each team should be allowed two reviews per game at the request of the manager or captain. If the review is successful then the team keeps it, if unsuccessful the review is used up. Instead of crowding and intimidating the ref, the players should turn to their manager. Anyone protesting to the ref too strongly gets a yellow card.


  3. Have VAR been contacted, or the referee?
    They were quick enough to contact Isaac Hayden though.
    It’s a **** disgrace


  4. I have watched plenty of matches, I could not believe the referee didn’t see the very significant pull on the shirt, did the opposing player have to strip it completely off his back??????


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