FA release statement confirming NUFC player has been charged with improper conduct

The FA have released a statement confirming Isaac Hayden has been charged with improper conduct following a social media post he made after our 1-0 defeat to Chelsea earlier this month.

After the match, Hayden posted the following on Twitter, suggesting Newcastle were playing against ’12 men’ after VAR failed to give us a blatant penalty and refused to send off Kai Havertz for his elbow on Dan Burn:

“Some performance from the boys against 12 men today. Proud to be associated with the club is an understatement.”

The FA have now responded after investigating the matter, stating that the midfielder has breached FA Rule E3.1 and has until March 23 to provide a response.

Here’s the statement they released just a few moments ago:

Interesting that a player looks set to be fined for such a comment, yet there seems to be nothing said or no punishment for referees making clear and costly errors on a weekly basis.

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4 thoughts on “FA release statement confirming NUFC player has been charged with improper conduct

  1. And no punishment when a player tells a Ref to f-off to his face and is caught on camera where the worst lip-reader in the world could see what he said.

    How about waving the invisible yellow or red card? Is that not questioning the Ref’s ability/integrity? That never gets a booking and certainly not a charge of bringing the game into disrepute.

    This one is pretty harsh on Hayden. They could have let that slide.


  2. It’s always the same with the FA. Why can’t a player actually state what is the truth anyway. Same old bollocks.


  3. Why has someone telling the truth have to be disciplined. The whole world saw what happened and not for the first time. If the ref linesmen and var ref had done their jobs properly there would be no issue to sort out. He has every right to be annoyed and hasn’t said anything wrong in my mind. The officials need retraining or something. Var was supposed to look at any incidents that might be missed especially in the box how do they not see blatant incidents like that one. Only explanation the old Top of the table decisions and Bottom of the table decisions


  4. Game is blatantly fixed. Only fair thing to do here is to reprimand the ref and VAR, who’s blatant wrong decisions bring the game into disrepute as matng fixing. The FA saying no penalty is like Putin saying he hasn’t invaded Ukraine!


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