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Stop! Press!

After the 4-0 humping dished out by Stoke last weekend it is perhaps not ideal that we aren’t actually playing again until the start of April.

On one hand a two week break is a good thing as it will allow us to hopefully get some of our injured players back, and it will allow some of those who have just returned to action to build up a bit more fitness as we prepare for the vital clash against Wolves. On the other hand, after such a heavy defeat all you want to be able to do is get to the next game as soon as possible so you can, hopefully, get the defeat out of the system and bounce back with a win. A two week gap will prohibit that from happening unfortunately.

Which leaves in a kind of limbo really don’t you think? I mean our Premier League future is in the balance and yet we can’t do anything about it. Even worse, it kind of scuppers any plans that could have been made for next season as it would be foolish to plan ahead without knowing where we are going to be playing our football next season.

Now, I’m still confident that we’ll survive – I always have been right back from before the season even kicked off, but given how easy guaranteeing survival should have been it’s kind of hard not to be be disheartened with the way results have gone. However, I am the eternal optimist and believe that we can turn it around and get those final few points needed to ensure another year of Premier League football next season.

Until then though, it’s kind of pointless planning ahead. I’ve read speculation linking us with hundreds, maybe millions, of players over the last few weeks, which is fair enough of course as deep down we all love a bit of speculation, but we must realise that nothing is going to happen until we are mathematically safe. That includes transfers, contracts, departures, anything.

As the headline says, it’s a case of ‘hold the back page’ with regard to many things at NUFC at the moment, which makes it easier for us to focus on the task at hand in my opinion. It will be tight and it will be concerning until we can limp over the line, but once we are over it the party can start and we can plan ahead for next season and beyond.

Until then though, EVERYTHING is on hold!


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  1. 1
    Big Dave says:

    I think we could go on a short winning streak starting at Wolves ;-)
    Ice never fear we will always have someone to abuse, its just they mightn’t be of Richies calibre but we will make do mate.

  2. 2
    icedog says:

    ashley might strike sack the snide,and bring back A.S. to save us in last 8 games,oh no tryed that didnt work ;-) say again if we cannot get 6points from last few games with 3 of them at home,well———-

  3. 3
    toonsy says:

    Rich won’t be gone long. He’ll soon be back ;)

  4. 4
    icedog says:

    aye me and batty just getting the hang of space invaders :grin:

  5. 5
    batty says:

    we will end up in 12th ;-)

  6. 6
    icedog says:

    BATTY being telling you for months your bet is good mate ;)

  7. 7
    Big Dave says:

    Good evening Mr Batts

  8. 8
    batty says:

    hello dog and dave :smile:

  9. 9
    Jobey07 says:

    dog and dave :lol:
    Sounds like a comedy duo

  10. 10
    batty says:

    jobe they are m8 :smile:

  11. 11
    Munich Mag says:

    I really hope that Best doesn’t get injured on international duty, cos he’s the only striker we have got who can score goals at the moment !

  12. 12
    icedog says:

    MM ime hopeing jarvis plays for england and gets injured :grin:

  13. 13
    Big Dave says:

    MM its funny there was a time that it wouldn’t have bothered me if he did get injuried :lol:

  14. 14
    batty says:

    ile 2nd that munich

  15. 15
    batty says:

    dog is dave still being nice too every 1 ;-)

  16. 16
    icedog says:

    its a age thing mate,hes getting owr soft :grin:

  17. 17
    Munich Mag says:

    Without wor Leon we’d be cattle trucked…has he signed one of those W.H.Smith’s 5 year contracts yet ?…he must be the only one who hasn’t…

    Yalret lads, has everyone had a splendid day today… ?…nowt ower here about FC Bayern chasing Enrique by the way…

  18. 18
    Moreno says:

    MM, thats because it’s a load of bollox mate :smile:

  19. 19
    icedog says:

    DAVE cookie monster will ride to the re scue ;-)

  20. 20
    batty says:

    dog hes softer than a wet sponge m8 :smile:

  21. 21
    Munich Mag says:

    Icedog…you’ve been saying it for weeks now, if we don’t get 6 points at home from Brum, West brum and Wolves we don’t deserve to be in the Premier League. The biggest risk at the moment, apart from the injuries, is the apparent drop in morale and Pardew getting his tactical formations wrong. He should cut out the tinkering perhaps..?

  22. 22
    batty says:

    divent worry mr pardew will sort them oot dog ;-)

  23. 23
    toonsy says:

    Reet lads I’m off to graft. Catch you all in a bit.

    Might struggle with articles tomorrow cos of the docs and what not but I’ll do my best :)

  24. 24
    Munich Mag says:

    Moreno…did you treat your lass to a slap up meal at the weekend with your winnings ?

  25. 25
    icedog says:

    BATTY whats the bet worth when it comes up mate

  26. 26
    batty says:

    lata toonsy iam just waitin for me meal too come :smile:

  27. 27
    Jobey07 says:

    Toonsy- s’alreet. just gunna have to turn to eds blog for my nufc fix

  28. 28
    batty says:

    grand dog

  29. 29
    richietoon says:

    Toonsy@3 ..ya mean back in Uk or back online? :grin:

  30. 30
    toonsy says:

    Rich – Online. I wouldn’t come back to the UK mate. It’s finished :cry:

  31. 31
    batty says:

    toonsy what makes ya think yhe uk is finished :lol: :lol: :lol:

  32. 32
    toonsy says:

    Well it’s just crap these days isn’t? Lowest standard of living, lowest relative take home pay, highest living costs etc etc.

  33. 33
    Moreno says:

    An real life example of how it works in my relationship:

    Last sunday we were down the local pub for some reasonably priced scran. Meals for the family and a couple of drinks and it came to £25.
    My daughter was doing me head in about the flashing machines so I gave her a quid to put in the fruity (she is 21 months old). She hammers the buttons (and I tinker a little bit) and we end up pulling out £25 quid!
    Walk over to the wife with fists full of pound coins to tell her and I just knew she was thinking ”that’s tea paid for then”

    I still managed to persuade her to get it on her card and pocketed the winnings.

  34. 34
    richietoon says:

    Toonsy….ya good, her mams just phoned to say the phoneline and broadband were installed today.
    Goodluck tomorrow…..just pray they don’t take ya BMI :lol:

  35. 35
    Big Dave says:

    Batty hows the wee Girl doing mate havn’t spoke to her in a while tell her I said hi

  36. 36
    batty says:

    aye toonsy every thing is shooting up :sad:

  37. 37
    Big Dave says:

    Moreno proud off ya Lad Thats why they have cards :lol:

  38. 38
    batty says:

    moreno :lol:

  39. 39
    icedog says:

    they saying we are playing better footy with the snide,cant quite grap that like 1win 10,i would prefer to play crap and have a few more points on the board,or is that just bad luck “again”

  40. 40
    Munich Mag says:

    Moreno, the women have the smart comments off bat mate, it’s genetic, they don’t even need to think about it ! Sounds like your wee one has a way with money already ! :lol:

    25 quid for a sunday lunch with drinks isn’t too bad though but..

  41. 41
    batty says:

    dave shes fine thanks horses fooball horses football ;-)

  42. 42
    batty says:

    i only tel my missis half of what i win

  43. 43
    Munich Mag says:

    1 win in 10 is a pretty crap record to be honest…though Pardew never had the benefit of the feel good factor when he took over…cos err…there wasn’t one…!

  44. 44
    Big Dave says:

    Well tbh I just give the mrs what money I have as it burns a hole in my pocket until I buy power tools or tattoo machines :lol: and I already have more than enough

  45. 45
    batty says:

    ide rather say 1 win in 3 ;-)

  46. 46
    batty says:

    sorry 4 :lol:

  47. 47
    Big Dave says:

    MM he never had the benefit of the Judas either .
    Though I often find the 1 win in 10 makes it sound like 1 win and 9 losses :sad:

  48. 48
    Big Dave says:

    1 win 5 draws and 4 losses doesnt son’t that bad either

  49. 49
    batty says:

    apart from the last game we have lost by the odd goal :sad:

  50. 50
    batty says:

    1 win in 9 leauge games

  51. 51
    Jobey07 says:

    god lads, think positive, we shared 4 goals at the weekend

  52. 52
    batty says:

    jobe :lol:

  53. 53
    icedog says:

    aye and the bloody n.h.s. is crap,this is true sister-in-law sent to durham hos by doc with bad chest pains,to the heart dept,had to send her back to doc as they didnt even have a blood pressure machine working to check her,what the fk ganning on, rang up and give them six nought,i got a sorry,but we are going on a run to raise some cash to buy another :x :x :x
    got her to diff hos and found to have angina

  54. 54
    Big Dave says:

    Ice the NHS is shit but a lot of good workers in it ;-)
    away to collect the mrs from work be back in a bit

  55. 55
    icedog says:

    laters lads dog time they are telling me :|

  56. 56
    batty says:

    nite dog dave jobe and every 1 else ;-)

  57. 57
    Jobey07 says:

    Night batty man

    I didnt mean to put battyman :lol: :lol:

  58. 58
    DJG says:

    ‘Ice the NHS is shit but a lot of good workers in it’

    :smile: :lol:

    Dave you come out with a peach every night mate. Are you a peach tree by any chance?


  59. 59
    AndrewNUFC says:

    Hate international football me, gunna be a long two weeks. Lets hope it gives Ireland, Jose and Barton time to get back to better fitness.

  60. 60
    DJG says:


    We did so well last season aswell when we were playing 2 games a week and fighting for the title. now we are playing 1 game every 2 weeks and the players are ‘tired’. Get a fkking grip!

  61. 61
    AndrewNUFC says:

    DLJ I dont think we have tired players just ones struggling with injuries. Our players cant use being tired as an excuse, we only play in one competition. Not like we have had cup games on top or europe like some clubs.

  62. 62
    Moreno says:

    It annoys me which this ‘tired’ shyte.

    I worked over 40 hours a week, have 2 kids under 2 with one of them teething and I have been down to the local soccer world and gave it my all for 60 minutes tonight. Didn’t stop running or trying for the team.

    these lads are at the peak of physical fitness, train a few hours per day and actually play in a real game for 180 minutes per week, sometimes (as is the case at the moment) 90 minutes every 2 weeks whilst getting paid 50 grand + for doing it.

    Boils my piss when I hear players are tired. Why don’t the poor little sausages stop their careers as a footballer and move onto something less strenuous then, like work 18 hours a week in the local spar?

  63. 63
    Moreno says:

    And what’s more I actually PAY for the privilege of playing football !!!

  64. 64
    Jobey07 says:

    Alreet Moreno, what position you play? ;) we could do with a clinical forward

  65. 65
    Moreno says:

    I played right back for years mate, just play 5’s nowadays though!

  66. 66

    Jobey, of the Pedro fashion.

  67. 67
    toonsy says:

    Moreno – That’s part of the problem though. Footballers are now so far removed from reality that they forget about things like that and how the normal working man must get by in the real world.

  68. 68
    toonsy says:

    But not Pedro looks or fashion ;)

  69. 69
    Brisvegas says:

    I played until I was 50. Was determined to make it to my 50th birthday. Played midfield too. Did a lot of running box to box, though it got hard in the last few years to mix it with the younger guys – the 35 year olds.

    Tired? Me? Whey aye, man. I was fooked for days after each game.

  70. 70
    toonsy says:

    Bris – My old man was the same. He didn’t stop until he was in his fifties. He’d give some of the young’uns a run as well! Mind you, the bloke is an ex-Para and never really stopped the fitness malarkey.

  71. 71
    Big Dave says:

    Moreno thats it mate get the frustrations out Lad ;-)

  72. 72
    Big Dave says:

    Brisvegas I read your post mate :grin:

  73. 73
    AndrewNUFC says:

    They travel in luxury thats probably more comfortable than my home. You seen the club coach? 5 star hotels every away game, aye they must get so tired doing 90 minutes work a week.

  74. 74
    Jobey07 says:

    toonsy you not a footballer? ;)

  75. 75
    toonsy says:

    Jobey – I used to be. I used to play Sunday League and I used to play for the town where I live now which (at the time) was the league below Blue Square North/South.

  76. 76
    Brisvegas says:

    Nice to have an audience Big Dave (@ 72).

    I gave up playing after my knees gave up the ghost. Didn’t realise how many injuries I was carrying until I stopped training. Now, just 6 years on, I’m fat and constantly sore and think I’d throw up if I ran to the shop down the road.

    I imagine professional players are crocks by the time they’re 40. They probably live with pain all their lives, especially in their retirement. That’ll be a shock waiting to jolt them into the real world.

  77. 77
    Hello says:

    Sy it’s me mate , is ther a pm system in here , on phone can’t e mail

  78. 78
    Big Dave says:

    Brisvegas its amazing how quick you start to go down hill :lol:
    Reet Lads thats me outta here catch you’s sometime tomorrow ;-)

  79. 79
    toonsy says:

    Ant – use the contact form at the top mate. Its not an e mail but it will send me one and I’ll pick upyour message that way

  80. 80
    Brisvegas says:

    That’s mildly impressive, Toonsy. The highest level I played at was NSW State Leaugue Div 3. Hard to give an English comparison, but at the time it might equate to about the same level as you.

  81. 81
    AndrewNUFC says:


    Wonder what Ledley King will feel like at 40 :lol:

  82. 82
  83. 83
    Big Dave says:

    Brisvegas they let Toonsy play sometimes to keep him sweet but normally he helped carry the goal post and put out the cones :grin: :grin:
    Nite this time

  84. 84
    Brisvegas says:

    Sometimes I used to pack the cones.

  85. 85
    toonsy says:

    Bris – Bit more info on who I used to play for

    They were called VS Rugby back then though…

  86. 86
    toonsy says:

    Ant – If you register you can use the PM system in the forum. I’ve only just seen that one exists :lol:

  87. 87
    DJG says:

    you’s know what the secret is to building up aerobic fitness don’t you’s. :smile: swimming, at any age you can build it up, even you toonsy. ;-)

    If you don’t believe me go to your nearest pool, (not wet and wild I mean a lane pool, bigger, deeper and wider the better) see how many lengths you can do without stopping, when your fit enough move on to more lenghts, go faster, chance to front crawl whatever. Once you go for enough weeks you will be fit as a fiddle, it is much harder to build it up running, start by getting fit in the pool and then you will be fit enough to do whatever you want.

  88. 88
    Jobey07 says:

    Toonsy i thought you said football not rugby;)

  89. 89
    DJG says:

    You have to go swimming 3-4 times a week though and try not to put too much twist / pressure on you knees when you kick your legs. I get pain in my knee at times can’t imagine it will be good for football.

  90. 90
    toonsy says:

    Jobey ;)

    DJG – I can’t swin so that rules me out :)

  91. 91
    richietoon says:

    Aye, he tends to get harpooned when he trys ;-) :lol:

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