Newcastle dealt more blows in transfer market

Frozen out at Villa and priced out at Newcastle
Frozen out at Villa and priced out at Newcastle
Newcastle have been dealt more blows in their efforts to bolster the squad ahead of the coming season.

One of them I can understand and one of them I can’t, but both aren’t exactly helpful in our search to add striking options to the squad.

First off it’s been revealed that we won’t offer more than £2 million for Darren Bent with Aston Villa looking for closer to £6 million so we’re some way off on that one, and secondly we’ve been told that the only chance of us getting Loic Remy here at Newcastle is if we buy him off QPR who are reluctant to let him leave on loan as they want to recoup most of the cash they paid for him in January.

Now starting with the second one, I can see both sides of the argument. Some might say that United are penny-pinching again but on this one I beg to differ and would suggest that we’re just being sensible. At the end of the day this is a a player who could very well end up in prison by the turn of the year depending on how an investigation into an alleged gang rape pans out so I can see why there is a reluctance to spend a bulk of cash on buying him.

The one with Darren Bent is more interesting however and gives us a bit more insight, perhaps, into why we struggle to do a deal. Our lowball offers have upset the Bent camp and Kinnear’s admission that Bent would get nowhere near the £65,000 a week he picks up at Aston Villa haven’t exactly greased the wheels.

Now I’d rather we pursued other strikers ahead of Bent but it still doesn’t change the fact that we’re messing him about. He might not be first choice in our list of attacking options but does it mean we’re right to offer such low figures, particularly when he’s been whored out publicly enough for most to know that our offer would be nowhere near good enough. It’s almost like we’re trying to look busy rather than actually be busy. On the other hand, if you don’t ask then you don’t get I suppose.

It’s frustrating the hell out of me to be honest and I’m not alone on that one as the vast majority of us are in the same boat. Two weeks away from the start of the season and we’re still the only club not to sign a senior player says a lot to me and none of it is good. Remember we only just avoided relegation last season.

We need players soon or else we’re going to struggle again next term when injuries hit or when a form crisis looms. We have no options, no alternative and whilst I have the greatest faith in Papiss Cisse it’s surely not good to put all of the pressure on his shoulders?

I guess we’ll just have to carry on waiting…

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169 thoughts on “Newcastle dealt more blows in transfer market

  1. Yikes, reading that back @69, Whumpie, I got a little sweary. In my defense, I did just get out of bed when I wrote that.

    Also, I’m a foul-mouthed motherfucker by nature and nurture. I can’t help it–I learned from a master: My aunt Rose. Dear old Aunt Rose. She once told me “I’m so hungry, I could eat creamed cock.”


  2. Thanks Kimtoon. Yes the hols were good. Went to Paris for a few days then down south to Provence. Bloody hot all across France but interesting to see the famous sights in Paris. They don’t know how to run a museum though. Went to the Louvre on a Tuesday I think it was and it was closed! Couldn’t believe it. Strange place with some of the worst drivers I’ve ever seen. How are you Kimtoon lass? Whumpie you’re probably right about the 2M pound bid being bollocks although I do recall a few lowball bids by us previously mate.


  3. My Lord some people are never happy, one minute everyone is up in arms that we havent signed anyone, and that they are sick of the club penny pinching and not paying up. Then the second we agree a fee, its “oh, dunno if he’s worth that like” come on people I think if we sign Gomis, a France international striker, with a decent goal record in the champions league we have to be happy with that.


  4. Instructatoon – I think that just about nails it for me. Not blown away by Gomis, but if he’s here next week I’ll be much happer with it all and looking foward to seeing what he can do with Benny, Cisse, Sissoko and co around him. Could be sweet.


  5. Gomis does seem to be able to score a decent amount no matter what level or type of competition he’s in. He’s not a 1-in-2 man, but he doesn’t seem to get phased by any opposition.
    Come on guys – get him in, then pull someone else out of the hat that hadn’t even been on the radar. Someone quick, young and talented.
    Carr still works for us, right?


  6. Indeed it could be, im not blown away by Gomis either, but unfortunately the days of being blown away by signings are probably gone for now. Will be interesting to see how Pards fits, Cabs, Sissoko, Tiote, HBA, Cisse and Gomis into the same team, if he does at all


  7. G2 ,Fine thanks mate ,bit tired, been stripping and sanding walls all week ,great way to take out the frustrations though. Your holiday sounds great , hope you are well rested ready for the new season .


  8. It’s probably good we aren’t getting too carried away by Gomis ,that way if he plays a blinder we can all crow about what a great deal we got ,especially if he really is baby Drogba 😉


  9. I think the big question on Gomis is if he and Cisse can play together. Ba & Papiss just didn’t work. Does anybody know if Gomis plays with another striker at OL? If he’s used to and good at that role, we could have a very significant boost on our hands.

    Oh, and much still apparently depends on the bloodsucker’s fee. And by bloodsucker, I mean his agent, obviously, which could be a big problem given the fact that Jabba’s such tight fisted douche that he won’t pay his own workers. So I’m still a little worried about this and maybe we should be holding on to our celebrations till we see the lad in a shirt.

    One more thought: Hurray for a dreadlocked player! When’s the last time we had one with dreads?


  10. Sounds like you’re working too hard Kimtoon lass. Yes I’m well rested now but can you take a well deserved break? I’m not sure what to make of the Gomis deal yet until I see him at the ground. He could be decent for us. I wonder what Pardew thinks of him? I’ve been trying to catch up on our pre-season results as well. How have we been playing lads and lasses?


  11. Only the owner should give a flying fuck how much he pays for a player when he has only a year left on his contract, it baffles me why a fan would care, he’s either worth €8m or he’s not, if he had 3 years left on his contract it doesn’t make him a better player so why care?
    Just like I couldn’t give a fuck how many times he gets caught offside(nae offence M 😉 ), the only stats that matter for a striker is firstly goals then assists the rest pale into insignificance. Even Gomis’s “career” goal stats, which aren’t great don’t bother me, I’d prefer to look at his more recent one, he’s been not too shabby over the last couple of seasons, about 1 in 2 in all comps…at this rate I’d be over the moon getting Shefki Kuqi in ffs 😆


  12. I wonder if Kinnear is on the same contract his Sports Direct workers are on…


  13. Remember we weren’t totally blown away initially about the signings of Cabaye, Ba, Tiote…
    If the numbers mentioned by Gomis’s current boss are true, it’s clear Carr and others consider the guy well worth it. Those figures put him up there with Colo and Cisse.


  14. When Gomis is referred to as “baby Drogba” does that mean he is a physical forward that can hold the ball and play effectively with his back to goal? Has anyone seen him play and can elaborate on Gomis’ style of play? I haven’t seen him. Wondering how that style works with Cisse.


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