Pedro is the latest in line for a five-year deal.

Peter Beardsley.
Will he look like this in five years?
Peter Beardsley looks set be rewarded for his loyalty by being offered a new long-term deal at Newcastle. This is all part of Mike Ashley’s ‘long-term’ vision for Newcastle apparently, although I would suggest something different, and will do a bit later on in this article.
Apparently, Ashley has been impressed with Pedro since he returned to the coaching setup and is entrusting him with developing the reserve team squad for the next five years.

That may or may not be true, but I think Beardsley has got himself into a position now where he is one of Ashley’s men and will be treat with suitable loyalty from our illustrious owner. Mind you, a lot of people thought the same about Chris Hughton, and look what happened there! Anyway, regardless of my thoughts, it is another name that is tied down for the long term, something which appears to be a recurring theme at St James’ Park at this current moment. Could there be some stability on the horizon?

I’d like to think so, but with precious little evidence of that under Ashley, in fact in my entire lifetime as a Newcastle fan in fairness, I remain slightly sceptical that there could be a long term plan in place. It’s something I’m not used to seeing, so forgive me for being afraid of the unknown.

The closest we have come to stability in recent time has to be when Chris Hughton was in charge, but even then there was a lot of stuff going on that threatened to rock the boat, whether that be players scrapping with each other or rumours of sackings, the true path of Newcastle United vary rarely runs smooth. Hughton smoothed it a little with his pragmatic approach to the press, but deep down there was always something that was going to happen at some point. It’s the Newcastle way.

Keeping Beardsley tied down does at least give us some local recognition on the coaching staff, along with Steve Stone of course. My view on Pedro as a coach is that there can be nobody better to teach a player than one of the most technically gifted English players of all time. The fact he is a Geordie is a nice bonus, but it doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things.

Hopefully it works out for Pedro and the club, and hopefully Pedro learns the trade with one eye on the managers job, whether that be at St James’ Park or somewhere else. He is one of my all-time favourite players, so I natually want to see him do well. If he can do that at Newcastle then all the better!

Howay Pedro, get signed up man.

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212 thoughts on “Pedro is the latest in line for a five-year deal.

  1. Toonsy get it sorted lad where is the match report
    Stardust looks like its all our fault mate but as you said > think its now best left for him to do whatever
    Howay the Lads


  2. Not at all Raffo – I was Edward Rogers, thats all – I had came on under that name to express my support for Dave – I then messaged him directly using that account when he started accusing me of lies – I told him that I would log on in another name and make a post that would show him to be what he is – a liar – and clear my name, from that day he flipped and has been paranoid about me doing it, thats why he started screaming all of the names I was meant to be – including Hitman for Gods sake! (Bet ya Hitman was gutted lol!)

    A real sad unnecessary tale – from start to finish.


  3. Edward Rogers = Ted Rogers – the Host of 321. The STAR of that show being DUSTY bin lol.

    As always – I do things in humour not malice.

    I made it obvious that I would be rumbled.


  4. Yeah Dave – when the fall out originally happened – I had to open a number of accounts to get my point over, Worky kept deleting them, so I kept reposting (April 2010) Starghost, The Equaliser, Columbo were the names used at that period only – NEVER AGAIN.

    W had banned my IP Address – I always used registered accounts and never tried anything underhand – I sent him an email as follows:Paul

    I have just about had enough of you, the below comment entered onto today aimed at my character has called into question my honesty i.e “untrue bile at several of the people on here “– this will be removed immediately or you will face the lawful consequences of your words and actions for the damage it has caused to my reputation.

    I need not tell you that to publicly state that I have “spat out” things that are untrue to several people in the context given, is openly and commonly interpreted that you are stating that I am a liar – in addition in a public place where I do not have the right to reply. You are in an area of law and complexity where your ignorance could cost you dearly.

    In my business honesty and integrity is everything, I will use the full force of the law if necessary to salvage my reputation and the damage you have caused – this will cost me nothing but time and you everything.”

    Afterward he restated all of my coments – I emailed him Again

    “Thank you

    For putting the comments back in – shame its came to this Paul over absolutely nothing. You have overreacted about nothing but banter. But you have your reasons – shame you couldn’t have shared them with anyone else – problems tend to be averted that way.”

    Thats when The Equaliser etc popped up – he released them from quarantine.

    So when I messaged him the other day about showing everyone what he was – he has flipped and started a smear campaign against me.

    As I said a its a whole unnecessary mess – but the truth always outs – I kept every document over time, you never know what you have to do when folks do this – the ramifications can be too large when they start trying to dismantle a reputation its taken a lifetime to build.


  5. Correction – that was a mail I sent to Worky in August re something else – the April Banning one that made him change was “Be very careful of the misrepresentation of my character and events you are now trying to portray without my having the right to reply. Altering blog thread to represent something else can easily be proven in a court of law.

    You might just find yourself in courtroom defending your behaviour. I suggest you immediately put things right. 24 hours.”

    Then he changed it – appreciate I am boring now but if this enters a legal case I need to make sure I have represented everything absolutely correctly when in the public domain.


  6. Ted Rogers 😆 I never caught on to that one but I was never a fan, But I was a fan of The Equaliser


  7. What should I ay on .org? Should I say anything? 😆

    He hasn’t e-mailed so he can’t be serious surely?


  8. Jay hows it going Lad I hope you wern’t leading Toonsy astray today
    I take it the spirits were high today


  9. Aye Raffo. I’m choosing the moment. I also want to wait until it’s all blown over and people get it out of their systems before opening this place up properly. It also gives me a chance to try and get things as sorted as I can so that people get a good first impression. First impresssions last and that 🙂


  10. toonsy your doing a good job on this m8 , i know stardust is abit in ya face but he isnt a bad lad and is good for the blogs as he always has a good argument lol ,but worky is turning oot too be realy weird i sussed him on judases before he opend his blog , and it was the last straw with me when he was trying too put you down with hia yes mate comment ,when you have been running the fckin blog for him ,hes a 1st class c@nt just like stardust 🙂


  11. Richie Toonsy told me he was Loud and Proud 🙂
    Toonsy get your finger out lad you should have had it drafted on your way home


  12. batty/Dave….aye his own boss, turn up when he can be arsed 😆

    Dave..he was defo loud…..he can lose his jinx tag at away games now, maybe its me 🙁

    whey I’m p!ssed so later lads.


  13. Cant remember insulting Dog on .org – sure he isnt going back to .com?

    Now then Batts “i know stardust is abit in ya face” Im factual batts thats all lol. 🙂


  14. stady aye ya did say sumit as you can see he holds grudges , ive tryed too put it across in a nice way too him 🙂 hes a good bloke stuck in his ways


  15. See W’s done the usual bully thing when found out – cries that he is ill – now wants the sympathy. Just like a man who beats his wife and says sorry I love you

    Anyway Batts – Dave – I will apologise to Ice when he comes on here – I can only imagine it was on .com as the only intelligent gags I used to have were on there.

    I need a line folks – to say on here when asked so it isnt regurgitated time and time again – and so folks either understand and or see they dont know what went on – any ideas?


  16. Batty I have allways liked Ice and have tried to look out for him if I can. as I know he is a true gent and as genuine as they come


  17. stardust your best just being yourself and stick too the mike ashley is great comments that always gets a good convo going ,you lose that and you would be as boring as fck 🙂


  18. Toonsy – control is a funny old thing

    When you make your decision – whatever it is – make it for you (whether there, here or both) but dont let anyone influence you – with crying – sympathy – or posts (mine, his or anyone elses) do what makes you happy!

    You do the work, obliterate everyone else in your thoughts as everyone still exists and will respect your choice, and everyone will still be around

    Just dont be the wife who gets beat up and stays lol 😆


  19. Nah man Batts – a line re Pinocchio Cuckoostein that I can say – coz I cant be arsed to repeat the story a million times – im bored of it myself – but if asked I feel compelled to explain as I couldnt when I was banned – if you get what I mean?


  20. Aye Dave – I think I remember insulting him but it must have been years ago – I was told he was an elder at the time too but I was so annoyed at the time (my windmill arms still going) I said something. But I am sure that was ages ago – I would be very surprised to see if it was on .org. Either way I will apologise to him – as I can still see he is upset now – and in my “real” life I am extremely respectful to elders


  21. Good lad Stardy it takes a proper man to apologise 😉
    As for a line I know what you mean but cant think of owt good at the mo


  22. Thanks Batts – haven’t read it yet – so you’re probably telling them what a cant I am lol


  23. To be fair I am actually going to ring Worky – going sort it out, he is obviously a troubled fella – if he wants a way out – I will provide him with it – I just dont want to be trashed needlessly if you know what I mean


  24. stardy joking apart i think he dus have problems , i used too think u 2 were bum chums at 1 time 🙂


  25. Shame you werent over here Dave – itd be a good laugh to meet you for a pint, Batty for a tea, bring Troy along – you can tell a great deal about a bloke when you shake his hand , look him straight in the eyes and have a talk (not romantically like!) 😆


  26. Aye batty – ones of the head! and I am not a fella to kick a man when he is down – whats the point.

    The only thing I dont like – is this is what bullies do – cry when they are caught out. And I hate that type with a passion, the tough thing is finding out wether they are troubles, ill, or a bully

    Not sure what worky is but he never used to be like this,


  27. stardy you 2 used too always back each other up ,ide have the pair of you on too me at 1 time what worky didnt like is when you turn the laughter on him ,but it was ok with him when you got onto every 1 else


  28. To be fair batty the day I got banned thats exactly what I was doing – having banter with Dave about what Worky had said – but I was saying i agreed with Worky that Dave was simple lol. Dave took it in the spirit it was meant and Worky banned me!

    What do you reckon Batts – is he ill, troubled or a bully?

    I would normally say ill but the fact he has continued this boll ocks against me for so long for nowt is a bit weird, like you say especially that we usually were of the same view.


  29. “but i honestly think he has mental health and is abit of a loner which isnt nic”

    I thought could be ill and an only child?

    Both the same really


  30. See youve posted you used to have problems – (prob when you were on the booze eh?!)

    Anyway – If I rang him – do you think he would take it in the spirit it was meant?


  31. See lads, I need to work out a way of all of this blowing all over really, as I don;t want to open this place up and for it to be dominated by what is going on in/at other places if you know what I mean?

    I want this place to be kind of independant. I know that things will get dragged across from time to time, but I’m just waiting for it to calm down now so people can talk manily about footy rather than use it as a platform to plot what is going on in other sites.

    Get what I mean?


  32. toonsy why dont ya get a footy post up and delete any of the posts that are on aboot it m8 ? leave no trace


  33. Toonsy – totally agree – if you read further up the thread I asked Dave and Batty for ideas for a line to say when I get asked – since I wasn’t able to speak on .org and slagged off I kinda wanted to explain to folk but the truth has outed now. I feel vindicated so I want it to be down to history too.

    Maybe if I simply said that “The truth is out, in respect for .info I don’t want to drag that onto here, but I feel vindicated” or sumik

    Last thing I want to do fella is spoil things for you


  34. I won’t be deleting anything to be fair as I feel it is better that people get it out of their system. Going forward though we should just draw a line under it all. What’s been done is dine and can’t be changed, new year new start etc etc 🙂


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