John Carver comes home.

John Carver

John Carver
Welcom home John!
After four months, Newcastle have finally decided to appoint a number two, and it is someone worth waiting for.

John Carver has been named assistant manager at Newcastle, a role that he made his own under the late, great Sir Bobby Robson. The deal will initially last until the end of the season whilst both Carver and Pardew try to work out if they can work with each other, but it could easily be extended beyond that if everything works out.

“I am proud and honoured to be able to come back once again to my home town club,” Carver told

“I have been lucky to be able to work around the world with some excellent people. However, I have always been a fan of this magnificent club and the years I spent working here were some of the happiest of my life.”

“I am looking forward to working with Alan Pardew and building on the recent strides that the club has taken to get back to where we belong, at the top of English football. I understand how much the club and the results mean to these wonderful fans and I am delighted to be have the opportunity to assist Alan in delivering them the success they deserve.”

“I would like to thank Mike, Derek and Alan for giving me this incredible opportunity.”

To be honest, it’s a better appointment than I exected. I was expecting someone called something like Billy Smash from somewhere like the Rose and Crown Sunday league team. Needless to say I am delighted with this.

Carver knows the club and the fans inside out and has, as he said, worked with some of the nest names in football. He has a weath of experience and is widely respected in the football world, whch can only be a good thing and will help Alan Pardew out.

“I’m delighted to be bringing John on board,” Pardew said. “He has an excellent track record as a coach and of course knows this club very well.”

“It was crucial for me that I brought in an assistant who I knew would work well with the current coaching team we have here. We’ve got a good solid set-up with some excellent staff and maintaining that stability is very important to me. John fitted the bill perfectly.”

“It’s a short term deal at the moment in order that I can get to know John better and it gives us both the chance to see how the next four months pan out working together.”

“That said, I’m very confident he’ll be a great addition to our coaching staff and hopefully, if things go well, we can make it a longer term appointment come the summer.”

Welcome home John!

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53 thoughts on “John Carver comes home.

  1. More good news coming out of the club. If only we had beat the scum…..!

    The media are going to hate reporting positive news about us.

    Have you noticed how there hasnt been one negative comment from any of our fans yet….amazing!


  2. TOONSY,well written thread m8 😀

    on lack of sleep,i once had a ulcer couldnt have salt,whats worse 1 nil to icedog 😆


  3. TOONSY do you not find it a little strange like with john having past links with k.k.and ashley went for it,ime happy like 🙄


  4. Great to see JC coming home, hopefully it all works out and he gets offered a longer deal in the summer.

    A little of topic but I see that Charlie Austin from Swindon has submitted a transfer request. Apparently a couple of championship sides, Hull & Millwall have had bids rejected. It could be worth a punt as he’s young and has a prolific strike rate, all be it at a lower level.


  5. Ice – I do think it’s strange. I’d have thought Caver wouldn’t be interested in working with them to be honest becuase of what has gone on previously. Dunno what changed, don’t mind either 😀


  6. Agree Hitman. It’s kind of a no-lose situation really.

    I’ve been impressed with Pardew so far to be honest.


  7. Toonsy I too am happy with the way things have went after CH, as there was a good chance that we could have went out of control lke we have seen before.


  8. I see Tino has been hanging around a lot recently? He was at the Sunderland game. He was at the reserve game yesterday. Tino for coach? 😆


  9. I thought that we’re not gonna appoint manager assistant anymore after the so long hiatus 😛

    Hope things work out really well no matter what happened in the past. No more drama cuz I don’t think I can take it anymore … or not 😐


  10. aye knew he was on his toes when he put this on his twitter page toonsy…

    Why does Januarys cause so much chaos… #sighhhh


  11. why that ??
    I thought our squad is really thin right now especially the wide/wing position.

    so maybe we’re gonna say welcome to someone 😉


  12. TOONSY on tino,had to laugh he would be a ball,had friend who had to sort ott his house at d/hall after he left toon,said think of the council tip and you half way there 😆


  13. Sorry but as much as Routledge annoys me, we’re not exactly over ran with wingers are we?

    Even if we get someone in to replace him, what have we achieved in terms of numbers? Nothing.

    Stinks of the club saying to Pardew that you’ve got to get rid before you bring anyone else in. We have a skeleton squad in the first place!


  14. Depends who we get in to replace him. You could argue that Gosling replaces Routledge so we are on the same numbers then, plus it free’s up another squad space.


  15. personally would have preferred to keep him and bring someone else in, create a tidy bit of competition. Think Routledge is a very decent impact sub. Glad it’s only on loan, be good for him to experience another taste of a promotion-winning campaign, he’ll start week in week out as well. I’ve got a feeling we’ll bring in SWP… or perhaps Taarabt other way? He’s not a winger though…


  16. Hitman – He is. It’s his preffered positiong, and Beardo was tugging himself silly about his performance there for the ressies yesterday. He can play on the right though, apparently.


  17. reet,i carnt see pardew letting him go just to replace him with gosling,that dosnt make sense,got to be someone coming in…


  18. Read that taraabt’s representative on the toon to negotiation which said around 3m including fee and we send out Routledge on loan with permanent view as a part of the deal.

    Is this guy likes ?? and good ??


  19. Good riddance, Routledge, it was nice to have you while it last 🙄

    Taarabt? heard he’s greedy on the ball, care much more about personal glory


  20. Stuart79
    Posted January 18, 2011 at 2:15 PM

    “Stinks of the club saying to Pardew that you’ve got to get rid before you bring anyone else in.”

    And you get that because we’re not going to be paying Routledge’s wages, which won’t be much, hence a Championship team being able to take him on loan, for a few month?

    Aye, alright.

    Tell me, who exactly has left recently to fund these extra deals? Ashley has just stumped up a few million for the permanent signing of Ben Arfa, who’s left to fund that?

    Routledge isn’t of the quality we need to progress, and so is not in Pardew’s immediate plans, it’s as simple as that i’m affraid.

    Good luck to him though, and hope he comes back and proves me wrong.


  21. richietoon
    Posted January 18, 2011 at 2:20 PM
    Who’s this John Carver fella then,any good?

    they say hes wizard with the spinning jenny m8


  22. it’s taarabt, it’s gotta be. Just heard he’s not at training, would make so much sense; we’ll sign him permanent for a few mil and throw in routy on loan for the rest of the season. He’s not a winger though…
    heard he’s proper selfish on the ball like. Warnock doesn’t let anyone in the team pass to him if they;re in their own half!
    Still, may grow a bit of humility at a bigger club? We’ll see. Im convinced it’s him coming in though…


  23. when is kazenga back and fit? because by all accounts he really lit up the south coast when on loand and albeit in league 1. maybe they see him as equal to routs and therfore let him go. i do think that this means we will bring a new face in. and maybe a surprising one as well, we will have to see. is there a right footed HBA knocing about on the cheap 😆


  24. Aye Tarrabt is supposed be sh*t hot though, if he is a bit greedy, do we not have the players who would slap it out of him? 😆

    Still quite young as well, would be a great signing I reckon.


  25. I just can’t see it happening myself like. Even if we dangled Routledge plus cash infront of them. It would be like us selling one of our best forwards last Jan when no.1 priority was promotion, Warnock has said he wants 3 players IN like we did, he won’t wanna sell Taraabt. It would be like us getting to Jan last year and selling Jonas or Lovenkrands. It could be the difference between automatic promotion and play-offs for them, he has been their best player.


  26. I personally reckon Kaz Lua Lua should get a game when he is back from injury, anyone know when thats due to be?


  27. MORENO,dont know when hes due back m8,but dont rate him at a epl level even with more exp its just my view m8,but chicken and headless come to mind


  28. Saw the interview with Pardew on BBC, guy seems to be talking sense, tho’ it should be one of his skills as a manager, but I think he understands what fans and club need. He came in when noone really wanted him and I kinda start to like him, as long as he gets the results and group together I more than OK with him.


  29. Routledge going on loan presumably means someone else coming in, I know some people have knocked him but he did a great job last season and has looked half decent in a couple of games, if he could sort his crossing out he’d be good player


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