Vote: How much money do you think Newcastle will spend in the summer?

Money money money...
It’s a simple question really, but I very much doubt there will be a simple answer to the question of how much you think NUFC will spend in the summer.

With the money that was brought in from the sale of Andy Carroll to Liverpool on transfer deadline day, all £36 million of it by all accounts, there is a feeling that this summer could be an exciting time on the transfer front. After all, we have a full wallet and we have an apparent intent to spend it on strengthening the team.

What do you expect of it though? Do you expect that the full amount will be splashed out on new signings? Do you think that Alan Pardew saying that the money will be spent on fees AND wages will mean that we only see a proportion of it spent on transfer fees?

I personally think the latter. I think that we will see around £15-£20 million spent on incoming players, with the rest spent on trying to secure the services of some of our current players, like Jose Enrique and Joey Barton for example. Whether or not they want to sign on again though is a different question.

It’s only a short article, but those are my thoughts. What i really want to know is what you think will happen in the summer?

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46 thoughts on “Vote: How much money do you think Newcastle will spend in the summer?

  1. Toonsy, I thought we got £30M upfront into Ashleys bank account and then another £6M to be added later. Or so they say.


  2. Actually we got £31 million up front, £5 mill in the summer, £5 million of add-ons, plus a 25% sell on apparently.


  3. It really is frightening to think how much a half decent english striker costs now. To buy a strike force of Carroll and Bent its about £50M, assuming the Carroll price was inflated.

    I wonder what south american striker pairing you could buy for £50M.


  4. Went for the 15 – 19.9 million spend. But think there will be outgoings that mean the net club spend will be around 12 million.
    Just to confuse people


  5. Batty – It’s because I’m too busy to bit. Plus I’m feeling slightly flouncy so I probably wouldn’t bite and I’d more than likely go straight for the hammer 🙂


  6. said before money spent will come from sale of jose, jonas,ect,will see nowt of the judas fee,forget that


  7. BATTY your reet mate seen his avatar,sun must have got him at st marys light-hoose on sat,sunstroke can do funny thing to your heed 😀


  8. BATTY richie telt me he does at night,puts it between his legs like shame we all have a cross to bear,poor mrs 😥


  9. TOONSY thats because you never telt us what your new job might be just leaveing folk guessing,just like ashley


  10. before the sale of AC i think the fat man would have been looking at getting as many of the fans as possible renewing their season tickets with his 10 year season ticket plan & if he got enough signed up he would with – great reluctance – give the manager about £15 million in transfer funds.

    since the sale he has passed the balance of AC’s wages over to tooty & the £35 million ? well that wont ever be seen again.

    so in my eyes nowts actually changed -10 year season ticket sign ups & £15 million for the manager at best.

    except we are now an english international centre foward lighter.

    just my opinion like – & i’m not wrong very often.


  11. If you give Ashley some kind of credit as a businessman… and I suppose you have to… then I can only see one way forward for him now: Go for increasing the club’s value rather than its profit.

    Our turnover is a fraction of Manure’s because they are a global brand that’s well-expoited, mostly through selling shirts to glory-hunting ********s anywhere more than 100 miles from Old Trafford. The value of the club – effectively the value of that brand, without debt, is probably in excess of half a billion.

    If we finish 10th, I’d put NUFC at about £150m, perhaps more. So there’s the gap to go for.

    He could decide instead to go for mid-table mediocrity and establish the club as a talent-developer that buys Simpsons and Tiotes then flogs them on, bringing about £20m in each year. But that only works if the fans keep buying tickets and shirts; otherwise that £20m soon gets eaten up in operating costs. Also, your best players – and you need a few to stay in the division – will soon be gone when they realise that the club is intentionally static. Jose, Jonas, Nolan and Barton have said as much.

    I think Ashley won’t do that. Where’s the fun? He’s a gambler.

    He’ll spend the AC money – probably to include salaries – and do just enough to convince our best players to stay, with a view to getting us into the top 4 as a profitable, debt-free club. He’ll get his retail gurus on the case and before you know it Delhi, Beijing and Manilla have black and white shirts everywhere.

    That’s my guess – and hope – on the basis of a lack of any viable alternative.


  12. The problem he has (and yes, I know I keep posting this, but nobody’s challenged it yet) is that I don’t think his recruitment policy is compatible with his need to stop Joey, Jonas, Collo and Jose from leaving. Ashley’s strategy gets young, obscure, talent late in the window. Our top players, spooked by the AC debarcle, need to see known, quality signings in the first few weeks or they’re gone.

    Anyone else see that??


  13. Whumpie – I’ll clarify….. The players you mention include Tiote, Willo and Simpson? Out of those who was signed at the end of the window? None.

    I remember last January Ashley was getting lauded for signing players early 😯


  14. Good point, Toonsy; I must have a twisted memory of these things. January was so bad that it did rather dent the impression given by the previous two windows, which I thought were pretty well managed.

    Perhaps it’ll all be ok. I think the intent is there; I’m just worried about the impact of the CH and AC things on the squad. We’re punching above our weight at the moment because of belief and spirit, and that’s so easily broken.

    As I said before on previous threads: we’ve done the equivalent of selling our Uzi to the unarmed bloke next to us because he offered us three times its value when the pack of lions arrived. The value of the gun was irrelevant; it’s the value of keeping it that mattered.


  15. Dont think it will let me vote for some reason , but ill be optimistic n go between 20 to 24.9 million to be spent 😆


  16. Got to love an optimist, Johno!

    But why not? It depends largely on the operating balance outside of player dealings. If we’re still losing £20m a year, then we’ll be lucky if Ashley puts yet another £20m of his own money to balance that out, and we could end up with £15m for players – including new salaries.

    But if the club has succeeded in cutting its costs further and we were pretty much breaking even (unlikely, I know) then we could end up with £55m if Ashley’s still going with this £20m a year promise.

    I seem to remember him saying he’d finished doing that, though. 🙁

    The only way I can see us spending less than £10m is if the right players just aren’t available on the right terms – which is entirely possible.


  17. I don’t see why we shouldn’t get at least £20m. £35m for Carroll plus what ever we were going to spend maybe £10m-£15m. so in theory that is between £45m and £50m. That will never happen but you would of thought half on wages half on transfer? so why not £20m +


  18. The other big question – next to Ashley’s real intentions – is about what will change in the industry by then. With Villa and Scumberland both having serious reality checks, and no doubt many more to follow, plus the fiscal rules kicking in, how long will it be before players have to seriously re-adjust their expectations in terms of salaries?

    Those on good wages and long contracts may be far less keen to ‘do an Andy’ and jump ship once the other ships can’t match what they’re on and are in no fit state to build a cup-chasing squad.

    Can’t happen soon enough IMHO. Screw ’em. 😀


  19. If we look at what Ashley has done with regard to mending the sinking HMS Newcastle financially and then bailing us out to be the top dogs and by far top spenders in the championship….

    The £35M that he has just recieved is really his money and along with the prem money we are now getting it just gets us settled financially.

    There’s probably two ways of looking at it, one is that it was his mistakes and his fault that we got relegated and he had to pay for it; or that we just happened to go down and he very kindly ensured we got straight back up. I know which way he will look at it.


  20. I still worry about the ambition of the club though, to sample croppers theory; I certainly wouldn’t go anywhere near a season ticket unless money WAS spent and we would be going up and not down. Not the other way round, i.e we all buy season tickets and then wait like mugs for players to be signed. Call me deluded or not a ‘real fan’ or whatever but thats just the way I think, and I suspect the way quite a few other people toying with the idea of getting a season ticket think. After all it is alot of money for people at the best of times.


  21. Whumpie
    Posted March 1, 2011 at 2:11 PM

    ‘As I said before on previous threads: we’ve done the equivalent of selling our Uzi to the unarmed bloke next to us because he offered us three times its value when the pack of lions arrived. The value of the gun was irrelevant; it’s the value of keeping it that mattered.’

    But we have sold him an Uzi at an inflated price, because he had Russian blood money burning a hole in his pocket. The same gun is already damaged and it may be worth half the price or less in a years time anyway. In the mean time our Rifle jammed (Ameobi) but we managed to pull out our pistol (Best) and shoot the lions with that. In a few months time we will be able to go the gun shop and buy a more high powered and exotic gun for less than we sold the Uzi. 🙂


  22. so 59% reckon it will be around 15-25mill, I would be happy with that like, 4 players or so around the £6mill mark. Or of course a couple of big signings, but I reckon we’ll go for numbers. Couple of outgoings too to trim up the squad, and a couple of younguns in, aye I reckon summer could be a good one, wouldn’t want all these trips to foreign matches to be for nothing.

    Then again, we could sign no one….


  23. dont care as long as we get top pacey striker who is a game changer, ireland permament if he plays well, barton signed up, either jose signed up or a quality replacement, a good young winger. If we get all those we will smash the league next year and it wouldnt cost £35million.


  24. I know where the doom and gloom brigade is coming from, sometimes, but I think if we’re able to see that this team would do really, really well next season with just a couple of quality additions, surely MA can see that too.
    I have high hopes for this summer and for the first time in a long time, I’m really looking forward to a transfer window and to next season. Love being a Newcastle supporter. What a roller-coaster, eh?! 😀


  25. HYDEOUS a lot of the times its only said as joke with lads on here,but take your point with some others like 😐


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