Not the best feeling….

Sing our hearts out for the lads!
One my main problems is that I let NUFC dominate nearly everything I do.

When we win I’m happy and it sets the tone for an enjoyable few days, but when we lose it tends to send me into a mood and I become grumpy and irritable.

Even Mrs Toonsy tends to leave me alone when we’ve lost. She’ll go visiting family or whatever (in fact she is actually outside at the minute washing my car!) and let me stew for a bit such is the impact a defeat can have on me.

Am I any different to many other Newcastle fans? No not really as I know of many people who feel exactly the same and allow our results to dominate our mood.

So anyway, I woke up this morning, having actually had some sleep for the first time in 48 hours, and it wasn’t the best feeling to be honest. We are in a relegation battle again, but to be honest when I look back to the start of the season I can honestly say that I shouldn’t be surprised as I predicted that we’d be around the mix for a while before securing safety.

Our destiny is still in our own hands of course, which is why it’s vitally important that the lads take the chances when they are on offer, and that starts with Wolves at St James’ Park in just under a fortnight. A win in that game will move us that bit closer to the finishing line, because all that matters now is making sure that we are over the right side of that line come the end of the season.

I’m not going to bleat on about the Stoke game, much, as we all know it was a crap performance. The players will know that as will the manager, and they are the only ones who can really alter it when we come up against Wolves.

In terms of survival, I still think we can do it, but I’d prefer it if we started getting results and going about getting the points needed ourselves rather than relying on other teams nicking points off each other to keep us out of trouble.

It’s starting to get to squeaky bum time, but I still believe that the team has enough about them to secure a spot in the Premier League. Stoke is gone and it’s Wolves up next. If we can win that match then there will be a seven point gap between us and them.

It’s not all over, and I’m not falling for all the negative feelings that are going around the place at the minute. I’m just as disappointed as the next person but I’ll get it out of my system and get ready to go again for the next game.

Optimism is the way forward.

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126 thoughts on “Not the best feeling….

  1. @FJ: we have enough of targetman. if we get a good poacher,we can just forget about carroll. πŸ™„


  2. funkyjesus
    Posted March 20, 2011 at 3:06 PM

    “So he has gone from the future England striker to someone you don’t want at the club because he took more money elsewhere?”

    Whilst lying to the fans who stuck by him through all of the **** that he put the club through with his headline grabbing off-field antics.


  3. Don’t want to get ahead of my self as I know we aren’t playing great but you’d think we have a good chance of beating Wolves and if we did you’d also think Man City would beat or at least draw with Sunderland. If so we’ll go ahead of them…


  4. Feck Celtic. Any team who talks about blowing up British soldiers is a complete waste of space in my opinion. Let the ****ers rot in Scotland. Tossers.


  5. Just a interesting question to spice things up. πŸ˜†

    FOOTY FEVER Challenge Question : Sunderland’s home ground : “The Stadium of Light” is also the exact same of the home ground for which European based club?


  6. Most football songs or tunes are stolen from somewhere, just as Celtic stole the tune from Depeche Mode πŸ˜‰


  7. DAVE only good thing aboot richie ganning is at least there will be some food left at the tea-van he gans to,other lads are left starveing when hes aboot,greedy git πŸ˜‰


  8. Dave – I see he was on last night (DJG) trying to get my attention. Clearly he only has a real interest in winding me up as after all those comments he had to ask where I was. I assume he was looking for a bite.

    It won’t continue much longer. Of that you can be assured πŸ™‚


  9. Ye, and the Irish beat England in rugby and cricket now! They must be going nuts over there.

    As for me, Newcastle lost and the Bulls lost in rugby, and we have English weather over here. Cold and piss rain! Its supposed to be summer!

    Its like the weather has sensed my mood and taken on the theme 😑


  10. Toonsy we need DJG on here πŸ˜† what do you expect us to do to get rid of stress if he isn’t here πŸ˜‰
    And yeah I seen he was ranting abit I’ve told him before that half a pkt of winegums is enough but he always over do it and takes the full pkt :mrgreen:


  11. Dave – If he drops his love of trying to get me to bite then fair enough, but if it continues then it’ll only go one way.

    I can talk with anyone, will talk with anyone, and have talked with anyone even if they have differing opinions, but what I can’t stomach is someone permanently on a wind up. I don’t do this to have some little **** snapping at my ankles all the time πŸ™‚


  12. πŸ™„ most wee womens dogs snap at your ankles hence the name ankle nippers, the question is what breed is he I think he could be a pug πŸ˜€


  13. Mrs zoggo asked what score the game was( I was like a bull )but I told her they drew

    So today when she found out we lost, we had a nice little row. Because she was calling me a liar πŸ’‘

    Areet sy mate


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