Ashley or Llambias – Which one is the biggest problem?

Who is the bigger gripe with?
The answer to the question posed in the title will no be something along the lines of “both of them” from some. Fair enough.

Each person who dislikes the pair running our club at the moment has their own reason for it. For some the relationship between fan and board is beyond repair and the wound will only start to heal when the pair of them leave Newcastle for good.

The fans are split, maybe not 50-50, but there is a definite chasm between two sets of fans. The common ground is that they all want what is best for NUFC although the sticking point seems to be how to go about it and who they would like to implement it.

This division between fans is not great to be honest, but it’s something that will go on and on until everyone is happy. Unfortunately that very rarely happens in life, and at Newcastle United it’s even more of a rarity. In fact the only two times in my lifetime the fans, board and team have been pulling on the same direction was under Keegan’s first spell and then again briefly under Sir Bobby, although even what he achieved wasn’t good enough for some and he became a victim of a minority of boo-boys.

I’m digressing now so I’ll get back on point….. The rift between fan and board is beyond repair for some, but it doesn’t mean that things can’t be made that little bit easier. To do that though you need to pinpoint the main part of the problem and eradicate it. For that problem is Derek Llambias.

Now let me clarify before I get some smartarse legal eagle on my case. By eradicate Derek Lambias I don’t mean kill, murder, injure or anything like that. I purely mean get him out of his comfy MD chair at St James’ Park and get him back to doing whatever it is he does best. If I was to guess at what he does best I’d say it would be looking sleazy, acting sleazy and generally being a sleaze.

I can’t stand him. I think he is an odious horrible man with a complex ego and an arrogant persona. In the world of football he’d should fit in well, but for some reason he just doesn’t.

Now I know a lot of people despise Ashley for all he has done and his past actions and so on, but at least he has the ability to put things right. Llambias doesn’t. Can somebody please tell me what he does other than repeatedly put his foot in it?

Now whilst the rift may be too big for some, I personally believe that by replacing Llambias with someone better would give a welcome boost to many fans. Think about it. People liked Chris Mort, and still do, yet he was up to the same old shady stuff that Dekka is. He was just infinitely more likeable in the process of doing so!

Llambias is the one who is responsible for the day-to-day running of the club. He makes the decisions and sorts the contracts. Naturally he’ll be under guidance from above, but you can bet that it’s him who is making these contract offers that are getting turned down.

That is why I think Llambias is the biggest part of the problem. Ultimately the decision is at the top as Ashley hired him, but to try and make amends he should also fire him and get someone in who can engage with fans and not be a general buffoon. It’ll never happen though as Llambias is somehow trusted by Ashley.

Stiil, it was nice to get that off my chest 😉

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271 thoughts on “Ashley or Llambias – Which one is the biggest problem?

  1. 😆

    Im pretty sure ill get a better job than working in mac d’s, mind you I wouldnt mind being able to wear one of tha caps 😆


  2. been banned again with no reply cu’nts.
    I hope they realise that in two weeks im finished for 3months and I dont have anything to do so I will just sit here all day killing their blog 😈 😆


  3. Uh oh. I’ve joined in when the nighty night club are saying their goodbyes!
    Cringing. 😐

    Anyway, between jimbob batty and Mary Lou Spence wishing each other sweet dreams, I still maintain that we won’t be signing Gervinho, Sturridge, Gamerio but more likely end up with Shane Long or some other lesser name.

    Wages will continue to pose problems when it comes to strikers and top quality players.


  4. Booby, ill hold you to that 😈 😆
    I think we might get Gervinho but we wont get all three.

    Also, dont give me a big long paragraph about why we wont get him because although I respect the views of everyone on here, im to tierd to read loads 😆


  5. Bobby 😆 I Just think that we might have a chance of Gervinho simply on the fact that Tiote recommended him, and to do that there must have been some indication that he would be willing to join.
    Cabeye I think will be a toon player, as for Sturridge and Gamerio I cant see it 😉


  6. I’ll just wait and see what the fat lad does, you never know he may surprise me 😉

    Dave…you deserve it but batty’s a good lad 😉 😆


  7. Spence you tell him mate and dont take none of his ****, because I think you would take him no probs, and he know’s that 😆


  8. We won’t get all three. 😯 too right we won’t .

    I don’t think I need to go into realms of reasons .
    I’ve explained it above.

    Top strikers demand top wages and attract the best clubs.

    I haven’t seen Gervinho but from various views on here, that’s what he’s meant to be.

    I will show my ass in Fenwicks window if we pull that off.


  9. What just Gervhino? Since im in sheffield you think you could get a picture mate? 😆


  10. take who bobby? I wouldnt even get into a debate with him 😆

    physically though 😉 😆


  11. @Big Dave

    Im surprised you haven’t learnt anything from the years governed by Ashley.

    Gervinho – no chance.


  12. Booby, im holding you to this, and if your wrong, in gunna frame it 😆

    How you seen a pic of me? 😆


  13. Bobby I know what your saying and yeah generally I wouldn’t think that the Fatman would but I have said for months that I thought there would be a chance because of Tiote and he must have had a rough idea what the money would be like.
    But tbh I always try to be optimistic then by the end of the window Ash has knocked the optimisim outta me


  14. Gervinho will not agree personal terms.

    Come Thursday, everyone will be disappointed.

    Some just never learn . 🙄


  15. Booby, this is the last chance im giving him,, but i wont be boycotting the club like someone said earlier.


  16. cwarr07

    Neil Taylor has agreed a 5 year contract with #nufc Fee of 1m a bargain, yet again shrewd work in the transfer market by the club

    AT LEAST WE GET TAYLOR. Ay bobby? 😉


  17. alright lads.

    To be honest I don’t have too much of a problem with Ashley it’s just Derek I have problems with. Ashley has set up a scouting network which is probably the best one the club has ever had, of course he has made some huge errors but I feel he has learnt from them – think when he first took over he paid too much for players and probably didn’t understand the way transfers worked e.g Smith and Viduka.

    Llambias has no communication skills what so ever which is why he should shut up…He comes out with something daft everytime he does an interview. Chris Mort was far better at talking to the fans he knew what to say and what not to say, massive shame he left.


  18. Big dave, your not going anywhere until youve told me how youve seen a picture of me 😆


  19. Andrew can you put that in a podcast for me, I cba to read that much at this time 😆


  20. “Stardust are you about 

    by batty on Jun 6, 2011 at 22:06”

    Just reading through now Batts


  21. You massive self-centerd bell end cu’nt toss’er di’ck face tw’at


  22. hehe, bite. disgraceful that you use such language on here when toonsy’s mum reads this board.


  23. 😆 😆

    I dont no why I did it, probably represents my boredom 😆


  24. Is bobby still about??? Got to wish him a good night 🙂

    Ahh well maybe tomorrow 😉


  25. so it looks like Bobby wont be baring his arse in fenwicks anytime soon then.
    Good call Bobby lad.
    Perhaps a few more will lose those rose tinted specs now too and get off wor Bobby’s case.
    Did people seriously think we have any chance of getting anyone of this quality, ffs.
    You’s do the same thing every t/f window.
    And the fat kunt is laughing his little c0ck off at yous.
    Now how about shane long anybody, cus thats more like it.
    and another Taylor and some algerian kid no one has even heard of.
    I think that’ll be your lot too.
    Its pathetic, really it is. 👿


  26. Oh btw, I dont doubt we made all the right noises, even going so far as to put a bid in for him, but it was never going to really happen was it?
    smoke screen for the fat controller to bring in his cheapies.
    Plus it might fool Jose Enrique into signing a new contract 😯


  27. One huge advantage of not signing gervinho is the fact that Cwarr has proved himself to be a right nob.

    If we don’t sign him, don’t know how he will live it down, the amount of 100% guarantees he has given


  28. I love the way some will ridicule the Daily Mail if it says we’ll sign someone but take it as gospel when it says we won’t 🙄 …….be like me, I’m believing nowt from no one until it’s on the official site, no hopes raise, no hopes dashed 😉


  29. I’ve no doubt we will bring in a couple of decent buys over the window but they won’t be any big names that big clubs are competing for.

    It’s no good though bringing in a couple of good buys but losing a couple of our best players at the same time.

    Ie Cabaye for Barton.


  30. Agree bobby, even if Cabaye turns out to be better than Barton we would have improved the team but not the strength in depth which is just as important. I think people are underestimating, not just the value of Nolan/Barton not just on the pitch but off it too, that’s why the likes of Tiote and Benny settled in so quickly imo, because of the tremendous team spirit that was there due to the likes of CH, KN and JB. If Nolan and Joey are unhappy will all these “new” players settle in so quickly?


  31. they are both a massive steaming heap of ****ney waste, that will do do nothing but run this club into the ground, ashley/llamsarse out, alan sugar in! HAZAR!


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