Tell Celtic to poke their £1.5 million!

£1.5 million for Forster? Jog on!
So Celtic have apparently bid £1.5 million for the services of Fraser Forster as they bid to take the loanee to Parkhead on a permanent basis.

Have they? Haven’t they? Who knows. I certainly don’t, although I wouldn’t be surprised if Celtic were interested in our goalkeeper after he impressed for them last season by keeping 24 clean sheets in 44 appearances in league and cup matches for Neil Lennon’s side.

Personally I’d like to keep him, but I can also see him leaving. Much like Tim Krul, Forster is at the age where he will want to start making regular first-team appearances. With Tim Krul looking likely to be the one who takes over from Steve Harper it leaves Forster in a difficult position.

What is an acceptable offer though? Is £1.5 million really enough for a lad that has the rest of his career in front of him and is highly rated? I don’t think it’s enough, but I also don’t think it’s that far off.

I’d take no less than £3 million for Forster in all honesty. It’s not bank breaking but it’s a bit more respectable than a derisory offer that values him in the same bracket as James Perch. Unfortunately, Forster has no Premier League experience so I feel that our bargaining hand is weakened by that fact.

There is still pre-season to come and I have a feeling that it’s only then that we’ll know where we stand on the goalkeeping front. Forster may come back and prove a point and take the No1 spot, although I fell that is unlikely. Shame really, with me and him being Hexham lads and all…

It’s canny how we’ve managed to be so well stocked in our goalkeeping department. For years now it’s been a position which we haven’t really had to worry about and we’ve always been covered in one way or another. In fact we were lucky that Steve Harper has been happy playing second fiddle/has no ambition* and has been with us for so long.

* Delete as appropriate.

Unfortunately though I don’t think any of our ‘keepers will be willing to sit around for years while the other get their moments, and if that is the case then one of them will go. If it’s Forster, and if it’s to Celtic, then fair enough, but not for £1.5 million.

Come back with a serious offer Bhoys!

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272 thoughts on “Tell Celtic to poke their £1.5 million!

  1. batty…..In between talking sh!te, I like to try and chuck the odd sensible one in to keep everyone on their toes 😉


  2. but if iam truthfull i cannit stand celtic fans on a whole ,most of them are 1st class c@nts ,up the gers 🙂


  3. batty….FJ’s our little care in the community project though 😆

    he does talk a little sense sometimes though….or should that be, he talks little sense 😆


  4. richietoon

    What abuse was being hurled? I cant remember that..i was there. There was abuse hurled towards the corner that displayed the banner but nothing more.

    Correct the poppy symbolises the dead of all countries but the money collected goes towards an organisation the irish people have no time for at present. The peace process has moved my country on so far and with the queen paying respect at the republican war dead memorial on her visit to dublin maybe in time to come attitudes will soften but at the minute people have only moved so far…things will change.

    Anyway its is depressing talking about this sh~~e. Im away to do some work


  5. Im a Rangers/Newcastle fan by the way just dont like you english guys calling us and celtic small teams 😀


  6. Stein….you can hear it all on the clip(taken from the Celtic end)…..and you’re right it is depressing.


  7. Despite them taking the piss out of the size of our support, Which is consideribly bigger that they are acknowledging BTW, Neither our club or the old firm are really big clubs like Milan/Barcelona/Real madrid/Bayern munich/Ajax/Manure/Liverpool 😡 ETC.

    Who have won loads of european cups and other competitions between them while ourselves and the old firm have won a european trophy each within a five year period, Hardly elite, Despite their trophies north of the border and even ours which they may take the piss out of but 8th most succesful club in english football history despite winning nowt since 1969 is fairly respectable IMHO.

    I wouldnt say either of our clubs are one the really big clubs but im sure some will disagree… 😉


  8. batty @229 – its a bit unfair to single out the Celtic fans like that.

    Almost all of the sweaty’s I’ve had the displeasure of meeting have been first class c@nts!! 😆


  9. That funkyjesus is the worst of the lot.

    One minute he’s talking about the Toon as “us” and “we”, then the next it’s all Celtic this and Celtic that.

    Make your mind up you schizoid, battered-mars-bar-bothering, jock tw@t!!!


  10. As you all know I live in Scotland,

    And let me tell you, the Celtic fans are the scum of te earth.

    I also remember us beating/spanking/thrashing them 4-1 with Albert Luque scoring a volley….that’s how ****e they are!

    No doubt theyll snap up some championship players an **** themselves against Inverness to throw the title away again this year.


  11. Predictable responses from Newcastle fans in criticising the SPL…zzz

    The SPL will never be the best league in Europe but it certainly ain’t the worst. If it was bad as some of you muppets like to portray then ourselves and the other mob would never be able to compete with anyone in European competitions-the step up would be way too much. As it is we have had some huge scalps in European competition in the last 11 years, way bigger than fckin Newcastle anyway, and the way we’re going there is going to be more.

    Don’t think that just because you are located a couple of hundred miles south and therefore play in the Premiership makes you in any way a big club. You ARE a regional club and no one outside of Newcastle really give a toss about your annual mid table mediocrity scrap and/or relegation battle.

    You can bask in the reflected glory of the top 4 in England all you like but come back to us and brag when you ever win something-other than the first division title 😛 You’re really only deluding yourselves with some of your ramblings, which probably deep down you know are the result of years and years of being brainwashed by Sky TV whose over the top coverage of the drabbest of matches fool a lot of people.


  12. ….and predictable from you in reference to Newcastle..zzzz
    I gather you don’t know the meaning of irony 🙄


  13. I told you all Celtic fans bite easily. They are like paedos in a playground…. Just can’t help themselves 🙂


  14. richietoon 248

    The difference being I backed up my argument, clearly too strongly for you to refute in any way.

    I rest my case.

    God bless the Celtic.


  15. Found myself here via a blog on celtic news. What a complete bunch of fcuked up cnuts some of you Newcastle fans really are. Some of the idiots on here are even arguing the non debatable fact that Celtic are a bigger club than you lot :shock:.. Get a life.
    Post 246, – Point noted you fcuked up muppet.


  16. Richietoon

    Fair enough if all those big paragraphs are too much for you, I’m a nice guy really so heres a little summary in an easier format especially for you:

    *Celtic FC-Huge club, small league(not the best, not the worst).
    *Big in several countries and have a trophy room with trophies in it.
    *Eurpoean football almost every year.

    *Newcastle FC- Regional club, big overrated league.
    *Delusions of grandeur and happy to bask in reflected glory of the top 4(3 of whom have never even won the ‘big cup’ :mrgreen: )
    *Going to win hee haw from now until eternity but may make it back into European competition one day, but don’t bet on it.
    *Mike Ashley 😳

    I’m here all day and happy to further discuss 😆

    God bless the Celtic


  17. I’d rather be known for harboring “delusions of grandeur” (© The Sun) than being a pale, spotty, ginger, clinically obese, alcoholic, small-****ed skag head.

    ps: God doesn’t exist you dumb fcuk and as soon as you and the rest of your kiddy-fiddling priests wake up to the fact the better!


  18. …..and again the same old crap, if you look back and read(or rather get someone to read to you), you’ll find I haven’t mentioned anything about who’s a big club or who isn’t.
    It may well be an overrated league but it hasn’t stopped your clubs wanting to join it has it?..sort of makes a mockery of your points(if you can call them that) does it not?
    Delusions of grandeur…..mmmm obviously you believe everything you have had read to you from the papers, we know we are a mid table side in a mediocre premier league(or the vast majority of us do). It seems strange you lot don’t want us to form opinions on your club based on some bad press you may have recieved yet you believe all the crap about us in the media.
    I have no wish or inclination to discuss anything with you any further as you appear to be one of those Celtic fans that you would prefer us to believe don’t exist.
    The fact that you want to hang around another teams blog from a different league all day tells me everything I need to know about you. So now I assume once you get someone to read this to you, you’ll then get someone to type out some more angry hate filled bile for you. I won’t be here waiting for it so the best option would be for you to run along with your big chip on your shoulder little boy.


  19. richietoon…
    Jinky is slaughtering you! stop embarrassing youself .
    Toon chicken…
    Last sentence in post 252 applies to you also.


  20. Short memories, Tim Krul performed ok at Falkirk and is not number 1? Aye SPL is ****e.


  21. Disappointed with the arrogance and superiority complex on show from some, but I’ll crack on.

    We could offer a decent bit more than £1.5 million, but it’s just sensible business to come in low to start with. I hear it’s been rejected, so maybe we’ll come back in with an improved offer.

    I think Forster is a decent goalkeeper and would be fairly pleased to sign him up, but he doesn’t fill a lot of our fans with confidence. To be honest, while he obviously deserves credit for the clean sheets he has, the defence and goalkeeper were often protected through sterling work in the midfield from the likes of Kayal and Ledley.

    He is a bit suspect at coming out for balls and has almost been caught out a few times and his kicking is poor, but he’s still young and regular football would help.

    I would maybe go as high as the £3 million mentioned, but if Newcastle were pushing for more than that I would happily walk away. He is a decent keeper, but I think we can get better value elsewhere.

    Anyway, good luck for next season lads!


  22. As much as i would never want some of these sectarian bigots, who have been raped within an inch of their life by the local preist anywhere near our league or country, You kind of wish we could play them on an annual basis to put them in their place because i will guarantee you would be plucky relegation battlers at best and be back off crying for the days of beating dog and duck standard teams 4 and 5 nowt again.

    Seeing as Celtic are so “global” 🙄 why did your attendances drop as low as 24,000 under tony mowbray ???


  23. :mrgreen:

    Toon Chicken & Richietoon

    The truth hurts lads then, seemingly 😆 .. you only have to look at the change in tone of your (delusional) offerings when you’re hit with a few home realities about your poor excuse of a football club 😉

    Pair of retards.

    God bless the Celtic.


  24. Ah Jinky, I’ll assume you’re just trying to wind me up as surely you can’t be as dense as you make out 😉

    There is no change in my tone as not once on this thread have I said Newcastle are a big club or Celtic small or vice versa or anywhere in between. Read back then you can apologise for your stupidity, I’ll tell you to **** off like but you can apologise anyway 😉

    Sammy’s beard….agree, think you’ll get him for £2-2.5m as I said earlier (before the eejits joined in).


  25. Ha ha!! Just read this via a celtic news site. You Geordies always make me laugh whether it’s your funny accent (you all sound special btw lol) or the absolute sh*te you guys talk. Now I love Glasgow Celtic and I’m sure you all love Newcastle and I actually thought we generally had a decent rapport with newkie fans considering you are almost in Scotland, damn if only the border was a straight line then we MIGHT have had a 3 team league….haha!!

    Anyway I hope all of you Newcastle fans aren’t like *toon chicken* *batty* *richietoon* and *Robert* pure f@nnys you lot bringing religion into a football debate just because some sensible fellow tims put you in your place.

    Just thought I would clarify the fact that at this moment in time newcastle are DUNG and will maybe win a league cup if you get decent manager one day and stop buying injury prone players. Btw for the record your manager is a complete tw@t!! I think majority will agree.

    I would take Forster but wouldn’t go above £2m for him considering he hasn’t exactly proved himself just yet but he seems solid enough and better than what we have.

    Mon the hoops!!

    Hail hail Neil Lennon!!


  26. Tonys you’s are that good that you’s are after our 3rd choice keeper as your No1 😆
    As for managers our’s might be a Twat, but yours is just a sad sectarian bigot


  27. tony your a big a **** as the rest of the celtic scum ,get it right its turning into a 1 team leauge agen


  28. Tony………once again someone commenting without reading or reading but unable to comprehend threads…..where did I mention religion? where did I slag of Celtic apart from having a go at ********s on here?. 🙄


  29. Oooooohh!!!

    Did I strike a nerve lads??

    Look I haven’t got to argue with you pathetic people, big dave you sound like a big wumin because you don’t know what you are talking about, do you even know what sectarian means??

    Batty boy you should just keep your mouth shut unless you are actually going to say anything worth reading, try saying more than one sentence long you illiterate c@nt!!

    Toon chicken come on son you can do better than that…..oh no you can’t because you are just an @rsehole and obviously quite thick!!!


  30. TonyS I have forgot more about the troubles than you will probably ever know, you just stick to supporting celtic and or the ra and leave us to supporting the Toon 😉 thats a good boy


  31. Them lot even nicked Liverpool’s song…

    Shat themselves against Inverness and threw it away…

    Will always play second fiddle to the Huns…

    Their best players are championship standard (Hooper/Ledley prime examples)

    Any decent player leaves pretty sharpish (as you will see from Kayal’s and Izaguirre soon)

    The SPL isn’t even competitive, for example, when you lot go to McDirmid park to play the saints, who is the defensive rock you had to deal with….Michael Dubbery!!! Fuck sake, give yer heads a shake you dafties


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