Exciting times ahead on NUFC Blog!

Up, up and away.
The future of Newcastle United is always a hotly debated topic and each person has their own view on just how it’s going to pan out.

However, this article is less about NUFC and more about NUFC Blog as I lift the lid on some developments with regard to this site, both now and in the future.

There are a lot of plans afoot for this place and I like to keep everyone involved as much as I can. Those that have been with us from the start will back that up, as will those that e-mail the site with ideas for articles and even their own musings, all of which end up being published. We aren’t up our own arse here and don’t limit it to a select few who write. We’re by fans, for fans, so if people want to have their say then who are we to stop them?

Anyway, enough waffle. Right now I’m going to make you aware of the way in which you can keep up to date with our latest articles. Obviously we are on Newsnow, so that is one way, but you can also find every article on both Facebook and Twitter aswell as other stuff that we occasionally feel like putting to you.

All you have to do is either ‘like’ us or ‘follow’ us respectively, or both, and you will get all of our articles popping up in your newsfeeds as and when. To do that just click the relevant button at the top left of the site which will take you to either the Twitter or Facebook page for the site

There is also the option of keeping up to date with the latest ramblings and musings by subscribing to our RSS feed, once again by clicking the icon in the top left of the site. That way you will be made aware of any new articles within minutes of them being released.

The new season means new competitions, with prizes such as NUFC merchandise, DVDs, cash, tickets and other stuff. It’s in the planning stage at the moment but there are most definitely prizes up for grabs, just ask Tony Green Supreme who won himself a copy of the NUFC season review DVD last time out in what was a test competition. Most competitions are open only to registered users however, so why not make a start and get registered now in preparation for the new season?

We still have our NUFC Forum running where you can go and create your own conversation about pretty much anything. It will only get busier if people start, and continue, posting! Have a look around, open a thread, reply to some of the current ones even. It’s pretty straight-forward.

E-mail newsletters are on the way as is a slight site redesign to make it look that bit better than what it is at the minute. It’s something slimmer and sexier as opposed the 2am fat bird that it is at the moment. It will also stop people picking on the banner and the loss of certain players within said banner!

All in all I’m happy with the way things are going, very happy in fact. It’s still just the beginning though and there is a lot of stuff to do and no doubt more things that will crop up as and when. Any questions, suggestions or feedback can be sent to us via the contact menu at the top of the page so please feel free to get in touch if you have something to say.

Thanks for reading this by the way. It’s a little bit cheeky telling you all about everything, but it’s how I roll and I like to be open with people. I was just using this lull in NUFC news to get this ‘out there’.

Thanks for taking the time to listen to us.

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A lifelong Newcastle fan and current webmaster of this very 'blog who has the sole aim of creating a place by Newcastle United fans, for Newcastle United fans.

101 thoughts on “Exciting times ahead on NUFC Blog!

  1. Newkie,

    I reckon they will get a couple of big signings (average players for huge sums) and the rest they will bring in on loan. I reckon I would put money on it all going **** up and them not finishing anywhere near the expectation they would have with so much money spent.

    I am just going by fact and past history of course, which is usually a fantastic indication to assess the future.

    fact is, Bruce is a total muppet, doesn’t know his arse from his elbow and his only good singing will be Mechada on loan from his old boss Sir Alex


  2. Resulting in the sack for Bruce,
    only so many times Quinn can save his arse, they have been abysmal without Bent and if Whickham is his replacement then God help them


  3. Moren-hope you’re right mate, couple of crap players on massive wages, enough to do them in when the financial rules come into play 😀 Hopefully they won’t get Welbeck back and Gyan will get crocked at some point, maybe during the African cup and then Wickham and the scum will be buggered 😆

    No chance they’ll get to Europe, but I can’t see em going down either, unfortunately 👿

    Still, maybe its better if they stay in the Prem and we turn them into a six pointer team for us 😀


  4. Wickham to Sunderland will be like Carroll to Liverpool, to much expectation to soon. It’s why Carroll will fail and also why Wickham will fail, too much pressure on them, but they have chosen to accept that pressure so come what may!!!!


  5. Wickham going to sunlund would be hilarious! The fans, board, and manager will be expecting so much from him due to the hype and transfer price. The other players will probably recognize that he isn’t capable right away. Just hilarious! SMBs


  6. So they make a single sell for 20 million and then go to spend 13 mil on a single child. We get 35 million (from the same club!) from a single sale and have currently spent 5 mil on 3 players of proven quality. Hmmm


  7. This hype for wickham is reminding me a lot of victor Moses. Remember how pissed we were that the club allowed him to slip thru our fingers to wigan.
    He hasn’t done too much there, has he?


  8. Morning boys, or afternoon for us night workers!

    Wickham and Gardner seems a bit soft in terms of signings. I think for all he may come good he is probably going to have to lead the line and its very sink or swim esq. I think he would be best served going to the bin dippers or somewhere to have a bit more time. Either that or have another season at Ipswich. I think he has 15 goals in 75 apps? Not that prolific.

    If it is true with the #1 shirt then it suggests Harps is away. Frankly as many people who bother to read my whining’s will know that I think we need to move on from Harps. I simply do not subscribe to this loyalty guff. I think Krul and Forster need to fight it out for the shirt. ITs rumoured Hoots wants Harps and Guthrie at Brum so would fit with this. Harps could also prolong his career at Brum too so wouldnt be such a bad move for him.


  9. Nah Andrew, bit of a lucky escape like. He did the right thing to progress with his career and development there though much like the zog 😉


  10. if toonsy intends to create a similar fantasy football league,why don’t use soccernet?

    imo,is better than the official fantasy football league. 😉


  11. A Fantasy league sounds like a good laugh, and also the world map thingy would be pretty interesting.

    God, I hate nightshift, it’s about this time when I hit the wall and just want to gan to kip 😕


  12. Hi Guys, just signed up today, so this is my first posting, of course it was a free transfe and I’ll be available for autographs later 😉


  13. Seems most people on here use their actual names so thought I’d do same – rip 4411 😉


  14. Everybodies catchin the early morning sun, its gorgeous out there toay, hope it stays that way got a couple of photoshoots today 😉


  15. Bonjour mon petit filles

    Anyone up yet? Been boring without any company.

    I think we can forget about Erdinc – PSG have bid 31.5m Euros PLUS Erdinc for Hazard so lets see but I think its looking unlikely


  16. Toonsy, so you live in rugby, do you get in the Dunn Cow much? That’s the pub I go to when staying with mates down your way


  17. In Dunchurch? Haven’t been in there for years. You need to stop over the other side of town man 😉


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