Pardew: No deal for N’Zogbia or Taylor, but we still have cash for a striker.

Alan Pardew

Alan Pardew
Pardew's latest musings.
It looks as though any moves for Charles N’Zogbia and Neil Taylor are now dead in the water as Alan Pardew admitted defeat in the pursuit of the duo.

N’Zogbia has been linked with a move back to Tyneside for some time now although the admission from Pardew that the Frenchman has an imminent move lined up means that it’s now almost certain that he will not be returning to St James’ Park.

Meanwhile, as reported previously Neil Taylor looks like he’ll stay at Swansea after the Welsh outfit offered him a new contract, and a rumoured £12,000-a-week pay rise to boot, and held face-to-face talks with the left-back. With Newcastle seemingly unwilling to raise their initial bid from what they believed was written into Taylor’s contract it appears that particular deal is also dead.

Speaking of the pair Pardew said: “I am told that Charles has got an imminent move, so I don’t think that will be us. Neil Taylor, I think, will not come to the club. We got to a situation where we thought there was a price set in his contract and that hasn’t proven to be the case.”

“Therefore it started to get a little bit higher than we anticipated in terms of a fee, so I think the boy will end up staying at Swansea.”

However Pardew is adamant that all is not lost as the club look to bring in another striker ahead of the new season. He claims that money is still there for a striker “of the right ilk” although quite how long it remains available for transfers before it gets earmarked for repainting the lines in the car park is anybodys guess. My advice would be for Pardew to move quickly before new lampshades need purchasing!

“I don’t really want to mention names, but all strikers who are available, we are keeping a close eye on. It’s important that we keep bolstering the team as best we can,” said Pardew, who was happy to mention the name of Mevlüt Erdinç yesterday. He continued:

“We have obviously been looking for a striker – we are still bidding for a striker as we speak – so we are doing all we can to get the right players for Newcastle.”

“It’s not easy, it’s not an easy market – strikers are always the most difficult to get across the line – but we are working hard on it.”

Pardew has previously talked of recruiting a further two players on top of our summer signings already acquired, although he does now admit that with a striker taking the priority it will depend on what cash is left after they manage to bring that elusive goalscorer through the door.

Asked whether there would be more than one signing Pardew said: “It depends, really, on the attacker that we hope to secure.”

“There has been talk of the money we have got in and where has it been spent, etc, etc. But you would be surprised with the deals we have done, it actually amounts to a fair bit.”

“We have got enough to bring a striker in of the right ilk for this football club, and that’s what we need to focus on. When we secure that player, then we will look again.”

So there you go. Details from Alan Pardew’s very latest press conference. No N’Zogbia, no Neil Taylor, but definitely, maybe, a striker. Quite who that will be I’m not sure, but with Erdinç being the only name that we know is the subject of concrete interest from us you’d have to think that he is our new main target.

What do you make of this?

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97 thoughts on “Pardew: No deal for N’Zogbia or Taylor, but we still have cash for a striker.

  1. why are ssn saying pardue is ready to splah the cash???? when did he ever say that? hes said hes after a striker but no way is he gna splash the cash!! its canny hard to splash the cash when no1 wants to come to us 😆


  2. are we surprised we couldnt offer more than 1mill for Taylor? come on we’ve pocketed 35mil and spend zero.

    Ashley isnt going to change soon so we better just get used to it, he’s hired a yes-man that can’t believe his luck that hes managing the Toon, as did JK and CH, so he’s happy to bull**** us, but its wearing thin now.

    Hopefully once Tiote and Arfa are sold next season, MA’s debt may have been repaid, giving us more hope of a club sale. thats the only decent outcome for me.


  3. Why does everyone have to be so negative at the moment? I’m happy with the transfer dealings so far and perhaps a signing will happen unexpectedly like it did with Marveaux


  4. Army, no one wants to come, because he wont splash the cash on wages.

    Yes everyone im one of them now.

    A doom and gloom.


  5. toonsy says:
    July 14, 2011 at 17:52
    So many rattles coming out of the pram
    The key is “I am told that Charles has got an imminent move”
    If he is going elsewhere then who is to say it’s the clubs fault? He may have got an offer from a better club than ours, or a better offer? Who knows?

    I doubt we even put a bid in, it was probably similar to the rooney bid that paved the way for Manu to sign him. Pards has just watched skyspts news and realised hes off to villa. Why would we pay him 60k and 10mil signing fee when we can have a frenchman for nixy


  6. I’ve never seen a reliable report that we ever even bid for Zog. Not sure why people expected him to come here…


  7. Mark said:

    Why would we pay him 60k and 10mil signing fee when we can have a frenchman for nixy

    In this hypothetical scenario how good is the Frenchman for nixy?


  8. Mark, maybe because you have to pay for a prem proven player?

    Anyone can see we need a prem proven player, the only player I am 100% confident that can make it is HBA, but he will be off next summer anyway.


  9. i dont think many players do want to come to the club as the money is not being put up and they fear they will be sold after a yr or so to keep mike ahley in chips, he and llambs-ass are the cancer killing us and giving us nothing but keep taking, should of kept away for more than a game when kev left. he hoodwinked fans and hughton this time last year to get his season tickets sold,ive got ya money now he said cheers, no players coming in but a loan or two and by the way mr hughton u can swivel on it too coz i dont wana give u a contract. ASHLEY OOOT MAN


  10. Offered 12 mill for Charlie 5 months ago now 9 mill is for too much.

    Give it up Pardew, you are nowt but a low life 2 faced lying **** who is deliberately lying to and misleading fans on behalf of the despicable Mike Ashley.
    The Gameiro and Gervinho sagas were just bull**** to ensure that the
    remaining seasons tickets were sold and yet again fans fell for fat mans spin. He had no intentions of signing players for the wedge that it would have cost to sign those two.

    During the season when results go against us, I fully expect Ben Arfa and possibly Cabaye to go into a huff about the non arrival of the promised quality signings, the promised signings that were made by the owner of the club.

    Only row upon row of empty seats on match days will pre-empt that fat **** to sell the club and the fans will not stay away so we are stuck with the horrible *******.


  11. theres only one thing pardew is hideing from the fans,the bloody strings on his gob and arms,that ashley and owl heed are pulling 😈


  12. HITMAN money what money didnt you know ashley is head and chief of the magic circle,now you see it,now you dont 😉

    dont care that taylor has stayed at swansea,what does bother me is they have payed him more wages than we would 👿


  13. To be fair Ice, that doesn’t bother me. If Swansea have to be wages far in excess of what he was on just to keep him then fair enough. It’s their problem not ours 🙂


  14. The Undersoil Heating was Paid for from the Olympic Fund Grant..According to Le’Equipe .
    ashley is takeing us fans for a ride again 👿 👿


  15. Ice – I’d rather we didn’t have to bump up the wage of a less than average player like Swansea have just done basically 🙂


  16. Well it’s hard to stay positive with things like this but we do have alot of wingers. I’d love to splash out on a #9 but can’t see it.

    I for one think cabaye will be much better than Nolan, he scored 2 after Xmas so he cant have been that important


  17. Once the daft ****es at Liverpool pay 20 million for Downing, that will free up the money to sign NZogbia…easy innit… 🙄


  18. I was ok for a while with what we were doing, but think the club is spinning yarns. Quite simply, we are not spending the fortune the MA / Pardew are saying on agents etc. If so, how are other clubs, without the 35mill Carroll money, buying good players? Its a spoof. Put it another way, if Marveuax has cost 4 mill, an Ba 5 mill ( nothing extreme there ) , would we have gone for them ? No – we wouldnt. And thats the concern. However , if we buy two players and show a willingness to spend some of the money we have, i’ll tip my cap to them, but i’m not convinced. We cant keep scraping up freebies and expect to develop the team. It just doesnt work like that i’m afriad. Sometimes, you;ve got to lash out 10-15 mill on a player to get real class. Do we have the balls to do that ???? Doubt it….


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