Is Steven Taylor really good enough for England?

Thumbs up for England?
Steven Taylor has earned many plaudits this season owing to his performances in the heart of the Newcastle defence this season.

Quite rightly too in my opinion. We’re finally starting to see the Steven Taylor that we’d hoped we would end up with after he burst onto the scene all those years back. It’s taken time, but we could be seeing the coming of age of the Greenwich born adopted Geordie.

I remember last season, when Taylor was on the verge of returning from injury, Alan Pardew came in for a lot of stick (nowt unusual) for mentioning the words “England” and “Steven Taylor” in the same sentence. It was something along the lines of getting back in the England frame, which caused much amusement amongst a lot of fans.

Well here we are a few months later and lo-and-behold there is actually some genuine talk linking Steven Taylor with a call up to the England team. This talk started when Stuart Pearce was apparently sent to Loftus Road on Monday night to run the rule over a few players, and our very own Steven Taylor was one of those that apparently caught the eye.

To add further momentum to Steven Taylor’s England train, Alan Pardew has once again backed the defender and claims that the 25-year-old is playing the best football of his career and would be deserving of a call up should one come his way.

I do happen to think that Steven Taylor has come on in leaps and bounds since the back end of last season. The lasting memory before that was of a drama queen that had a penchant for dropping a clanger at the back. His long injury lay off didn’t help that, but to his credit he has established himself as the as THE first-choice defensive partner with Fabricio Coloccini.

Is he good enough for England though? I, personally, have my doubts.

In the next few years there should be some openings in the England setup. Senior tossers players like John Terry and Rio Ferdinand will be getting on and will need replaced. Could Taylor be able to put a foot in the door?

With players like Phil Jones, Phil Jagielka, Chris Smalling and Gary Cahill coming to the fore I feel that it will be tough for Taylor to get a look in, but I do feel that there is a chance, however slim, of Tayls being given a chance.

The main thing is that he needs to carry on doing what he is currently doing at Newcastle first and foremost. Keep solid, cut out the mistakes and theatrics, stay injury free and become consistent. If he can do that then I see no reason why he can’t at least be called up for England and get the chance to show what he is capable of.

That’s just my opinion though. Really, I want to know yours!

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45 thoughts on “Is Steven Taylor really good enough for England?

  1. Like you said Toonsy… Phil Jones, Phil Jagielka, Chris Smalling and Gary Cahill. Can’t see Taylor getting in ahead of them unless there are some injuries, but then he’s still got to get past Terry and Ferdinand.


  2. No chance i’m afraid, when fit ferdinand and terry will always be Capello’s first choice pairing, and with smalling jones cahill and jagielka in the mix then even if taylor was performing out of his skin week in week out (like he has been doing credit to him) he would be too far down the pecking order to be even considered


  3. Nah, he’s alright but england have class CBs.
    Troy i don’t normally respond to you as your ‘realism’ as it seems to be spotting a cloud miles away on a sunny day and gleefully mentioning it to anyone within earshot but on the article you put up i noticed santon struggled with the emergance of chivu and maicon at full back. There are very few defenders who could oust them. Santon from what i’ve read is a total confidence player and this it has been said is a strength of pardews. What you need to remember is that we are not the club we were 10/15 years ago. We can’t attract the quality we could for us to get players with santons POTENTIAL we need to either get lucky and get them as kids or take risks, other youngsters with potential and less downsides go for huge somes such as jones at man u and lukaku at chelsea. If santon becomes half as good as his potential we will have a very good Full back for a few years.


  4. Morning Toonsy – thanks for putting up that article a couple of days ago. Good to see people commenting on something you’ve written and I’ve been away for a few days so didn’t see it !!

    Your email didn’t get through (even to the spam box) so please try again. Ta

    On topic – I don’t want Taylor to play for England. It would be great for his confidence and widen his horizons, but from a purely selfish viewpoint it would just add to the possibility of him being injured which would be a disaster


  5. Ferdinand, Terry, Dawson, Cahill, Smalling, Jonas, etc…

    Don’t think Steven has been anywhere near consistant enought YET, but if he strung a couple seasons together then yes.

    As it stands… no.


  6. If he can stay injury free then I think he has a great chance of playing for England. I think he’s better than Jakielka and as good as Cahill & Smalling.


  7. Not at the moment but if he continues to improve he will have a chance. He’s younger that someone like Cahill and a couple of years ago he wasn’t seen as good enough for Villa.

    He is just starting to learn his craft and playing with Collo has helped and will help him get better and better.


  8. All the players mentioned: Shawcross, Smalling, Jagielka, Dann, Jones, Cahill and Johnson are all very good CB, but apart from Jagielka and Cahill, they all have a point to prove just like Steven Taylor. Everyone of them has shown a great deal of potential, but I guess the old ‘time will tell’ phrase appears to relevant here, because no-one can really say if it won’t be Taylor who realises his undoubted potential ahead of the others. Personally I think that he should be judged come January. At that point we should be able to say if he actually has what is required, or if the 3 goals at the end of last season and the impressive performances of this one were just a temporary upswing. I don’t know if Pardew is doing him a favour by mentioning him as a potential England player, or if this puts a kind of pressure on him that he isn’t able to handle. Well, to cut things short – the cliche ‘time will tell’ will probably have to do for now ….


  9. Possibly his chance came and went when mclaren called him up for the full squad (germany??) and he sat on the bench while wes brown naturally came on for the second half for another cheap cap instead of a young lad given a merited chance to show what he could do.

    Same with wheater during his smog days both seemed to be close to breaking through but have been overtaken by an even younger generation…


  10. England are the most over-rated nation in the world. The premier league is the most over-hyped league in the world.


  11. It can only do him good to be linked with England.
    England, home of Shakespeare and fine theatre productions.

    If he gets on the England stage, I can see him progressing to The West End stage.
    Andrew Lloyd Webber is a big fan of watching England.
    Not a better opportunity for our great theatrical defender.

    England – ” to be or not to be” “who art thou Fabio?”

    Seriously, it can only do his confidence the world of good to be linked with England even if it didn’t come off.

    It would certainly be worth it to see Stardust squirming.


  12. @brisvegas

    My problems are in a bag. I’ve just had my counselling session and put all my horrible thoughts innthe bag, sealed it and thrown it in the rubbish bin.

    I’m left with fluffy clouds and candy floss trees around me. It’s wonderful. Santon, Cabaye, Ba ooooh the joy.

    Woo hoo hoo hoo. Hey, it does make you feel better being a fluffy bunny wabbit.



  13. I just hope Taylor doesn’t get simpsonitis and starts to believe his own hype at the mere mention of England


  14. Ah, yes, merry England. The last time I was in there I got a sore back with stooping under the cloud cover.


  15. Well Troy, I’m very pleased to hear you are seeing an analyst. Get well soon.

    If you’re a fluffy bunny now make sure you don’t get myxomatosis.


  16. I don’t think Saylor is an international player yet, but if he keeps improving at the rate he’s been going in the last year or so, maybe in a season or two.

    I don’t think he is as bad as some make him out. Every game he tries a Beckenbauer moment, and he ain’t no Beckenbauer, but you can’t fault a guy for testing his limits.


  17. OK, I’m a bit late into this one, but…

    Totally agree with the assessment. He can be an utter ****, and seems to think cheating is clever when it just risks red cards and penalties. If he can sort that side of his attitude but keep that incredible fighting spirit of his, he’ll be an amazing asset.

    Also, don’t forget that he didn’t just play for the U21s; he was the captain during one of the longest unbeaten runs in history.

    I think the reason some get on his back is that he does play in a way that looks (and perhaps is) selfish. He loves to get forward, and with my usual rose-tinters on, I’d like to think that’s because Pards knows how good Colo is and has told Tayls to get up there.

    Best of all, he out-scores Judas. Nuff said. 🙂


  18. Well. Again people enjoy putting some of our players down it seems.

    All i can say is that I’ve listened to all the talk (pundits, papers and SSN) about who is/should be getting an England call-up and I heard all the usual suspects like Cahill, Dawson, Shawcross, Upson, Jagielka and I am of the believe that they are all in the same bracket Steven Taylor is and always will be which is just below the very top level IMO (Ferdinand, Terry and Jones is going to be awesome).

    So, I don’t think there’s any point in focussing on the flaws instead of applauding his strengths, he always seems to win the aerial duels with the big guys and he has very assured PL technique, which for a defender is massive, also he has a fair turn of pace (which is a help when William turns like an Aeroplane) which is better than some of the aforementioned.
    And moreover, because we are not a Club that attracts the very top bracket so he’s about as good as it will get. (Modric > Tottenham and the Bright Lights of London)

    I remember watching the goal Aguero scored against Tottenham last week by where he put Dawson on his ***, but I never heard him get ripped once. I would hate to imagine what the reaction will be when / if he does it against us.

    Also it’s a common theme that a good PL teams should have good Local players that play for years with foreign talent to compiment it so and I for one am ecstatic about his form recently.

    Also, to end on a positive, we’re Ten league games unbeaten atm!
    Come On the Toon!!!!!!


  19. So to summarise he is more than worthy for an England call up to see as you need to play for them to be decided that your a of International class :s


  20. from SkySpts

    “Davide was injury-free when he completed his pre-signing medical examination and scans.

    “The injury he sustained on Thursday is not connected to his previous injuries.”

    Any player can suffer injuries, its just more prominent because he’s new and our only left-bk.

    Reading some of the comments from yesterday on here, its sounding like a Jeremy Kyle show 🙂

    Lets give players a good half/full season to adjust to the prem before we criticise them (remember Colo?) anyone criticising too much, just ignore their posts, its not as if we havent heard their comment b4.


  21. So in short, if I don’t think a Toon player is good enough for England I still have to say I think he is or I’m accused of putting him down? 🙄


  22. …..and don’t want to be accused of putting the Toon down again but it’s 7 league games unbeaten not 10 😉


  23. @Richie

    It appears that’s the way it works. Have you not been following the abuse I got for criticising the midfield.



  24. I dont give a **** what anyone says we havn’t had a player, that gives more or the club means so much to since Sir Alan. IMO he isn’t far away from a call up, and he would give his all to the cause, unlike some of the fuking tossers that put on the England shirt.


  25. Meant to add Toonsy I agree Pards does have to take some credit for it as after Pards came out with the England rallying cry, you could see Saylor grew from that


  26. Rich – can I point out the difference between Troy and a [email protected]? The latter are useful…

    Dave – Don’t be silly. It will be anyone else but Pardew as there is credit to be had. It was probably Hooters from beyond the job or something like that. Maybe one of his bland interviews inspired him?


  27. Troys on the ropes
    Richie if you fuking read what I said he is not far away haha.
    Toonsy the Clueless one cant take any credit because he was prepared to sit back and let Tugboat and Judas push him out


  28. I wish he gets a call after all, it will boost his confidence, so far if it was’t for him at the back and clearing of the line we wouldn’t be where we are at the moment. he works his socks off.


  29. Yeah Malta I agree with that.

    My only gripe with the England squad is they can turn players heads to the big clubs as that’s where most of them come from. Plus there’s more chance of injury….


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