Newcastle bid for Manchester United hotshot

Ravel the Red Devil
Newcastle have had a Β£500,000 bid for highly rated Manchester United youngster Ravel Morrison rejected according to reports in the press.

Morrison can play as a striker or a midfielder and is thought to be one of the better prospects at the Manchester United academy currently. Arsenal and Tottenham are also said to be keeping tabs on the 18 year old.

Sir Alex Ferguson is generally a good judge of a player. Every so often he’ll make a mistake but in the main he has been proved to be correct more often than not. This of course could lead one to doubt the ability of Morrison although at this point it’s worth pointing out that it’s Morrison who has refused a new deal at Old Trafford, not the fact that he just hasn’t earned one.

The Manchester born youngster has been reluctantly placed on the transfer list as a result and Manchester United are keen to sell the player now rather than lose him on a free when his contract expires in the summer. It would appear that Newcastle’s bid is not sufficient enough for a number of reasons.

The Red Devils apparently want a sizeable sell on clause added to any deal such is their belief in the ability of Morrison along with a higher initial fee. It remains to be seen whether or not Newcastle will cave in to the demands of Sir Alex Ferguson.

Morrison has yet to feature in the Premier League for Manchester United although he has featured in the League Cup for them. He also scored three goals in the FA Youth Cup final last season but aside from that there isn’t much else to write about unless you take his disciplinary record into consideration – the player is currently on a 12 month referral order after admitting two counts of witness intimidation.

So definitely one for the future then should we end up with him. The transfer window rumour mill is starting to creak into action and is giving us more on a daily basis. It’s the scattergun approach that the media use in the hope of getting something right. Fling enough mud and some eventually sticks…

Time will tell…

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65 thoughts on “Newcastle bid for Manchester United hotshot

  1. “12 month referral order after admitting two counts of witness intimidation”

    Stay well away. Anyone with the kind of attitude needed for that particular crime will never be anything but trouble. Another Ranger.


  2. Its more to do with the off field “bitch ass mofo” dickhead attitude than ability i gather, A bit strange considering the problems pardew has had with Ranger but hes meant to be a very talented lad so maybe they think its worth the risk and given his age he might mature in the future… πŸ˜•


  3. I’d read that while talks had taken place no new deal was offered and Man Utd told him to look for a new club. He’s a bit of a bad lad with a shit attitude apparently, so maybe Fergie’s just trying to give the kid a shock, then will offer him a new contract? …if not I think he’ll end up at Spursas ‘Arry seems to like him, bright lights of London and all that πŸ˜•


  4. Dont know cant imagine we will get him anyway. ole harry was singing his praises not that long ago

    Is it me or is the journalism in papers shocking?
    How easy is it to say the toon are in for erdinc and carrol yet it just sounds drivel or recycling old stories. So lazy IMO


  5. It still pisses me off to think Ranger gets £8k per week! 😈

    For doing nowt! 😈

    He’s guaranteed it for another 3 or 4 years as well.


  6. Heard Gary Neville say recently he’s the most talented youngster Man U have had in recent years. Got everything.


  7. He’s got a ‘naughty boy’ face. He needs a good thrashing.

    It seems on previous blogs that Mr Troy Stavers tends to get referred to as ‘Booby’ by a small percentage of bloggers. If Troy does not like this I must give some reasons why fellow bloggers should refrain from doing so.

    My Reasons are as flollows:

    – Derogatory nicknames can impact a persons self esteem
    – They can make the ‘caller’ seem like a bully
    – They can cause some confusion to other bloggers outside the nickname loop as to who said person is referring to.
    – They can cause feelings of segragation and isolation to the nicknamed person.
    – The ‘bully’ could be hiding some deeper issues such as jealosy, self loathing or twatishness. This can hide these issues (although sometimes it can have a contrary effect)

    If Troy does like this name then I apologise to Booby.


  8. Im sorry but even for 10m dont want carroll back; he looked like a lumbering donkey last night im afraid


  9. boss is off for the week… and it’s almost friday.

    Troy… sorry…I don’t know where the nickname derives from.


  10. lol Nobby…sticked up for Troy then called him boobies at the end.

    dont you know boobies has issues with moobs, as most 50yr olds do..


  11. @nobby

    “boss is off for the week… and it’s almost friday”

    like that normally makes a difference πŸ˜†


  12. Nobby πŸ˜†
    As for Revels no thanks we allready have a tosser that thinks he’s the meanest badest gangsta of them all.
    Though it might be a good laugh to let them have a shoot out at dawn


  13. @Nooby

    I used to post under the name Bobby Shinton number 9. ( shit ex toon player in case you can’t remember).
    I was the most hated poster on here and got called Booby.

    Sadly Bobby died last year and his final wish on his death bed was carry on his legacy.

    Troy is the most hated now. πŸ˜›

    Bobby Shinton number 9 RIP.
    2009-2011 πŸ™


  14. @troy

    I wouldnt say hated m8, youre liked on here

    its like having your very own Samuel “Screech” Powers off saved by the bell. πŸ˜†


  15. Mark πŸ˜† Was making a point really; i could be a journalist blooming easy i tell you.

    However on tiote my mate who is a chelski fan is adamant he knows tehy have bid £25m for him 😯


  16. @Mark
    Screech . classic πŸ˜›

    I woke up in the laundry basket this morning. Feck knows how I ended up in here, but it’s that bloody comfortable I’m staying here.

    Wor lass even brought me a cup of tea, opened the lid and closed it as if nowt was the matter. 😯


  17. liam

    You shouldnt do that sort of thing some of our hearts and/or sphincters arent as reliable as others… πŸ˜‰


  18. CC sorry fella.
    Would we accept Β£25m for tiote though? and old troy is adamant his mate reckons its a done deal is making me think could be something in it?
    Is that Courgnet chap a replacement? 😯


  19. Troy

    I think these so-called bloggers need to give you an apology.

    We are all brothers of Earth. We should treat each other accordingly.

    Troy Stavers… Troy and Stavers…. TRoY and SrAVErs… Try and Save your brothers.

    Love each other.


  20. @Liam

    It’s as certain as Jabba turning up at the match wearing a White shirt.

    ” change your White shirt,
    Change your White shirt,
    You scruffy cockney bastard,
    Change your White shirt”


  21. I don’t think we should knock that back if the money is assured to be reinvested. But there lies the problem.

    Cup of tea pet?” 😯
    who said that?
    It’s the wife again.
    “please shut the laundry lid please”


  22. TBH, Booby was a bit of a pain in the arse; Troy much funnier.

    As for Tiote, if he’s signed for Chelski it’s fine ‘cos apparently we’ve already signed up his identical twin who’s training with the Ivory Coast right now. πŸ˜›


  23. Brilliant player with a bad attitude. Can Newcastle sort him out? Maybe a move away from his friends would be good for.him.


  24. Tiote spotted at Libreville Leon M’ba International Airport duty free shop, buying 12oz of Golden Vagina ready rubbed 😯


  25. I hate early kick offs on sunday… i’m always hanging out my arse from satuday night.

    pooey knickers πŸ‘Ώ

    I have no real opinion on this ‘Ravel Morrison’ as this morning was the first time i’ve heard of him.

    I will now spout b*llocks on irrelevant but important topics such as ‘Why paper clips stick together when not intended to’ and ‘how much steam needs to be in a room before it’s known as a “steam room”‘


  26. @Nobby

    Have you ever tried sticking paper clips together in a steam room? I have and it’s impossible. They just won’t stick.

    I got bored with it having tried it for hours on end, for weeks . 😯


  27. Toonsy aye it would have to be around that figure….worrying as chelsea have been very quiet considering they have Β£150m to spend


  28. If we sold tiote to chelsea it would sicken me, They are above us thanks to shocking refereeing decisions against us, wolves and man city, Last season when we sold carroll to liverpool we were a place and two points behind them in the league with a game in hand (which we won) and a better goal difference. It would be nice to take these clubs on instead of strengthing them all the fecking time… πŸ‘Ώ


  29. Nobby – I intend to be in a very bad way on Sunday. Flying up on the Saturday with a QPR-supporting mate. First time to SJP in over a year! 😯

    Anyone fancy a pint? You can bait the QPR guy if you really want to. A bit.


  30. Troy.

    I must advise you that carrying out such tasks, as productive as they might be, must carried out as safely as possible. Please follow my health and safety tips on ‘The beginners guide to sticking paper clips together in a steam room’

    – Be weary of paper clips sharp ends. They have a tendancy to pierce and cut skin.
    – Caution should be shown when creating a ‘steam room’ using a 3 bar fire and otter urine. As well as electrical shock dangers there is also a danger of being bitten by an otter and they have venom which can be lethal.
    – Correct personal protactive equipment (PPE) should be worn. We recommend jodpers, sam jacks t-shirt and a wig from Percy street ‘Magic Box’.
    – Use the buddy up’ system
    – Always inform people of where you are going and at what time they can expect you back. A ‘Steam-Clipper’ should never stay in the steam room for more than 3 days.

    Most of all… enjoy yourself… ‘Steam-Clipping’ is days of fun for the novice or the more experienced amongst you


  31. If Alex Ferguson is ready to get rid of a player that Gary Neville says is the best talent (considering the players he has seen at the club) then there must be issues with the lad.

    Its really encouraging to read that we are speaking with clubs and players and having players on trial. I know some of it will be paper talk, like the Carroll crack, but it can’t all be and NUFC officials travelling to France to discuss things in person certainly suggests an intention.
    Hoping for an interesting few weeks.


  32. I’m having bother with the next thread, there’s no comment box for me to type in that there’s no comment box πŸ˜• πŸ˜†


  33. @Nobby

    I see where I went wrong now. 😯

    I used the Newburn and Ryton steam room and paper clip safety regulations 1969, where clearly you used the Byker and Walker regs and codes of practice which were implemented in 1995. 😯

    I have to admit that the 1969 regs are more my stamp as there are no clothing stipulations and the use of Grandad Les Kellets trunks and boots are not forbidden.

    I found the Lycra trunks anti static qualities are beneficial when doing endurance staple sticking.

    The otter fits snugly down the front of the trunks when leaving the steam room and looks like a huge lunch box. 😯


  34. Why in the world would we want another Ranger. Christ if Fergie can’t keep him on the straight and narrow we got no chance.


  35. Troy and Nobby – hilarious. You ahve brightened up Friday morning with your insights. This could well be a new craze


  36. On the Ravel Morrison thing – agree with KimToon, if Fergie can’t control him and the lad is playing at Man U his local club, and still behaving like a complete tw*t then why are we even considering him. Don’t want the harmony and team spirit disrupted by a complete numpty


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