Does Pardew have a right to tell Liverpool to cut their losses?

Pardew tells Liverpool to cut their losses
I’ve read Alan Pardew’s latest comments regarding Andy Carroll, and I’ve also read some of the reaction from Liverpool fans on the matter.

I’ll quote it all below, but essentially what Alan Pardew is saying is that Liverpool won’t recoup what they paid for Andy Carroll, and I don’t think anyone in a sane frame of mind would be able to deny that.

The reaction from a fair amount of Liverpool fans is that Alan Pardew should not be saying such things, with some even likening his comments to something Harry Redknapp would do, or, if we cast our minds back a little bit further and take off any red tinted glasses that may still be being worn, what Liverpool might have done with Andy Carroll (who knew what terms he was going to be offered prior to asking for a payrise at Newcastle and used an agent hired by Liverpool to conclude the deal, allegedly) or Jose Enrique, who if you recall was a “done deal” months before the transfer was finalised leaving Enrique to play crap for the remainder of his Toon career.

Anyway, this is what Pardew had to say, and what has caused some of the reaction amongst Liverpool fans:

“John Madejski used to say to me about certain players, ‘Just wipe your nose and move on’, and I think Liverpool are going to have to do that with Andy. I think it was obvious as soon as Brendan went into Liverpool that Andy’s time was going to have to be somewhere else. I think it’s quite right we’re involved in that.”

“Whether he comes here is something that I will take or I will leave. It’s a lot of money for Mike, although we’ll obviously be getting a big upside in terms of what we sold him for, and we’ve got three great strikers here already. But of course as the manager, I want the best players I can get.”

I’ll ask again, what is actually wrong with that?

I mean this wouldn’t have come about but for the comments of Andy Carroll’s own manager who pretty much put him in the shop window. The problem is the shop window is full of damaged goods that only might come good again.

At the end of the day we’ve bid, and we’re still in for him according to Pardew himself, which is why he is being asked questions by journalists and why he is answering them, in my opinion, truthfully.

Anyone see a problem with that?

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324 thoughts on “Does Pardew have a right to tell Liverpool to cut their losses?

  1. That’s the way to do it Rich, I am looking to get a rental investment soon, and let it pay itself off… House prices aren’t real cheap here in WA so we will have to bide our time…. 😕


  2. Well, I’m in my last year of my 20’s so I guess I’ll be joining the old farts brigade soon enough 😉
    Then I can fit in with the rest of you lot!


  3. Aussie..I’m hoping house prices go up in UK before here so we can buy a holiday let or 2, we’d make in 3 months here what it takes a year to make in UK…..trying to get my parents to buy an apartment, rent it out in the summer to supplement the pension then live over here in the winter…’s the way forward I tell ye 😆


  4. Sounds good Richie… there’s worse places to live than on the waters edge in Spain… Has the housing market bottomed out due to the economy problems Spain is facing?? Might buy a cheap rental property meself :mrgreen:


  5. Re post 308 : I spend my working days being serious (to a point) so It is a nice relief to come on here a talk **** :mrgreen: My missus kind of zones out when I talk football with her. Still it is no different that when she is talking to me…….. about anything 😆 😆


  6. Aussie….Prices will drop further here, I reckon they’ll keep falling for at least another year but more likely longer.


  7. The world has got its self into such a financial mess, I don’t think this recession is going to end any time soon… Its not a good time to be in your teens or twenties. I’m going to say it could be up to a decade before things start coming right… 😐
    Hear about people losing their jobs everyday, losing their cars houses. And that’s if they are fortunate enough to have had those luxuries in the first place.
    Then everyday we have to read about corrupt politicians stealing millions of tax payers money… Disgusts me how greedy the human race is…

    Anyway… now that I got that off my chest 😎 😎 😎


  8. So Debuchy definately maybe will be could be kind of surely hopefuly will be signing for us 🙂
    Two players in a week would be nice, Good and Debuchy…. Looking back I could have given Icedog 4 weeks and I would have still won that bet 🙂 🙂


  9. Richie
    I’ve got a sneaky feeling that Good was the cover for CB.

    Coloccini, Taylor, Williamson, Perch, Good 😯

    I can see Debuchy coming. But I really don’t see anybody else. I would love us to get Remy though, I think he’d be perfect for that winger/forward role with Be Arfa o the opposite flank and Marveaux pushing for a start.

    Ba and Cisse will play on the centre.


  10. Good to see positive words from Demba now all we need is the clause to run out and all the **** stirrers will go elsewhere

    Unlucky for the youngsters last night done us proud though


  11. ….although I’d like to, I can;t believe a word of that Journal article on Debauchery.

    …”The Journal understands….” blah blah blah…..agreed personal terms….blah blah. Well yeah, everyone knows he wants to come here do that’s a fair guess. No relevant quotes in there, but the article does harp on with facts we all already know. I think they’re just putting two and two together like we are. 😐

    ….with regards to Carroll, I never realsied he had this 25% sell on clause, which seems absolutely bananas to me, given what they paid us for him.

    Big Papa’s post at 288 makes more sense from Liverpool’s perspective as it’s highly unlikely….

    …”….only active if Liverpool make a profit on the 35 million”


  12. …oh yeah, I almost forgot. Where’s this ****ing centre back 👿
    …we’ve only needed one since 2010.


  13. Agree with JJ in thinking maybe could only be Debuchy and at best 1 other coming in

    AP has said Ashley wants some of youngsters to step up this season and expects more playing time

    Could be see how we start off and if we up there challenging , then splash cash in January window to kick on


  14. I was wondering that the other day JJ 😕
    I think he opened himself up to a lot of arguments on here and probably got sick of it. My guess is he still posts, but under a different name.

    …a few people have disappeared. Shamrock never comes on any more neither. I think people just get sick of it and take a blog hiatus.

    New article…


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