Newcastle 2-1 Tottenham – Match highlights

Match highlights of our opening day win over Tottenham for you all to enjoy now, including a rather cheeky back pass from Steven Taylor to Tim Krul!

As I’m sure you’ll have read and indeed seen, it was hardly a vintage match from our perspective but we have three points to show for it which is the aim of the game I suppose. We scored more goals than they did. Canny difficult this football lark isn’t it?

Joking aside, the win reminded of how we started off last season in truth. Solid yet not spectacular but we still managed to grind out results. To do that with a bunch of players who have hardly played in pre-season isn’t bad at all in my mind and means that it can only get better once they all get up to speed.

Howay the lads!

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474 thoughts on “Newcastle 2-1 Tottenham – Match highlights

  1. @Batty

    Stardy called you a pile of steaming dog turd. 😯
    Batts, there’s a huge difference in Dustys put downs as they are tongue in cheek whereas some on here are vile.

    Absolute class! πŸ˜†

    The funniest one he used this morning was when he described JJ’s crying like a baby howler monkey separated from its mother . πŸ˜†


  2. JJ

    ‘I said that the ressies are bitter nobodies, so who care what they think??’

    You dont know them, they are really great blokes – I know them you dont. Your comment is one of ignorance.

    I accept you apology for the name calling and it ends there.

    Now just admit you were wrong and deceitful in the above for (a) starting an unprovoked uninformed needless attack and then (b) trying to change tack to divert the discussion elsewhere as you were very much out of order on your original outburst…..and we can leave it here.

    Man or Rapscallion ? I await news.


  3. Batts – poor Ryan – mind Billy Bunter was a murderer – Ive never seen a lad pap his pants on a blog before but that was the day. He ws never the same since.

    Of all comments online – his that day were some of the funniest – you could smell the fear.

    Must have been scared he was going to be next in the lake πŸ˜† Remember – you were a main protagonist too! πŸ˜†


  4. Pards has been charged over his push. I dont think I have ever been as shocked over anything else to have ever happened in the whole entire world 😯 😯 😯


  5. @Johno

    Has been punished or just charged?

    I thought it was nowt. More of just a push to get the linesmans attention. Mind I was drunk when I saw it so I can’t be certain.


  6. Ahh most beloved F.A. It makes sense really, I mean calling someone a black c*nt is all well and fine, but did you see how hard Pards pushed that lino? It’s almost as bad as a kid’s playground.


  7. “Now just admit you were wrong and deceitful in the above for (a) starting an unprovoked uninformed needless attack and then (b) trying to change tack to divert the discussion elsewhere as you were very much out of order on your original outburst…..and we can leave it here.

    Man or Rapscallion ? I await news.”

    Stardust – **** off! You really don’t deserve any apology. πŸ™„


  8. icedog says:
    August 20, 2012 at 16:36
    MDS home leg on itv4,think some greek ch showing away leg,best i can do at the mo ime afraid
    Well that’s encouraging. At least this round is being televised over here- too bad they are showing Lpool/Hearts plus a match with two clubs whose names I can’t pronounce (much less even heard of)


  9. JJ – you only apologised for one part of your behaviour – there were many facets including a number of personal attacks.

    If you apologise correctly I will let the matter lie.

    Your call – you started and caused this issue.


  10. Stardust,

    I apologised for the only part I felt I was wrong. For the rest, if you think you are getting an apology, you are mad…
    So carry on as long as its suits your sad little mind… I’m off to football now…

    Hopefully, when I return, there is a new thread up that doesn’t get littered with the same crap.


  11. Batty,
    Biting, fishing, casting rods, it all seems a bit pathetic to me…

    Is that the some total of their input on this site, to try and rile up fellow bloggers by spreading negative vibes and making false accusations or pointless comments?
    Seems like one hell of a waste of time to me… If its a game of some sort, I don’t get it…

    Anyway, I’m off…


  12. Troy, while I have to admire anyone who can get words like ‘vagabonds’ into a footie blog, this has to be aimed at you too… soz.

    If you look up through all the posts on this thread, you’ll see that various people have attempted to move conversation back onto football. All have failed. That is because the vast majority of this thread has been irrelevant, indulgent ****-slapping. Nobody can take the thread in any other direction because they can’t find the ‘real’ posts amongst all the handbags ones.

    Please stop guys! We’ve got more footie going on right now than we’ve had for years, and nobody on here is able to talk about it!


  13. Troy he has been charged with misconduct by the FA. He raised his hand and push an offical , regardless of how hard or anything like that he was always going to be punished for it. Hopefully he wont be banned for too long!


  14. Get you base ball bats here, come on over now, get your tolls at fair prices. We have base ball bats with nails in, personalised knuckle dusters, powerful BB guns, flick hammers, Roman head butting helmets with or without spikes, rusty blunt samurai swords, blunted meat cleavers, we got it all, take your pick lads and lasses.

    If you’re looking for some cheap nufc blog weapons, we also have our 50% off range of buildings bricks, beach rocks, hand sized washed up tree branches. table legs, bic razors for the less violent attackers, and our special 2 for a pound lead filled lady love balls on a string for cracking heads mildly, leaving only dimple wounds.

    All those that fancy hand to hand combat, I have black or white school type plimsoles and old karate suits going cheap.

    Those that fancy a thorough fight on the keyboard, I have fingerless gloves with love and hate on the knuckles.

    More stock coming in next week, so stay tuned boppers. πŸ˜€


  15. 😯 Jez Stardust is back and is creating havoc, but then they always say them little pugs are a nasty breed, is it not about time you got back to Jabba i’m sure hes missing you by now πŸ˜† actually im surprised he let you out for that much air πŸ˜•


  16. Whumpie-Thank christ we have European football and random midweek games. People say they don’t like the Europa league, but it’ll be a nice distraction to you know, talk about football for a change πŸ˜‰


  17. Johno just seen it > Pardew, 51, has until 4pm on 23 August 2012 to respond to the charge, and decide if he wishes to appeal against his punishment

    I have a feeling they will make an example of Pards πŸ‘Ώ


  18. Going back to where this whole argument started from ,as I recall Stardust said he knew some ex ressies who said Saylor was a bad sort . This prompted JJ to react badly as he was upset that a 1st team player was being slated with little or no proof that he was /is a bad sort. Whilst JJ may of been wrong to call Stardust a P***k depending on your viewpoint. Both have valid reasons to be put out . Firstly I can understand Stardust being offended at the insult but Stardust you cannot expect an apology when you then accuse someone of being a racist@327 and compare them to a wife beater crying for sympathy @287 ,it makes you come across as vindictive .That brings me back to your original post about Saylor .Why would you want to denegrate him as a person based purely on hearsay from a few ex ressies?. There are a lot of jealous folk around you know. My nephew could of played for Bristol City but ****ed up big time as did a few others and to a one they are all bitter with the club /players to this day. It strikes me as funny that if Saylor is such a rotten egg how come we don’t hear about him falling out with other players left right and centre?. And befor you mention AC and him ,that was over a women I think ,totally different.I think it’s best you and JJ agree to disagree on this occasion tbh. Sorry for butting in but it’s never gonna get resolved as it’s going. πŸ˜‰


  19. At least Pards has been honest and taken the hit with a degree of humility. Hopefully the FA will realise that and keep it mild. The charge should be more about trying to influence an official than anything physical – it didn’t even really consistute a push!


  20. Could Toonsy just set up a separate thread entitled “JJ, Troy, Stardust and co all **** here” so there rest of us can use the blog again?

    Sick of this ****e. Talk football, or take the argument to a site about nail polishing.


  21. The amount of players that have pushed refs to the same degree as Pards and gone unpunished is pretty insane…Add to that the fact that Pards was right-the ball was clearly out, and the officials made a terrible decision and meh…I’d like an apology from the FA for hiring these ****.

    Then maybe i’d take off my rosey red specs 😎


  22. @whumpie
    Fair do’s.

    Let’s hope JJ & Aussie reflect on their vulgarity.


    That’s fair enough I suppose. He should be punished if you go by the rule book but in context to vicious tackles and violent conduct, this incident deserves a one match ban at the most.
    At best, words of advice to the linesman for getting it wrong. πŸ™‚


  23. Dave at 395 , yeah I think a fine and a couple of games in the stand will be the order of the day πŸ˜₯


  24. WHUMPIE @398 aye too bloody right sick on it, troys been banned before but went weeping and whaleing to toonsy to be allowed back on and would stop twice in fact if i am right,hope its three strikes and oot πŸ‘Ώ


  25. JT i think pardew gets on all right with the press always there to give them a quote overwise they would have had drawn and quartered him by now and calling for 3mth ban ect,imo


  26. Oh dear JJ – still showing your true colours.

    Some times a man needs to look back in life and see the footprints of impressions he made in the world. Yours is a foul mouthed cacophony of insults and hate to those who don’t agree with you and moreso you are unapologetic to those who you offend (no matter what their cultural or personal beliefs)

    When being confronted with your own comments you further lash out – but its your own words that haunt you. Can’t imagine your head is a fun filled place to be.

    Carry on with repainting fictitious footprints – perfect and resplendent in white pristine snow. Whereas everyone else knows you simply stood in dog poo and are in denial. A bitter man – sad really – very much a waste of life – maybe lessons in being gracious could help.


  27. Stardust @ 327 I presume your on a wind up But I can confirm that JJ did NOT make racist comments, Chuck might have tried to say he did but I was on the same thread and as someone that has allready been wrongly labeled as making racist comments , I don’t think it’s a very nice label but if you want to believe Chuck the choice is your.

    JJ @ 340 that seemed like a genuine attempt to end the arguing and IMO that should be good enough,
    Now lads I like a bit of banter as much as anyone but it really does look like JJ has tried to end it, but is still getting jumped on and being asked almost to beg for forgiveness πŸ‘Ώ
    I am not taking anyone side but it is clear that lots of regulars have tried to voice concern over it and get the thread going again, so come on at the end of the day were here to talk about footie and the club we all love so at least we have that in common, so can we now move on


  28. @Ice

    I got banned cos of whiners like you crying on. πŸ˜‰

    Don’t give it out if you can’t take it fella. πŸ˜‰


  29. Kimtoon-Aye, it says something really. I mean, I’d be more comfortable with Willo, Perch and Tav at CB than him there, although I realise he has played there before…


  30. Ice-cheers for the link dude! Can’t wait for another match, even if it’s a bunch of younguns. Next weekend already seems too far away πŸ˜₯


  31. troy i had nowt to do with you being banned you done it yourself but your too self-centred to know that,ive not dished out anything as you put it i wouldnt give you the time of day,and this will be my last comment to you expect to say if i was now asked if you should be banned for a third time i would say yes please and leave you to go crying again to toonsy brave man


  32. Did anyone see Kruls comment trying to explain about his mate Pieters visit β€œErik’s visiting me. He’s injured at the moment. He’s come to see how it all happens here.β€œ
    ❓ πŸ˜•


  33. Newkie@409 thx for the link , I will probably end up with some dodgy stream though . Still hopefull it might be on as I know some are meant to be on there.


  34. Europa League:
    Atromitos (a) live TV
    From the Facebook site of Premier Sports which broadcasts via Sky TV channel 428:

    Live coverage of Newcastle’s first European game in 5 years this Thursday at 6pm with their Europa League play-off first leg against Greek side Atromitos.

    Confirmation of this came only on Monday afternoon and the Sky planner hadn’t been updated to reflect this coverage when we last looked.


  35. @418 correction Thx ice for link 😳 .All the arguments on here have fried my bonce πŸ™„ losing track of who said what now. πŸ™„


  36. from
    didn’t know such a channel existed tbh, will need to check it out!


  37. Just seen your post Ice !
    Didn’t realise it was Setanta. Should mean there’s some streams then


  38. @Ice

    At Ice, to be fair, I don’t know you and you certainly have every right to form your opinion.

    It really is water off a ducks bath.

    Now you bring the issue up though, I must admit I don’t find your banter interesting in the least. πŸ˜‰

    That’s probably why you dislike me. It’s normally bland people who do.

    Good luck with your posts. πŸ˜‰


  39. Kim πŸ˜€

    Now i’m glad you’re man enough to apologise, and in my gracious glory given that I am such a magnanimous being, I wholeheartedly accept your appology, without sounding like a complete ****…



  40. I can’t wait for the season to start – hopefully it’ll put an end to all these petty arguments!

    Anyone know what time kick off is against Spurs and if it will be on TV? If not please post a link to a stream!!

    Toon Toon!! 😎


  41. Jesus Christ, still squabbling 😯 😯 πŸ˜†

    I don’t know what the **** the problem is. Is it because JJ called Stardust a “prick”. Oooh, I say. Such vulgarity causes my eyeballs to bleed. πŸ™„

    SO FUCK!!

    Kiss and make up fellas, eh πŸ˜‰ Clearly some don’t rate Steven Taylor and others (myself included) do. It’s that old subjective argument going around in circles again. Just agree to disagree and move on.

    Stardust, JJ has apologised to you, yet you still come back at him with name-calling and put-downs. You’re clearly playing the WUM as far as I can see it.

    As for Pardew getting a touchline ban, allegiances aside, so he should – you can’t do that ****.


  42. …incidentally, I’m quite happy for the blog-squabblers to carry on bickering. It doesn’t bother me, in fact I find it entertaining. 😎


  43. @ Troy and Ice well at least you’s now know how you’s feel about eachother, so at least thats something πŸ˜‰ and it will save you’s from wasting money on Xmas cards πŸ˜€


  44. @Ice

    I know you won’t respond but don’t misrepresent me please!!!!!!

    Banned for the third time????????

    I’m up to 9 already !!!!!! πŸ˜› πŸ˜›


  45. As for Pards, I’m afraid Dave is right, i think they are going to make an example of him. To be fair, although it was rather minor, you still can’t have guys intentioally contacting officials….

    I think the pieters stuff is interesting. He’d already be in black and white if he hadn’t gotten himslef injured IMO…


  46. @Rodz

    I always find it hard to understand how private debates, no matter how long they are, can really stop others working around.

    There’s a comments box and all they need do is post.

    Half the time, the people who complain are the ones that don’t post much.

    @Big Dave

    Im sure Ice is a canny bloke in the real world.
    People take this blogging far to serious.

    It’s almost that they think I’m in their living room.

    It’s a strange carry on like. πŸ™‚


  47. Dave, I felt inclined to add something. πŸ˜›
    …as I said, it doesn’t bother me as much as it does some. I do find it quite amazing now though, that the season has started, we picked up 3 points against Spurs, and we’re still arguing over whether Steven Taylor and Danny Simpson are any good or not. πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

    …ah well, each to their own. 😎


    ….get another article up mate, it’s taking me aboot half an hooa te refresh this page.

    I suggest:

    “Are Steven Taylor and Danny Simpson Good Enough”

    πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜†


  48. DAVE @ 417 funny that just had a full m.o.t. thursday everything 100% spot on,was sure they would find sumit seeing i payed for it they tend to find something to make you come back to pay more :evil:,told to pack fags in like,whats new,if you get a in-growing toe nail they blame fags πŸ˜€


  49. Big Dace

    I am similar to you that I will defend myself if wronged. I can’t apologise for that. Re you being called racist and JJ – there are no comparisons – JJ made a load of comments himself where he could be and was criticised for it. You did nothing wrong at all – there was no confusion with your comments at all.

    This thread is no different. His behaviour is unaltered. He never learns – he needs to understand he is accountable for what he says – and I will ensure he is held to account for his unacceptable behaviour.

    I also agree with Troy – when certain individuals use vile language – to a number of bloggers its acceptable – the same bloggers thereon hate reasoned polite and firm retorts.

    Suppose its a class thing.

    So fella – if you don’t mind I will hold my position. He needs to show a bit of class – which he seems unfortunately not to have.


  50. @Stardust

    To be fair, I know I call you a pug nose gulper eel but we have one thing in common like you say, we have class. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


  51. Troy in their living room with your trunks and pit boots, now that would be strange.
    Just going back but, as I said I thought JJ’s post @ 340 was a clear sign that he tried to apologize and to end it whilst keeping his dignity, so IMO it takes guts to apologise πŸ˜‰
    though saying that im surprised he bit so much 😳
    So it’s up to Stardy to show the same dignity and agree to disagree and let it go πŸ˜‰ but will he show he has what it takes πŸ˜€

    Rodz @ 437 I hate having to refresh when im on my phone it takes for ever scrolling πŸ‘Ώ


  52. Troy, like I said I find it entertaining, and your posts, Stardust’s and B&B’s (even Chuck’s) 😯 are always posts I read. As you say, they’re easy enough to skip past if you can’t be arsed reading them, and I don’t care if they’re about football or not.

    I know I’m quite often a pain in the arse on here when I’m pissed, butting in to post random drivel in between sensible conversations. The fact remains, if people want to have conversations outside whatever ‘appears’ to be ruining the thread then there’s nowt stopping them.

    I don’t have a problem with anyone, but there is a certain blog etiquette required when an author has gone to the trouble of writing an article. That doesn’t really apply to this thread though as it’s nearly 2 days old now and has had its relevant input.

    This blog is pretty tame as far as insult-chucking goes anyway. I blame the fact that it’s Monday for people getting pissed off. πŸ˜† πŸ˜› 😯


  53. …oh, and just for the record, I don’t think the use of expletives has anything to do with “class”, Stardust. I can defend myself without swearing if necessary. I just like swearing.

    …although I’m not gona parachute into the middle of this argument, and argue the pros and cons of effective arguing. πŸ˜†


  54. Ice @ 438 don’t talk to me about cars I had to go and tow my daughters car out of a ditch at 12 lastnight πŸ‘Ώ fortunately she wasn’t hurt but the car’s in a right ****ing state she’s only had it a week 😈

    Gulper @ 439 you need to go to specsavers fella because apart from a few times from lastnight he apologized for his language etc he then tried to finish it again @ 340, you can’t expect him to beg for your forgiveness.
    and to be fair im not in to foul or abusive language but a “prick” surely your not that hurt


  55. I reckon Spurs will cause us a few problems with their pace but I’m gonna stick my neck on the line and say 2-1 Toon, maybe Ba to score the first goal! πŸ˜€


  56. @ Dave & Rodz

    Once you start telling people to **** off or they are a prick results in a swearing tirade.

    If everyone did that then the blog would be a mess.


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