Liverpool could lack bite if Suarez is banned

Suarez out against NUFC?
Suarez out against NUFC?
I’m sure most of you will know what I’m talking about just by the title of this article, and if you don’t, where have you been for the last day or so?

To be honest I’m not overly bothered about the whole Suarez bite thing or all the controversy that surrounds it, but I am interested purely because it could have an influence when Liverpool visit St James’ Park on Saturday evening.

Suarez has now been charged retrospectively by the FA and has until 6pm tomorrow (Tuesday) to respond. If he agrees to the charge, which seems likely given that he’s been reprimanded by his club, fined, and also offered a public apology to Branislav Ivanovic, he will be banned for match on Saturday and given his importance to Liverpool that will undoubtedly be a bonus as far as we’re concerned. If he does request a personal hearing to appeal any ban he is likely to face a longer punishment given the sheer amount of video evidence going against him.

Of course Suarez isn’t the only player who will pose a threat to us and Steven Gerrard always tends to save his best performances for when he faces off against us, but you can’t fail to wonder just how different Liverpool will be without Suarez. He’s scored 30 goals for the Reds this term. Their next highest goalscorer is Gerrard with a tally of 10 goals. You see what I mean?

The thing with Suarez is, despite the amount of trouble and controversy he brings to Liverpool (and you can read his rap-sheet here) he is still a quality player and Liverpool will miss him. Not only his goals as mentioned above, but also his work-ethic and creativity in attack.

What he did was a cowardly thing to do, and it’s not the first time it’s happened, but I do hope the FA screw their heads on. They have had a lot of criticism aimed at them this season for hiding behind rules that they say they can’t change, and as fans of Newcastle United we should know how consistently inconsistent they are just by going back a couple of weeks and recalling how they dealt, or failed to deal with I should say, the whole Callum McManaman/Massadio Haidara horror tackle.

I don’t like Liverpool. Most of you know that by now, but its nothing to do with the club itself. It’s just the glory fans who have been to Anfield less times than I have and give it the ‘biggun’ that puts me off them. They seem to have a large percentage of that type of fan living around me. Having said that, I hope the FA don’t make an example of Suarez on the grounds of their deficiency throughout the course of the season.

Yes he deserves banned, but it’s been charged as violent conduct and should be dealt with within those penalties. We’ll wait and see on that front, but their statement already says that they think a three-match ban is insufficient.

So yeah it seems as though I’ve waffled on, but in short I’m glad he’s unlikely to face us but also hope the FA don’t use a this incident to demonstrate that they do still carry some clout because most football fans know that they don’t. In fact in terms of clout, you could say that they carry sweet FA!

To end the article on a lighter note, I bet Hatem Ben After Eight, Poppets Cisse, Fabricio Coco-Cola (a drink I know, but still…) and Shola Hameobi are off the menu this weekend!

Howay the lads!

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132 thoughts on “Liverpool could lack bite if Suarez is banned

  1. Sharpy-Definitely..I wonder if Benny will be in a shot of starting a game this season…probably only Arsenal…we need Marv back asap, Tiote has been useless so he won’t find form any time soon anyway, but if it comes to the last day and us needing to defend a lead…although that phrase shouldn’t be uttered around here 😆

    Dave-exactly. Many people have anger issues…several players have seen the red mist. My problem with Joey was his excuses and rarely taking responsibility, and his arrogance, but you can never compare him to suarez let alone say he is worse.

    Munich-last season it looked like a brilliant move us getting shot of him, morale improved and we looked more determined as a side in general. Now, however, we have a load of pussies roaming the pitch and nobody giving orders or leading by example IMO. Colo and Cabaye have shown virtually no leadership. Dare I say it but Barton could have been handy this season..


  2. Batty at 74 ,Well what do you expect ,you just used 3 in one post ,you have probably exceded your allowance now .(rolls eyes )


  3. I had a bloody dream lastnight that we stopped up then sacked Pards and brought in Poyet. He signed Carroll and Scott Sinclair then I woke up.

    Must of been the silly convo’s we were having on here yesterday….. 😆


  4. Newkie ,wish they were pussies ,you should see my cat get a shift on when I’m trying to flea treat her.


  5. Oblong ,I had a stranger one than that ages ago about Pards ,that I posted on here ,did you not see it?


  6. Newkie the thing I found after reading tonnes of **** on Joey was that a lot of the **** he got caught up in was sort of explainable like the young guy with the cigar and the mcdonalds fight etc but you will never hear the reasons because that doesn’t make it as bad,


  7. 😀 🙄 😉 😐 😡 😈 🙂 🙁 😯 😛 😳 😮 :mrgreen: 😆 💡 😀 👿 😥 😎 ➡ 😕 ❓ ❗
    Kim do you want to borrow any of mine


  8. No I must of missed that one Kim??

    @ Newkie I know exactly what you mean. I was talking to a few of the lads at work today and we all agreed that we miss a player like Barton or Nolan. They don’t even need to be a world beater just a player who can lead the team and pick them up when things go to ****.


  9. Kim-mine are ****ed as well, but I know the text to use a few of them-maybe you could ask one of these kind sirs to write them out for you so you could use them in such a manner? 😉


  10. Oblong , I love my garden and in my dream ,Pards was digging a dirty great hole in my border! ,I was going mental shouting and swearing at him and he was just stood there grinning like a moron ,we tussled over the shovel and I fell over ,then I woke up.


  11. KIm@82 😆 😆

    Dave-Yeah, I read his side of events and tbh I think he had a point in quite a few of them-people label him as scum but how many c*nts have you met on nights out at mcdonalds? I see them every week like so it’s no surprise, it’s just when a footballer gets in bother its front page news. Still, “his side” often seemed like he was blaming his **** on other people..but yeah, still liked him though.


  12. Oblong- I agree. Nolan wasn’t always putting a shift in but he had a real captains nous-he knew how to deal with a ref and wind players up. Colo just doesn’t have that, and Cabaye spits his dummy out and seems more likely to get riled up than do a number on someone. Even if Nolan caused **** with carroll and ran his mouth off a bit he was a handy fox in the box. I agree with you @88, right now I would welcome him back with open arms tbh. He’d probably tell our coaches to **** off and manage to get us a corner goal and all 😆


  13. Sharpy-I have no idea mate, but I know it’s a groin problem and when he was out for a long stretch that was groin related so…if it was a tear he could be out for ages. But I’m not sure how bad it was…anyone else any idea?


  14. Newkie/Kim – that’s one of our biggest problems IMO, in that our 2 most creative players – Benny and Marv are also 2 of our most regularly injured players, and the likes of Jonas, Obertan, Sammi and the rest aren’t good enough or creative enough to fill in for them.
    That for me needs addressing just as much as Colos and Bas replacements


  15. Sharpy agree ,but reckon it’s all tied in with our fitness regime as they really shouldn’t be getting so many injuries ,maybe as someone suggested the training pitch is causing it as we’ve lost a few during training ,Marv the latest I believe.


  16. Sharpy-Aye, we need Benny’s brain in Oba’s body…

    Marv is someone who has always been plagued by injury though, that’s just how he rolls. We knew that when we got him. Benny is less so, he’s generally crocked by players or in this case of this season-someone ****ed up massively and led to a huge layoff. Would be nice if we saw more of Anita.


  17. Kim – nah, I think they were always an injury risk. Hence Marv being available on a free ie his previous club being willing to allow him to no nowt coz of injuries. Benny was more of a risk through attitude but he’s struggled since his broken leg – which was when we bought him.


  18. I see Cisse’s girlfriend (miss NEWCASTLE ) has been the subject of racist tweets. Apparently it started after she did a sky dive for Cisse’s charity.:(


  19. I dont know why we looking for older players. i like the model that we have now but would like to get in players who are hungry to succeed and also loyal to fans. I will have AndyC back and would like an English competitive midfielder who can run his socks off with cabaye ans sissko sits deep in that V-role, then have benni n the middle of the V

    Then when you want to see of the game you change to.(making 2 subs)
    HD —New —MYM –MD
    Now you have a team where you can bring in players to replace any starting player. with AndyC we have a player who is local and knows the history of this football club and is a big unit to keep him out of the game… did u watch him in the last game… he is ripping up the defence when fit.


  20. The Mag just wrote a full article on a Demba Ba quote claiming it was Pappiss Cisse. 😳

    Suarez missing is a HUGE boost. Surely we can get at least a point from this game.

    Can’t see Wigan beating Spurs so we could be 7 points clear by this weekend.


  21. Is it true that Pardew is suggesting holding a fans forum at the end of the season to discuss what went wrong this season?!
    If so I have a feeling he may not enjoy the Q&A session.


  22. Sharpy,
    I think all that Q&A would be is an excuse session.

    If I hear Pardew say on one more occassion this week that the team are tired and he just wants them to limp over the line I think I’m going to go insane.


  23. Sharpy yeah he said he would, but i’m sure it will be the same as the one lanbastad done, and it will be certain questions picked out. If im honest I can’t see it being an open forum 😉

    JJ as for the dippers if we can up our game like we can especially against the so called bigger teams we could get all 3pts


  24. He’s already making excuses for the end of this season incase results go badly.

    Next season he said he wants us to finish top 10!

    FFS, 10th would be a failure in my book. We should be looking at a minimum of 8th with us not being in Europe. And pushing for 5th-7th.

    That is what this squad is capable of…

    Anyway. Not starting down that road again… 😎 😎

    I actually think the reason for our aweful season is Aussie and his good feelings. He’s jinxed us for the entire season.


  25. Sharpy-might not enjoy it but if it’s legit (not handpicked audience)it would be interesting that’s for sure. Then again, I’m not sure there would be enough loyalists for a forum anyway 😆


  26. Also, people keep banging on about players being tired and we don’t have a big enough squad… F off please… This is a piss poor excuse.

    We have played 50 games this season… I don’t think any single player has played more than 42 games.

    Lionel Messi has played 55 games this season. By the end he would have played around 65 games. Do we ever hear excuses about him being tired???

    Gareth Bale has played 48 games. Yet when he plays his energy levels are right up there.

    Next excuse please…


  27. Dave – aye I agree mate, they’ll have a question from Keegan 11yrs old ‘what was it like celebrating with the fans after the Fulham game?’
    rather than actual questions of relevance, like ‘if you were Ashley, how much longer would you give Alan Pardew?’

    JJ – I agree with you too mate, lies, damn lies and excuses. There’ll be no truth about why we didn’t do more recruitment wise in the summer and nothing about what’s really gone on with Colo.
    It’ll be more ******* about injuries, Europa taking its toll, then onto its going to be a difficult summer keeping our best players and how Newcastle have to work hard than any other team to recruit players. They you go, I’ve saved you all an evening with Pardew 😆


  28. NEWKIE they say been carrying rib injury for 2 weeks playing through pain now at france getting it done,why the fk france i dont know


  29. Icedog,
    Benny off to France, Colo off to Argentina, Cisse to France.

    Its seems like every time a player needs a break they “get an injury that they’ve been carrying” and they are off on a holiday.

    If he’s been playing through pain then why can’t he just finish off the season or at least ensure we are safe first.


  30. Ice if cisse is out we are screwed 👿 .
    But I just got a climpse of young Campbell scoring a few when I was thinking about Cisse being out, this could be the making of Campbell if Pards has the sense and balls to go for him over Strolla.


  31. ice- well that sucks.

    goofy flanked by marv, benny and sissoko and we could manage, but what are the chances of that. God this season gets worse and worse, just end ffs


  32. Sorry I wasn’t being ignorant and just ignoring people lastnight my Internet went down.

    @ Kimtoon – your dream was way madder than mine! Mind I wouldn’t be happy if he was digging my garden up either 😆


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