How do you pick a player of the season?

Has Perch been the pick of the bunch?
Has Perch been the pick of the bunch?
I must confess that I’ve been struggling for this article for quite some time now and I need a bit of help from you lot.

Safety has been assured and now we can’t get relegated, thankfully, but with the end of the campaign fast approaching we’re now at the stage of the season where awards are dished out and accolades are given for good performances throughout the season.

That’s the problem though. How on earth do you pick out the best player from a team that had performed so poorly all season? How do you give accolades to players in a team that should never have found itself pondering relegation yet still had it’s Premier League future up in the air with just two games of the season remaining? It’s almost impossible…

Usually I’m pretty good at highlighting the good from the ugly but I’m really struggling to come up with options to add into a poll for this one. Maybe it shouldn’t be a “Player of the Season” award and should instead be an award doled on the basis of who has not been as bad as the rest.

Let me give you an example. To me a Player of the Season has to have performed above expectation, to be the one that has turned matches or helped us save them on a regular basis. Using that criteria I honestly can’t think of one player who has done any of that on a consistent basis this season.

So now I’m dropping down to the next level where I stumble across James Perch. Unfancied and unfashionable and by no means our best player, but can you honestly recall a time where he has let us down this season? Or a time where he has been the worst layer on the pitch?

So there is my nomination for Player of the Season (and I can’t believe I’m being serious) based on nothing other than the fact that he’s not let us down when called upon unlike so many other of the fashionable names within our ranks. But we can’t just have one nomination surely? I’m looking for a number of suggestions which I can eventually add into a poll before we can decide ultimately who we, as fans, deem to be our Player of the Season. Which is where you guys come into the equation…

Please leave a nomination in the comments below, ideally with a reason behind it, and I’ll count up the top nominees and use them in what will be our defining NUFC Blog poll for our Player of the Season.

I know the Mackems tried to rig one a vote a couple of years ago by voting for James Perch, such is their obsessive nature about anything to do with Newcastle, but the sad thing is that they may not be far wide of the mark when it comes to this season.

Comments welcome.

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463 thoughts on “How do you pick a player of the season?

  1. Good old Mikey – keeping the fans happy again. It’ll be Messi next as a signal of our intent.


  2. @Georgio
    He really does think we’re daft.
    I wouldn’t want Rooney anyway. He’s shown is true colours the last couple of years, looks to be suffering from Owen-esq burn out, and wouldn’t be worth the cost. If we’ve got that sort of money to spend it should be on a top winger, striker and marriage counselling for the Coloccini’s.


  3. If we spent Β£30m on Rooney I would be pretty miffed ,he’s on his way out imo ,glory days behind him.


  4. how thick do the regime think we are? season tickets up for renewals, new kit on sale and alla sudden let us know ‘low level talks’ ongoing with newcastle and rooney

    they must think we are retards


  5. It’s just the Ashley publicity machine at work. Not very good – as you’d expect. Cheap tat.


  6. Hollywood all stars probably, he’ll be in his 90’s like…if he’s still alive and kicking(pun intended), Icedog will know, he’s from his era πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜†


  7. The news about gang rape allegations for Loic Remy are a shock. Maybe he should stay away from us. Raylor having another major knee operation. And Mickey Rooney may join us to help the tea lady? Quite a variety of news but none of it will help us next season. Ashley focus on improving the management first.


  8. richie how many of these rape stories are proven? i think its one: ched evans out of hundreds of allegations.

    ronaldo, rvp, rooney, bramble, totti and the list goes on….all not found guilty

    i did my yts a decade ago at a club and the culture is disgusting ive seen it, but i promise u 99% of the time these girls know exactly what they are doing


  9. Doitforsirbobby-actually, it’s definitely more than 1. Bramble’s brother was jailed for rape, although I think that was the time when they were both arrested? There were also about 6 lower league footballers jailed in Reading for gang rape, I remember that from when I lived down there. Obviously big stars will attract big press stories, but the ego of footballers isn’t to be underestimated…


    *……..****ing stupid mind donkey …. πŸ‘Ώ


  11. DIFSB…Was 392 meant for someone else? just because I haven’t commented on the”rape thing”…ref Kim, you can tell she’s a lass by the way she boss’s us about…oh and the foul language πŸ˜‰


  12. ah sorry richie

    it was geordietwo

    my bad

    haha – ya i can see that now how she does boss you about! πŸ™‚


  13. ST @ 377
    “If we’ve got that sort of money to spend it should be on a top winger, striker and marriage counselling for the Coloccini’s.”

    This made me chortle πŸ˜€


  14. Ice…get her telt…apart from the spelling bit.

    Kim…I only knew you were a lass because you don’t close your curtains properly 😯 πŸ˜†


  15. hi richitoon πŸ˜‰ ….what is prognostic for this sunday ? mate…hard or sweet… ❓ 😎


  16. Good words from Harps today, having to spell out for those not switched on that Pards Arsenal comment was tongue in cheek…In fact he sounded like he enjoyed the joke. But no doubt if we lose then that comment will have demoralised the whole squad into not wanting to play πŸ™„


  17. tanks batty… πŸ’‘
    i love it ❗ good choice….but the wonga sponsor do better πŸ™„ .. i m exiting to see home shirt. …. πŸ˜‰ ❗


  18. Djeb…A score draw πŸ˜‰

    Kim…The one on the shower I was talking about πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜†


  19. i think benfica will win the uefa trophee…i m sure we lost aigainst the final winner… πŸ˜₯ …i heard pards. ..bla bla bla….bla bla…


  20. ok score draw i hope with goals… ❗
    newcastle 3 arsenal 2great hba…! 😈 wait and see. …i remember that for you ❗


  21. Interesting day, the silly season strikes early! Still, I’ve been thinking in a “devil his due” way on the Rooney leak. It might be intended to divert the papers from speculating on our actual targets.

    And they are that thick.


  22. willo before mbiwa ❓ cabaye potential ballon d or ❓ what a ****ing happened here ❓ ❗ the only ballon d or potential here is hatem ****n ben arfa ❗
    willo is the last def to trust ❗ i can will prefer to him the young tavernier before him…or my postmann 😳


  23. Player of the season = Jonas

    Biggest disappointment of the season = Jointly Cisse and Tiote

    Worst player of the season = Williamson


  24. Newkie @ 408

    Are you serious??
    Its not that anyone believes Pardew actually wants us to get beaten 4-0.
    Its that his comments smack of bad management and a serious misjudgment of the mood surrounding Pardews management this season. Its that many people think its inappropriate for the idiot surrender monkey to be joking about us getting walloped after he recently masterminded our horrific displays against Sunderland and Liverpool.


  25. lovely tobby… 😎 but jonas is not my favorite of the season he s far away.. πŸ˜• .
    exeptionnaly his ****nn season poor ****…no body favorite player ❗
    ❗ he miss more than that. ..lovely tobby.. πŸ˜‰


  26. sorry.. :mrgreen: .no season player …..all chit….cisse tiote jonas cabs willo obert ect..ect…colo marv hba and krul excuse them….


  27. Is there a dodgy batch of Albanian wine going around laced with antifreeze again?

    How the hell can anyone vote Jonas their player of the season?
    He’s been crap in everygame except Chelsea.
    I hope he gets some pace and fitness back in the summer otherwise he’s totally washed up.


  28. Fucking ******s.

    Fat ******* underhand tactics:

    “SportsDirect News wishes to express its sincere apologies to Wayne Rooney and [his agents] Triple Sports and Entertainment Group for publishing the article ‘Newcastle in shock Rooney bid’, which was formulated and published without authority, merit and is untrue.”

    …maybe SportsDirect Fucking News could apologise to any gullible NUFC fans too?

    Is there any limit to this ****’s bull****? 😈

    (not that anyone believed it anyway)

    ASHLEY (and blathering Buffon and Owlheed) OUT!


  29. …*sorry, ‘Blathering Buffoon, I meant.

    Last time I looked we hadn’t signed the Italy national ‘keeper. πŸ˜†

    …although I wouldn’t put it past Fatboy and his minions to declare otherwise.


  30. …I wonder how many extra hits leading to purchases Sports Direct got from the massive ‘BACK TO SHOPPING’ link at the top of their website, due to that totally fabricated bull**** story. 😈

    Boils my piss.


  31. Been very impressed with Benfica tonight and see Chelsea trying to do their snatch and grab, luckily Benfica drew level . Benficas fans are nuts man lol .
    God Torres man get up ya diving get πŸ™


  32. djebs9

    If Benfica don’t win this it’ll be a travesty of justice. Chelsea shouldn’t even by in the effing tournament. If I bought a Big Mac, ate it, then vomited; I wouldn’t expect Burger King to give me another few bites on their Whopper. 😯

    I hate this Champions League dropout into Europa bull****.

    Come on Benfica!!

    I’m off now anyway. Having a too many radgie moments.

    Be cool… 😎


  33. God I talk ****.

    I don’t want either of them to win!!



  34. Rod ,our owner is a total embarrassment ,cheap attempt to boost season ticket sales .Thing is cause he knows nowt about footie he didn’t realise most fans wouldn’t want him any how lol.


  35. Rodzilla@436, Benfica also got in via the Champions League drop outs I believe πŸ™

    It’s a totally ******* ruling πŸ‘Ώ πŸ‘Ώ πŸ‘Ώ


  36. I hopping all players turn into rarbits next to 88 mins…. πŸ˜› πŸ˜› 😯
    …match abandoning!!


  37. MM, yeah mate, I realised that just after I posted 😳

    Kim, yeah. Underhand tactics.

    Bang out of order. Total disrespect for his own club’s fans to try and earn a few bucks. I’d accept it as bull**** if it was from anyone else. But SportsDirect News!!!? FFS.

    Reet I’m off. Laters…. 😎


  38. chelsea time. …champ…league…with fokkow europa cup…. ❗ why **** mourinho comes back ❓


  39. for **** sake ,chelsea have won it πŸ™ at the death , feel very sorry for Benfica ,defo the better team like.

    Jesus nearly level there again
    all over now then ,Chelsea steal another Euro Final πŸ™


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