Cup run continues! Newcastle 2-0 Leeds

Cisse finally finds the net
Cisse finally finds the net
I feel slightly embarrassed calling qualifying for the fourth round of the League Cup a “cup run” but all the same we are still in the competition.

Unfortunately as reward for dispatching Leeds United we now have to face Manchester City at St James’ Park at the tail end of October – a fixture that will be sandwiched between a visit to Sunderland and the welcoming of Chelsea to St James’ Park in what could prove to be a defining week for United.

However this about last night so I won’t go too much further into the future and will instead focus on the fairly comfortable victory over Leeds. In truth United were easy winners without playing at their best but the job has been done and with Papiss Cisse finally finding the net I’m hopeful that will give him some confidence to take back into our Premier League fixtures.

Despite the comfortable nature of the victory it was the away side who very nearly drew first blood when Ross McCormack found space in front of goal only to see his lobbed effort glance off the crossbar.

Leeds tried to control the middle of the lark but United eventually started to come to terms with that and started to take control of the game themselves. Fabricio Coloccini saw a header from a Sylvain Marveaux corner cleared off the line before Yoan Gouffran headed wide from a Sammy Ameobi cross. Cheik Tiote saw an effort tipped wide at the near post and Papiss Cisse hit the side netting from a narrow angle after turning the Leeds defence before Matt Smith fired a warning to United, forcing Tim Krul into a save to deny the former Oldham man.

However, on 31 minutes, the home side finally made the breakthrough, and it was a goal that Papiss Cisse and his supporters have been waiting for over 1,000 minutes. Paul Dummett played the ball down the left for Sammy Amoebi who crossed perfectly for Papiss Cisse who nodded home from eight yards without having to break stride. Considering some of the sitters he’s missed in recent weeks, this was a decent finish.

Half-time: Newcastle 1-0 Leeds

It’s fair to say that the second period took a while to get going, but once it did the first real noteworthy action was worth waiting for. Sammy Ameobi played the ball into Yoan Gouffran. With his back towards goal the former Bordeaux man took a touch to get away from defender Scott Wootton before hammering a right-footed shot past Paddy Kenny and into the Gallowgate net from the edge of the penalty area – his first ever goal at St James’ Park.

That goal pretty much killed Leeds and the game as a contest but it the home side could and should have added more through Gabriel Obertan who was set free of the Leeds defence twice only to fluff his lines on both occasions.

Full-time: Newcastle 2-0 Leeds

All in all a comfortable win and a potential banana skin avoided. A decent enough performance without being anything special but it’s job done and we live to fight another day in the Capital One Cup.

Howay the lads!

Newcastle: Tim Krul; Mathieu Debuchy, Mike Williamson, Fabricio Coloccini, Paul Dummett; Vurnon Anita, Cheik Tiote; Sylvain Marveaux, Yoan Gouffran, Sammy Ameobi; Papiss Cisse

Subs: Jak Alnwick, Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa, Dan Gosling, Gael Bigirimana, Gabriel Obertan, Haris Vuckic, Hatem Ben Arfa

Leeds: Paddy Kenny, Sam Byram, Scott Wootton, Jason Pearce, Stephen Warnock, Rodolph Austin, Alex Mowatt, Michael Tonge, Ross McCormack, Dom Poleon, Matt Smith

Subs: Alex Cairns, Luke Murphy, Paul Green, Noel Hunt, Aidy White, Michael Brown, El Hadji Diouf

Attendance: 36,220 – Higher than I was expecting but also boosted by roughly 6,000 travelling away fans.

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360 thoughts on “Cup run continues! Newcastle 2-0 Leeds

  1. The reality trains on the dvd only have one gear.. reverse.. it makes them good for back tracking 😆 😆


  2. It just wanders round the place picking up deluded patients and dropping them off after a win. The motto on the side says “Reality is an illusion created by Alcohol Deficiency”. Much too happy clappy for me.


  3. TBF if you can’t tick at least 6 of the following at any given time you can’t be a Toon fan :dreamer, realist, negga, happy clapper, optimist, pessimist, sadist, drunk 😉

    Ref former Man Utd players we’ve signed Davey McCreery for me easily…and yep I realise we didn’t sign him direct from Man Utd, but still 😛


  4. RT@225, it get’s made up as it goes along mate, filled with twists and turns, you never know where it leads from day to day.
    The captain sitting at the front with his popeye pipe and black peaky cap, giving it “toot toot” is the main man 🙂


  5. Alreet chaps, excellent input, looks like I’ve just stumbled on a new way to keep us bloggers happy on a toon free weekend…. 😆 😆 😆


  6. All right, gather round boys and girls, here’s the next trick question….

    Pick a scene from a well known movie or soap opera with which to communicate the scene where JFK is sitting in a room with the agent trying to buy Gomis….

    Heres my best shot, JFK playing cards to win Gomis’s signature..

    Aussie Mag, you can substitute and Kylie scene in here as you like…


  7. All we need now is a Librarian to file all the bookks 😆
    Prem that one was re called to get a few more names added 😆
    Jez I hate saturdays when we’re not playing


  8. Premandup@229, did you ever see the episode when the Blogmeister edited out all the naughty words from an afternoon of postings to make himself look like a canny lad ?
    That was a classic that was 🙂 …

    Laugh, I nearly got the beers in… 😆 😆


  9. RT@238, you know it’s Oktoberfest time here in Munich mate ? Give it lowdy the neet 🙂

    At this years Oktoberfest they are charging10 euros for a Maß bier …a Maß being 1 litre … just a bit German for you all there…. 🙂


  10. Ice…It looks like Joe didn’t get as far as talking to him and that his club probably said no to the loan deal.


  11. Prem – ever thought about MYM as the DM? He has all the qualities for me to play there and his lack of jump won’t get too exposed.

    Supposedly Remy has a slight strain and is doubtful for Monday. Just what we need!


  12. I hate Monday night football!! What am I supposed to do with myself today? 😆

    Are people thinking we should be making a few changes from the Hull game or start with the same 11?

    Personally I’d make a couple of changes.

    I’d go with…


    Harsh on Anita but I think Everton are quite a strong side and we need a more physical presence to win the ball back.

    Dummett for Debuchy. I simply do not rate the French lad that highly and I can’t see Santon being any worse given time on the right. Also I like a left footed LB and Dummet has impressed me so far.

    Leaving Ben Arfa out was also a tough one but I think we need a strong team effort on Monday and tracking back is not his strong point. Bring him on for either Cisse or Gouffran after 60mins dependant on who is playing better to give them a fresh challenge.


  13. Oblong I think that would be a real bad message to Anita and the rest of the players, for me he has been one of the best players in the last few games, so to get dropped would be a real bad move.
    Same as Benny one bad game after he helped us win games yeah I know he isnt the best at trecking back but then thats not what he’s good at and we have enough defensive type players in the team.


  14. I will agree with you on Anita as he has been probably our best player plus Sissoko can help him out on the physical side.

    Dropping Ben Arfa has nothing to do with him not being as good against Hull he had 2-3 players on him at times so it was nearly impossible for him to do that much. I just think its a case of using the squad to its full effect and in the certain games I think he would be more effective as an impact sub.

    Just an opinion…..I’m happy being wrong :mrgreen: 😆


  15. Would people take Ba back?
    Not in the Chelsea squad again today.
    Despite his dodgy agents, I think he is someone that, first and foremost, wants to play football.
    I’d take him back 100%
    I like my strikers greedy.


  16. Big Dave / Oblong, all the football pundits seem to be getting all excited about Baines this season, and the superlatives are flying left right and centre. One thing is for sure, put Ben Arfa up against him on Monday night, and if HBA is in the mood then we’ll see a really fantastic match up. We’ll see what either of them have to offer.
    A mouth watering prospect…at least for the Everton fans. Everton know which Baines will turn up, with the Toon we never know with Ben Arfa 😉

    btw…will never forget HBA’s debut goal at Goodison a few years back…immense…. HWTL !!!


  17. I certainly can’t see Everton doubling up on Benny like Hull did as they have a lot of faith in Baines. Giving Ben Arfa more time and space to work his magic…. Ok so maybe I was wrong 😆

    What about my back four proposal?

    and Yes I’d have Ba back!


  18. Bloody hell , how much drivel was sprouted on here while i was out (eating and drinking)… i leave you bloke for a couple of hours and look what happens..shambles..
    At least Oblong has some idea 😛


  19. Munich@237 😆 Great episode that.

    Ice@246 ,Shame ,hopefully we can sign him in January.

    Georgio@248 ,That’ll be right ,he is injury prone ,only managed 19 games last season. This is the real concern for us as he’s made so much difference to our attacking ability ,I don’t see us winning Monday night with out him ,it was gonna be tricky anyways.

    Solano , Ba wants CL footie something we can’t offer ,he was going on loan to Arsenal but it fell through last minute according to an interview he gave so I don’t see us on his horizon like.

    By the way Monday night football sucks ,the only plus is it’s on TV ,but that also probably means we’ll lose 🙄


  20. I wouldnt have Ba back why have a player that doesnt want to be here 😕

    MM I think your right that Baines and Benny would be a good battle, I just dont see why we should drop one of our most exciting players that will give Everton a headache trying to keep him quiet.


  21. Big D@262, if we are going to get owt at all at Everton, then Benny has to be in the side.
    Flippin heck, we rested enough players against Leeds so they should be well up for the Everton game. 😆


  22. RT@264, looks like Spurs have also left us light years behind… what a fast running side, with everyone comfortable on the ball. Splendid to watch..


  23. MM…Aye, partly because they got rid of Scotty Parker who slowed there counter attacks down by pirouetting 5 times before passing back or sideways :mrgreen:


  24. RT@268 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

    Do you reckon the “Jonas shuffle” has seen it’s day ?


  25. MM…Dunno mate think he maybe still has a part to play ….just not on the wing..tbf I thought pre season matches he actually looked one of our better players.


  26. RT, you could be right mate, as a defensive midfield anchor sitting in front of the back four could be his place, though his range of passing is too limited to play there…

    I love the speed and flow that both Spurs and Chelsea have to there game. Really entertaining to watch.


  27. @Kim
    That’s true – but he’d take us over being in the stands at Chelsea, wouldn’t he? I can see him at Arsenal, but he may not even be happy there with Giroud ahead of him in the pecking order.
    I don’t think he necessarily didn’t want to be here, he seemed to love it here, it’s just double your salary, at a more ambitious club… Pretty hard to turn down . At least it’s not purely for money, unlike the player you were cheering on last week (Remy… 😉 )


  28. RT
    Yeah I think him and Tiote (until he finds form), will be decent options to come and shore things on in the middle of the park if necessary. Jonas is still a grafter and will always win freekicks to relieve pressure.


  29. Very similar players but I would currently put Townsend of Spurs ahead of HBA….comments anyone ?…. this is me watching the Spuds – Chelsea game live btw 😉


  30. It seems at this stage of his career Ba is happier to sit on the bench and earn big bucks at a top club, getting occasional run-outs, with the chance of winning cup medals as sub, rather than move elsewhere.
    He would be absolutely mental to move on loan in England. He will move abroad next season for sure..


  31. How did the linesman and ref miss Torres first tripping Vertonghen, then scratching the same blokes face. Poor refereeing. Torres is a red card waiting to happen….the niggly ****bag… 👿 👿


  32. MM
    Do you reckon?
    I guess we will see in Jan, but I think he’ll force a move.
    I believe his agents convinced him he was good enough for a title chasing club so that they could get more money. He can play in the CL if he drops out this league, otherwise he needs to move to lower down, he doesn’t stand a chance of making the title sides in the PL


  33. ST, aye mate I do. I reckon Ba is made from different stuff than most players. I rate him, make no mistake, but his career is filled with this kind of behaviour. If at all he’ll move abroad next season. Just my opinion though.


  34. If only late Sir Bobby Robson still alive to see his two successful Pupil’s doing so well in managerial career.

    Sadly, both of them relationship broke down.



  35. We signed the wrong Amalfitano by the looks of it 😳 . Morgan just scored an apparently amazing goal v Manure .


  36. Will the curse of West Bromwich Albion strikes again.~

    Chris Hughton>Mick McCarthy >Andre Villas Boas’>Roberto Di Matteo>Paolo Di Canio> Moyes???

    😆 😆 😆


  37. You see all these results today, just show how much some teams have invested and improved. Just shows our approach this summer and ridiculous rationale behind it to be not only stupid but incredibly risky.

    Strange considering the club confirmed this week that PL status is the most important thing of all. Why risk it then?


    What’s the point?


  38. ive got a £50 bet with a pal that man u wont finish in the top 4 this season. made it @ the beginning of the season. was a risk but its looking good now, early days tho.


  39. I just wonder if Martinez & Laudrup are dripping off the tongues of the romantacists at the end of the season. Or will they be replaced by Lambert and Pochettino.

    My head will be done in at how quickly their tongue dripping will all be about replacing Pards with them.

    One season wonders. 😯

    Don’t dare make me physically sick by talking about Geordie Bruce as being the answer. 🙄


  40. Even though we’re not on, I’m looking forward to MOTD, the two Manchester clubs getting beat again (Man City are beatable!) Fat Sam’s angry face getting beaten at Hull & Fulham getting beaten at home by Cardiff. 🙂


  41. @TROY

    some people were saying the same thing about Pardew when we got to 5th. some were even touting him for England manager 😯 😆

    I think Martinez is doing ok at the moment.


  42. @DJG

    Let’s hope Woy Hodgson has been watching Ramsay tonight. Motm and is one of Arsenals better players yet he is still waiting for his first England cap! Incredible buffoonery from Woy!! 😈


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