Janmaat joins as Debuchy departs!

Going Dutch with Daryl...
Going Dutch with Daryl…
Newcastle have completed the signing of former Feyenoord defender Daryl Janmaat.

24-year-old Janmaat joins the United having put pen to paper on a six-year-deal for a fee believed to be around £5 million. He becomes our sixth signing of the summer to date following the arrivals of Ayoze Perez, Jack Colback, Siem de Jong, Remy Cabella and Emmanuel Riviere.

He was a regular for his previous club Feyenoord making a total of 74 appearances for the Dutch club, scoring five goals along the way. He also chipped in with seven assists last season but couldn’t do enough to help his team win the league, losing out to Siem De Jong’s Ajax in the end.

His good form earned him a call up to the Netherlands World Cup squad where he started two group games and put in a few impressive performances before being dropped for the knockout rounds. He did make three very good substitute appearances in the latter rounds and even set up the third goal in Netherlands’ final game against Brazil.

This is what he had to say in his first interview as a Newcastle player:

“Newcastle is a fantastic club, with a big history and a great stadium. I have also been told all about how great the fans are,” said Janmaat.

He added: “This is the perfect move for me, and I am really looking forward to being with the team and getting started here at Newcastle. I think we are going to have a great season.”

This is Mr Pardew’s take on the signing:

“We are delighted to bring Daryl to the Club. He is the perfect example of a modern full-back; someone who is good defensively but offers a real threat going forward as well.”

Adding: “Daryl had an excellent World Cup and we are looking forward to him continuing that form for Newcastle.”

Here is a quick YouTube video of Janmaat in action. Just to whet your appetite a little…

Another signing done, the squad is shaping up nicely and the atmosphere around the club has improved dramatically in the last few days though there are still grumbles here and there. Is he an improvement on Mathieu Debuchy? Well that is up for debate and I’m sure debate it we will but I’m just glad we have got him in before letting Debuchy join Arsenal.

What are your thoughts on Janmaat and the summer transfers in general? Is letting Debuchy go for a fee in the region of £10m and replacing him with a player at half the price a good piece of business?

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749 thoughts on “Janmaat joins as Debuchy departs!

  1. Kim – that would be the AC money if he comes back to NUFC 👿
    ffs I really hope there is no substance to this.


  2. Aussie-it’s good to see your coaches have recognised your level, hopefully you can get some confidence and play your way through the age groups now fella 😉


  3. Georgio-Campbell intercepted the ball and fed it past a few defenders to armstrong who was on the right of the goal just outside the box, jinked inside his man and put it past the keeper on the near post. Pretty good footwork all round really. Those two and Perez could cause defenders a few headaches this season.


  4. Newkie, first and foremost. .. piss off! 😛 my kids have only dropped one game this season. We play hard and drink hard! Its the team ethos that I have installed! 😉


  5. Aussie 😆

    Only dropped one game eh? When did your season start again? Last week?

    Seriously though good going fella, if you keep this up you’ll be a legitimate replacement for Pards in no time 🙂


  6. Newkie @ 679: 😆 😆 😆 Made me laugh out loud. Very good.

    So 4-0. What was the game like? Looks from various reports that it was a bit one-sided.

    Decided to get a motel for the night. Too tired. 1000km is too far for an old guy like me to be on the road. You never really understand how big this place is until you try and drive through it.


  7. Of the 28 players we have, the following are surely nailed on to be part of the 25: Krul, Elliot, MYM, Colo, Willo, Saylor, Santon, Haidara, Raylor, , Janmaat, Tiote, Anita, Sissoko, Colback, SDJ, Cabella, Goofy, Cisse and Riviere.

    Question marks over Dummett, Abeid, Vuckic, Sammy and HBA

    And surely Jonas, Ferguson, Marv, Obertan are on their way out.

    So that’s somewhere between 19 and 24 players I think we’d want to name. 19 players plus a few fringe players is not a thin squad…


  8. BRIS,aye mate its big,once drove Brisbane to Sydney god what a trip
    poor Aussie he goes by bike his Mrs keeps the car


  9. Saw the whole match live here in Dubai. It was on Bein sports although commentary in Arabic. Took the afternoon off work since it’s my 50th birthday today. :-(.
    Good game and some of our guys look very good. Aarons impressive. De Yong too. Nice goals.
    Good win for my birthday. Can go out happy tonight for dinner with the wife at Burj Al Arab. 🙂


  10. Bris-aye pretty one sided mate, I missed most of the first half but the second just seemed to be attack vs defence, they might have had one or two shots but no real trouble, I guess that’s what we should “expect”. Good warm up match overall, thought Mbiwa and Haidara both did well getting forward, Colback was solid, Riverie seemed decent, Aarons, Vuckic, Perez, Armstrong, Sammy Abeid and Campbell all looked pretty hungry. Anita was pretty quiet, but then I guess that is his game.


  11. Happy birthday Dubai Toon! Shame it’s not a premiership match but a win is a win, we can’t be too picky 😉


  12. I only got to watch about the first ten minutes 😥 wonder if the full match will be replayed anywhere. What channel is it being played on American TV MDS?


  13. Marvauex leaving on loan so that’s another one gone. That’s 7 first team players out and only 5 in.

    Great squad management 🙂


  14. First team players lol 😳 😳

    Now we are only two players over the 25 man limit Prem. Two or three more to go. Hopefully we can somehow get rid of Jonas or Obertan next.


  15. Get French Football
    ‏@GFN_France PSG have been ordered to close parts of the Parc des Princes by UEFA for their next CL game after #PSG fans insulted disabled #CFC fans.

    Wankers 👿


  16. Bye bye Marv…can’t believe that he’ll come back and play for us again. Can’t believe that Jonas or Obertan will either. But who else will be out? HBA looks likely…but I’d rather see him stay, wouldn’t you?


  17. TDS-I would definitely keep a hold of Benny unless we were going to get an upgrade on him for the first team and I just don’t think we will. Sadly it seems the relationship has broken well and truly and Benny will have a tough time getting back in the side even if he does stay. Both he and Pardew are at fault but unless Mike pulls a fast one and switches manager I can’t see Benny staying.

    For me Ferguson has to go, he can’t even get in a struggling championship side, I like the lad but he’s just not good enough. I’d probably say the same about Vuckic too, simply too many injuries, I’m quite surprised he’s made it to pre season actually.

    Ryan Taylor, as good a guy as he is, should probably go out on loan for 6 months so he can get a full 90 mins week in week out for a half season, and maybe from there we can determine whether he’s still got enough to be a squad player. There’s no use him sitting on the bench with us now, he needs to kick a ball about.


  18. Newkie

    I agree on Ferguson and Vuckic. Taylor though is a decent utility backup and if all three went that would leave us 1 short on the home grown quota. So keep Taylor and try and get rid of Jonas


  19. Talk that toon are going to pay up what’s left on Jonas contract.

    Carroll has told w/ham he does not want to return to the toon,Ime pleased to hear


  20. Cannot understand young Fergi,he seemed canny at one point,the Island manager had great hopes for him he went on loan from there went backwards for some unknown reason


  21. NEWKIE

    Gotta say I don’t think Pardew deserves much blame for the HBA situation. Several other managers have failed to get the best out of him and it’s not as if there’s a queue right now for top managers to take him…

    I think the saying “you can take a horse to water but you can’t force him to drink” sums up players like him

    I’m probably with you on Fergie and Vuckic…especially a shame on the latter as I think he had injuries at such an important part of a player’s development. Raylor though? He needs time to get fitter and he has a pre-season, but wouldn’t you rather have him as an option on the bench or to come in if Janmaat gets injured?


  22. TAE

    Opinion really split on HBA hey?

    He’s definitely got the ability but not the attitude…wouldn’t you rather have him as an option off the bench though? Someone to run at a tired defence?


  23. @ ToonDarnSarf
    gives the ball away to much for me dint get his head up to see whats on its why he lacks a killer pass to busy showboating


  24. and aint got a clue how to defend when ya aint got the ball basically team wise hes a liablity we dint need


  25. MDS JK asked Brum how much they wanted for him while he was on loan there,thought he would be good for the toon 😳 😆


  26. Ice and people wonder why we had no signings during his reign of terror. I listened to the “Kebab” and “Lambeeze” interview the other day just for laughs. Good stuff though not quite up to the level of “Which one of you is Simon Bird?”


  27. TAE

    I agree with you basically. But when he’s on form, he’s amazing. He scares the hell out of the defence. But he’s not responsible and reliable enough to take the No. 10 role and doesn’t seem to like playing on the wing. Really not sure where he fits in…

    Such a shame…


  28. Hang on, isn’t his preferred position RB, why did we bother with Janmaat then 😕 Unless we are gonna play Isla elsewhere.


  29. If true and isla joins us , our squad will be the best since the Sir Bobby years , The lad can play anywhere down the right side of the pitch and with the defensive and attacking abilities of both him and Janmaat we could have the best right sided pair in the premiership once they are up too speed .With Santon/ haidiara and Cabella on the left and an attacking midfielder in DeJong all of a sudden we could well have the right balance in our team with all sorts of options . Would like us too bring in the young lad Dier as well that at least would give us one more option at CB and cant help thinking he would be an upgrade on Saylor and Williamson , apparently he is very strong and technically gifted .


  30. Dear me how. 😯

    Absolutely lovin the banter today.

    How many ******* has Aussie dropped today? 😛 😛

    Comedy gold!! 😆

    Is it the same as how many players we’ve let go – 7 or is the amount we’ve brought in – 6? ❓

    Poor Aussie. 😆

    Can’t believe we’ve let Marveaux go. Was he not the super Marv that was the best and most creative player the world had ever seen but whenever he got on the pitch he did nowt flash? 😉

    I always thought he was overrated by the Clueless Crew. 😉


  31. It’s fair to say that opinion on Mike Ashley has been divided at best since his arrival at the club.

    However, in addition to providing the funds to sign six new players this window, Ashley must also be given credit for providing a drop in season ticket prices for fans.

    While the difference from last season is only 1%, it still beats all nineteen other Premier League clubs. Seven froze their prices, including local rivals Sunderland, but Mike Ashley’s outfit are the only side to introduce a reduction.

    In addition to this, only eight teams have lower top season ticket prices, and given their relative position to Newcastle, ours could be considered fair.

    Ashley seems to be trying to rectify past mistakes by making decisions that benefit the football club as a whole. However, it remains to be seen if he can keep this up, and whether the fans will appreciate the gesture.


  32. Santii-I’m taking Obertan and Jonas leaving as a given. Jonas has played his part and I wish him all the best, Obertan, well, it’s not his fault he’s **** I guess.

    TDS I’ve been one labelled “pro pardew” more than most but the Benny situation isn’t entirely Benny’s fault. I’ve often pointed to the fact that other managers fall out with Benny as proof that he can be trouble, but at the same time you have to question why Pardew signed a player like that if he wasn’t convinced he could turn him around, otherwise don’t buy him. The idea he doesn’t track back isn’t exactly right-he has done it a fair few times (though obviously doesn’t compete with Jonas or Goof) but it’s more the fact that he *can’t* defend, he just can’t tackle and he’s too weak off the ball to outmuscle people. And he’s not quite sure how to position himself defensively-he naturally finds an area where he can counter attack from.

    Pardew should be using a player like that to his strengths rather tthan getting frustrated about what he can’t do. Usually I can see the point in putting players in positions that aren’t natural (Sissoko on the right) but I think he could have tried to intergrate Benny a bit more into the attack. Particularly after the often woeful efforts of De Jong, Cisse and Shola last year.

    As for Raylor, I think see where he is by January. I don’t think we can rely on him as a squad player when he’s had over 2 years out of the game, even if he plays in the ressies or pre season a bit. He needs 90 min of championship competitive football on a regular basis imo.


  33. Ice-I’d be surprised if Mike was willing to do that! Surely if we could loan Xisco out we could loan Jonas out? Although I suppose if it’s a cut price buyout maybe Jonas would be happy with that and he could go play back in Argentina or Italy or something.


  34. MDS the whole of the Chile team grafted like hell in WC if fact their manager did one hell of a job,half the team were CCC standard


  35. ICEDOG@741 i dont think so , i think it will allow Pards to play Sissoko where he is at his best CM , i am really going too start too believe that they are building a squad too give it a real go if this one comes off .


  36. It makes sense that we’d be after a winger/RB. We only have Janmaat at RB and have been linked with a lot of wingers this window


  37. AXEL hope your right mate,he need a run in the PL to get up to speed imo,would be pity if he left now


  38. NEWKIE

    I agree with you on HBA to an extent but it’s not like Pardew spent £15M on him. I think he was worth the gamble for what we paid for him.

    I am a little baffled that he hasn’t found a role for him, but then who should have been sacrificed? Right wing may have worked when defence-minded Simpson was at RB, but less so when attack-minded Debuchy was there don’t you think?


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