What are the three points really worth?

A few weeks back I wrote an article about the choice of a win in our next game and three points or Pardew getting sacked on the back of another loss. The response, dare I say it, leaned a little toward sacrificing the three points if it were to mean we were rid of Pardew.

Will it be all smiles this weekend?
Will it be all smiles this weekend?

Of course it was a hypothetical question and as it turned out, we only sacrificed two points after a draw with Hull…and Pardew remained in charge. The next game was another draw, this time against Swansea and even with the point gained, we still have not moved out of the relegation places on the table. That was a week or two back and as we wait for the return of the season proper, to me, there seems to be a real need growing amongst the fans, the players and Pardew to get a win from our next game. However, I believe our next game is about much more than the three points on offer. This international break has given everyone time to reflect of what has transpired to date and I get the feeling that most fans will now put aside their disdain for Pardew and will be desperately hoping for that first win. I am not suggesting that anyone was hoping that we would lose games, it was just that a few weeks back, things didn’t seem so dire. Also the players really need a boost that only a win can provide. The longer our win-less steak goes on the more pressure will go on the players. To me they are already playing with too much fear and I would dread to see it get any worse. Every on field mistake now seems to draw a exasperated groan from the crowd and the building tension can only have a detrimental effect on the players.
All that being said, I think Alan Pardew really needs the win more than anyone else. When he is down, it reflects in his teams performances. His nervous, try not to lose before we can win approach seems to be his best option this season. It would be nice to see him go all out and attack on the back of a good win but only time will tell if that ever happens.
So it is safe to say the three points would be nice for our position on the league table but I really think a win would be good for the soul of everyone associated with the club. I think everyone needs a pick me up and a win would go a long way to achieving that!

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  1. Troy man, read what I wrote @220. There is no obsession, you say stupid stuff and need to be told it is stupid.


  2. Troy Stavers said @225:

    “If we get beat on Saturday, then an all out attempt to get Moyes would be the sensible thing to do.”

    Aaarhhhggg: after defending Pardew and saying it is the **** squad, he now says we need Moyes if we lose only one game.

    Troy Stavers might have been facetious there but I can’t tell. He changes almost as much as Pardew.


  3. Eric

    Not at all. You’re not following posts again and struggling to understand reasonable explanations. 😉

    It’s like talking to a drunk talking with you. -)


  4. After all of the crap out of Pardew’s mouth, it is only reasonable to mistrust him. The results have been terrible this year. The performances have been shameful. He has to prove to me that he is worthy to manage NUFC and that he doesn’t just offer empty promises. Starting this weekend, but if we lose then TROY STAVERS will now support a campaign to get Moyes in 🙂 🙂 🙂


  5. Troy Stavers: just read the thread and see which of us is consistent and makes sense. I have confronted you because your opinions make little to no sense. I am not the one who yells woo hoo hoo and goes emoticon crazy and calls people names.


  6. Troy Stavers said:

    “Zidane is Eric’s choice. Someone who has no first team managerial experience anywhere in the world but Eric believes it could be inspirational.”

    Like KEEGAN, who also had no experience.

    I also said to Big Dave:

    “If you want my absolutely, considered opinion. I would throw a fortune at Juup Heynckes and tell him this will be his last and greatest challenge.”


  7. We are playing Leicester at home, but Troy Stavers says:

    “Hopefully, Cisse is bang on form again and he hits the back of the net enough times to get a victory. My head tells me though, a defeat is inevitable.”

    This is with the “better than average” Pardew as manager 🙂 THE MANAGER TROY STAVERS SAYS WE NEED TO KEEP?


  8. Eric would you really take a chance on Zidane ? As I wouldn’t IMO we need someone experienced not someone that has no management experience especially with the position we’re in


  9. BIG DAVE::Troy Stavers asked me for management options. My first choice was ANYONE BUT PARDEW. Then, I threw a name out there. It wasn’t much more than that but Troy Stavers likes to stick on one thing of what others say in order to hide his own flawed arguments.


  10. Big Dave: Yes, if he is desperate come January. Managers cost less than players, but we will probably need both.


  11. Leicester tomorrow. If we lose then Troy Stavers will be on his new reality train of wanting Moyes as manager.


  12. Eric getting a simple answer out of you is like shadow boxing a ghost 😡 .
    You said you would throw a fortune at Juup, do you think Jabba would spend a fortune on a manager or give him a fortune to spend ❓


  13. Big Dave:

    Yes. I think Ashley will have to spend a lot of money in January – on at least a couple of new players because they let good ones go – MBiwa, Ben Affa and Marveaux.

    And yes, Ashley will have to spend money on a new manager because we will have to make up for Pardew f@cking up. We can change the manager NOW.

    Clear enough?


  14. And more Big Dave: Pardew is a bad manager because he has sh!t tactics and falls out with players. The players he now trusts are Obertan, Williamson, Cisse and Sammy who he either wanted to transfer of said were sh!t.

    He loaned out three of our better players.

    We have the worst record in the league since the turn of the year.

    So, ANYBODY BUT PARDEW is my choice for manager.


  15. Big Dave: Kimtoon explained earlier in this thread that Pardew called Williamson “the other guy” and now he builds his defense around him. The man has lost the plot and is now only defended by Troy Stavers who contra****s himself all of the time.

    If you have a read of sackpardew.com there is a very good article on how he used to switch left backs all of the time when we were in trouble because the man has no clue.

    He played Shola and Gosling when there was nothing to play for last season and they were out of contract and sh!t anyway. He could have played Armstrong, Ben Arfa, Sammy, Anita. ANYBODY ELSE – the man has no clue.


  16. Eric

    Not once have I contradicted myself.

    I have maintained from the outset that Pardew is an average premier league manager.

    I never wanted him from the outset.

    I’ve always stated I would change him for a top manager, if I thought Ashley would invest in one.

    The fact he was appointed, backed up my opinion about Ashley. He has no ambition.

    I’ve always disagreed with many of the alternatives that many on here suggest. The realistic ones I’m talking about.

    I even dismissed Moyes when we were safe and hitting our unambitious targets.

    Pardew produced decent results when given the players to work with.

    I saw no benefit in swapping an average premier league manager for another for the sake of it, as within 12 months you’re back to square one.

    I stated back in January, when we were doing well, that the sale of Cabaye and the fact that there was no quality cover for Remy, we would plummet in the second half of the season.

    Pardew was asking for a striker, it never came.

    That prediction came true.

    Preseason we failed to replace Remy again and I predicted we were relegation fodder.

    That prediction (and I was the only one on here who did predict it) is bearing true also.

    Now concentrate Eric, this is important as I will not repeat myself for you again, there comes a time when drastic action has to be taken.

    I don’t blame Pardew for us being relegation fodder, just like Harry Redknapp, he can only work with what he is given.

    We simply can’t keep losing games and let other teams form a gap between the bottom 3, so it means sacking Pardew. A line has to be drawn somewhere.

    My view is, that line is following the result on Saturday. Cisse is our only hope IMO. He might and hopefully will be the rejuvenated striker that will bang the goals in.

    We can’t wait forever though and a decision has to be made.

    The sensible choice would be Moyes. A proven premier league manager looking for a job. He’s not top notch IMO but he might have that honeymoon period that a new manager brings with him. If he can get a few points on board to see us through to January then it’s the sensible option.

    Ashley will then have to invest heavily.

    I would predict however, even with Moyes in charge after 2 or 3 yrs, the same criticisms that pardew has had, will be thrown at Moyes. The Everton fans said exactly the same about him.

    When you have an unambitious owner and an average manager, then you are never going to satisfy the toon fans.

    My anger has never been at Pards for that simple reason.
    I direct all my hatred at Ashley as I see him as solely to blame.

    These points have been explained many times over many months, cos every so often, an ill informed ranter comes onto the blog talking nonsense and misquoting me.

    So go to the nearest mirror and repeat these words;

    “Eric is a numpty and I’ve made a fool of myself in life again”.

    Do it until you involuntarily slap yourself in the face repeatedly until common sense is reinstalled in your pea brain. 😀


  17. Troy – I think you’ll find Everton fans still hold Moyes in high regard. And you like everyone else must realise that no good players will want to come in January to a team that might get relegated. This idea that a new manager and loads of money in Jan will save us is totally flawed. Loans is all we’ll get.
    A draw tomorrow and relegation is my prediction.


  18. Georgio

    The criticism of Moyes when he was at Everton was real and present. Lack of tactics, no plan B and boring football.

    Regarding going down, I feel it’s more likely than not, even if we got Moyes or another. I’m just suggesting, it’s a possibility and you have to try something different.

    I’m hoping Cisse hits form as that is our best chance.


  19. God’s gift to the blog @ 250

    Pardew has recently stated that the current sqaud is the best he’s had, and was hopeful of pushing for a top four finish this season.

    His words – end of.

    I think he is the one that needs go look in a mirror.


  20. Tory boy hopes Cisse hits form so he can heap even more praise on Percy.
    Oh dear 😳
    Perhaps if we had axed the fool 2 yrs ago and employed a coach with a backbone, we wouldn’t be in this perilous position.
    That was definitely the fault of mash.
    But the apathy of the fans back then is also to blame.
    I don’t think we will see the same inaction from the Rangers fans.


  21. Wow, this ‘get at Troy’ – ‘Troy restates his case’ dialogue is dull. at least tomorrow there’ll be actual football.

    The problem is neither Pardew (who is very limited, and will need to go if no win tomorrow but no worse than many, many, limited PL and former Toon managers, and a lot better than Steve sodding Bruce), nor even Ashley, since he looks visionary and willing to invest compared with the Seymour or McKeag regimes. The problem is the high-rolling Hall and Shepherd years, which got lots of fans imagining that our rightful place was right at the top – financed on the never never, close to a Leeds-like tailspin in the end – and the problem with those years was Chelsea and Citeh, so that we briefly competed for first, then third, then fifth, and now that dream is just too far away…

    I want Ashley gone, if a new owner had a real investment plan, I want Pardew gone, if a genuinely better manager can be persuaded to join us (and, to be clear, if we lost tomorrow we have to make the change because as Troy says we’ll need a ‘bounce’ as we’re already running out of games), but more than anything else I just want to talk about football, to get away from the “I’m right, you’re wrong” dialogue which is noticeably keeping lots of regular posters away from this blog.


  22. Riviere out of tomorrow’s game is a blessing:
    Bench; Elliott Taylor Anita Abeid Ayoze Armstrong Ferreyra


  23. Troy, you said @205
    I’ve always maintained I want a top manager cos they can make a difference. But not even a top manager can do anything if they haven’t got decent players.

    But we do have some decent players Troy, some have even been loaned out 😉
    Look at Chille in the recent WC, some of the players in that side never even had a club side,yet Jorge Sampaoli had them playing great stuff. How about Jorge Sampaoli for manager? he is supposed to base his style on Marcelo Bielsa after all.


  24. Stem @253 & 254
    Brian Robson is global ambassador for Manure now mate.
    And right now I would be happy to see Ollie step in at least he attacks and knows how to motivate.


  25. GTE: If you have ever read anything that Troy Stavers writes you will have seen that he always trades in petty insults. However, most of what we have talked about is football and NUFC. Troy Stavers likes an argument and I was in the mood to give him one because I think he is wrong headed.

    As for tomorrow. The forward line could be:

    Cisse – who we tried to sell, but he didn’t want to go
    Obertan – who we tried to sell, but nobody wanted
    Cabella – who Pardew said is not worth the money
    Sammy – who Pardew said is basically on his last chance
    Perez – Spanish 2nd division and one for the future according to Pardew (although he has looked OK to me).

    I don’t agree with Pardew’s assessment of these players, but it is what Pardew has said and tried to do. The fact that we are now relying on these players proves Pardew is full of sh!t.


  26. BUT: we can win tomorrow because we have have some decent players, whatever Pardew’s assessment was/is. If we can keep Pardew’s mind tricks out of it. But that has also been my point, that Pardew plays stupid mind games with the players because he is a jumped up little glazier who thinks he knows a hell of a lot more than he does. He gets found out and the players start to tune him out. It has been this way for his whole management career.


  27. Eric

    So are you going to tell me how I contradicted myself or are you just conveniently moving on. 😉

    you’re not very good at this debate malarkey are you? 😆


  28. Troy Stavers: let me digest what you said in your epic @250 and I might f@rt something back at you later.


  29. Cholo @262: I think Pardew will have Sissoko in the team. Sissoko looks so good sometimes and then just doesn’t deliver. He is our most frustrating player because he looks like he has all the talent in the world and will rip a team apart one day.


  30. Yeah a great coaching decision that one.
    Play an attacking box to box midfielder he is now a winger.
    That’ll work right ❓ 😕


  31. Here is part of what Mark Douglass wrote in the Chronicle today. Obertan is the player Pardew sat for 18 months:

    “Alan Pardew feels Gabriel Obertan can be a “real force” for Newcastle United as he prepares to hand him the job of sparking the Magpies’ stuttering season into life.

    Obertan’s inconsistency since moving from Manchester United nearly cost him his Newcastle career, with Pardew happy to listen to offers for the French winger over the last year.

    But his form in the close season and in glimpses this campaign means he will get a deserved shot from the start in the crunch clash with Leicester City at St James’ Park.

    Remy Cabella was the man who was going to lead Newcastle’s creative rebirth this season but Pardew has been unable to get the most out of the former Montpellier man, who is still adapting to life in England.”


  32. Pardew changes like the wind. Our problem is that he loaned some of our better players. Now Obertan is the solution? Pardew always played him as a dual right back, so I really don’t know what Obertan is even capable of?


  33. Someone may have posted this already, but has anyone else seen Arry on SSN today – it was on the app I saw it.
    They are asking him about whether he worries he won’t be given a new contract based on QPRs current form – he replies:
    No, what’s a contract anyway, I mean what’s it really worth?. There’s a PL manager out there sat on an 8yr contract!. What’s that really worth if he gets the sack?. Do you really think he’d get 8yrs payment – course not!. He’d get what they agree, maybe 6 months or something….

    I wonder if Arry knows something about Pardews contract that we don’t?.
    It was old droopy chops that spilled the beans about Bas clause – I wonder if he knows someone in the know.


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