Trevor Sinclair Clearly Thinks Highly Of Newcastle

As reported by The Chronicle, Trevor Sinclair was commentating on Newcastle United’s 2-0 win against Leeds United on Sunday, and he was clearly suitably impressed.

Sinclair said that he feels Newcastle would “give any team in the Premier League a good game” following the win.

Sinclair was very sincere in his praise of Rafa Benitez’s side, stating that it looked like a “Premier League team playing against a Championship side.”

The former England winger said: “The build-up play and the way Rafa Benitez has got them playing is absolutely superb.

“You talk about levels. Newcastle look like a Premier League team, playing against a Championship side.

“That’s not me digging out Leeds because I think they have looked solid, but I think this Newcastle team could give any team in the Premier League a good game. That’s how well they are playing.”

Sinclair’s theory will be put to the test November 29th, when Newcastle travel away to Hull in the EFL Cup Quarter-Finals.