Tottenham 1-1 Newcastle: Abysmal NUFC pull off North London robbery via late VAR drama

Well, it was an absolutely abysmal watch and we could’ve easily been beaten by four or five – yet we have somehow come away with a point via a Callum Wilson penalty gifted to us via VAR!

It’s a good result on paper, but this draw can’t paper over the cracks in a game where our first shot on target for 180 minutes arrived in the 95th minute.

If truth be told, we were woeful – looking lost, lethargic and lacking in energy, quality or organisation in all areas.

It would’ve been a cricket score if it wasn’t for Karl Darlow – who has single handedly kept our slim hopes alive of getting the most unlikely of points, making TEN saves in a superb man of the match display.

Bruce brought Almiron, Joelinton and Ritchie into the side for Saint-Maximin (ankle), Lewis and Carroll, with a 5-4-1 formation seeing Hayden slot into centre-back and Wilson play up top on his own with Joelinton down the left, Almiron down the right and Hendrick partnering Shelvey in midfield.

Spurs immediately started on the front foot and would’ve been 1-0 up within five minutes if it wasn’t for Darlow. Lo Celso’s free kick that looked destined for the top corner was acrobatically clawed off the line but into the path of Kane – who saw an expected tap in blocked brilliantly by the stand-in stopper.

We then had a half chance a few moments later as Manquillo’s drilled cross was almost flicked on goal by fox in the box Wilson, however we relied on another point-blank Darlow save just moments later, with him palming away a close-range header that Kane should have buried.

10 minutes in and we would’ve been a few goals down if it wasn’t for a stunning start by our man between the sticks. We’d had just 16% of the ball and had barely strung three passes together, looking disjointed and lost at both ends of the pitch early on.

Ominous stuff and early signs that Bruce hadn’t set us up well…again. And we were soon punished.

Shelvey’s attempt to put Wilson in behind was cut out and Spurs countered. Hayden was unable to stop Kane flashing a ball across the box and it evaded everyone but Lucas, who was allowed to tap in at the back post after Ritchie

The goal Spurs deserved and one that was coming based on our pathetic start to the game.

We sat off and were second to react every time, showing little interest in getting forward and even less desire to defend in and around our own box – which was damning when Bruce’s passive and negative set up was presumably done to keep it tight early on.

We got into the break at 1-0 but it could’ve honestly have been four or five if it wasn’t for poor finishing, the woodwork and some brilliant goalkeeping by Karl Darlow, with Son hitting the post and bar.

Bruce had us set up as sitting ducks and it was only going to get worse if nothing changed. Bizarrely, the formation didn’t change, but we showed more intent, kept the ball better and had 62% of the ball in the opening 15 minutes of the second half.

Joelinton looked more confident and enjoyed a few promising bursts forward with the ball, Ritchie and Manquillo had pushed up a little and Hendrick dragged a shot wide.

Signs of improvement, yet the clearer openings were still falling at the other ends for Spurs, with Darlow continuing to be the only goalkeeper being tested.

The fact Tottenham were so passive in the second half meant we should’ve been pushing for the equaliser and battering the door down, yet nothing really changed. Yes we had more of the ball in the second 45, but did we ever look like scoring? No – and Bruce’s plan B late on was simply hoofball to big Andy Carroll.

We started to show some urgency when the fourth official indicated there’d be FIVE minutes of stoppage time. I had no faith in a late equaliser and it never looked likely, yet a quite incredible VAR decision meant an Carroll header that hit Eric Dier’s arm just half a yard away from him gave us a penalty in the 95th minute.

Callum Wilson took the ball and stepped up. He’d had just ELEVEN touches all game, yet had the chance to earn us a point with the last kick of the game.

He stepped up and did the rest, squeezing it past Lloris to give us the most unlikely of results in what was an abysmal performance.

Delighted to get the point in a game that looked dead in the water for most of the afternoon, however this can’t paper over the crack. We were shocking and would’ve lost 4 or 5-0 if it wasn’t for Darlow’s heroics and another bit of shambolic officiating via VAR.

A beaming Mike Ashley applauded the players off at the full-time whistle, but he can’t have been impressed.

Pretty much all the credit must go to Darlow – the first English keeper to make 10 saves in one game for 3 years – but Joelinton was for me our best outfield player, looking more confident, more mobile and more capable of carrying the ball forward from the left-hand side.

Manquillo did OK at right wing-back and we settled defensively in the second half, however the result can’t paper over the cracks in what was generally an awful performance.

Next up we face Newport County away in the last 16 of the Carabao Cup in midweek, followed by the visit of Burnley to St James’ Park next Saturday night.

A good point, but things need to change – with 3 shots on target and 3 goals in 3 Premier League games being a stat that will only save Bruce’s bacon for so long!

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98 thoughts on “Tottenham 1-1 Newcastle: Abysmal NUFC pull off North London robbery via late VAR drama

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    That’s what always makes me laugh when people criticise Trump for his right wing intolerant nature and the same people have no tolerance for his views… 😯

    Anyway, he’s not a great president I don’t suppose even if he is the only politician I know who’s been criticised for doing what he said he would do. What a strange world we live in.

    I’m sure a 78 year old who’s got memory problems will be much better…


  2. I have no idea what Bruce is talking about today. He is saying he has tried to change the system in the last 7 games and asks for time – like Klopp got at Liverpool 🙂 Is he actually comparing himself to Jurgen Klopp?

    Let’s look at the last 7 games Brucie. Not the cup, because we have played 1 2nd division team and 2 4th division teams.

    So what have we done?

    Watford – LOSS
    Spurs – LOSS
    Brighton – DRAW
    Liverpool – LOSS
    West Ham – WIN
    Brighton – LOSS
    Spurs – DRAW

    Our only win was against the team that is even more dysfunctional that us – West Ham!

    Add up the points and you have 5 from 7 games. That is not just relegation form that is bottom of the league form.

    So if you are trying to change the system then it is obviously not working. You are doing the flim-flam, the obfuscation, the sleight of hand, the playing fast and loose with the truth. You are full of shyte. Pards would be proud of your press conferences.


  3. Stuart mate, I never said I wished Trump ill, I said I wished him dead and compared him to Hitler but should have also included Stalin.

    Anyway, you been flying anywhere? The messages and rules are so bloody confusing and I have to take a flight in less than 2 weeks. I have a mask. The airline I am on keeps the middle seat open, but I am still a bit concerned.

    You seem to have me confused with a left wing P#ssy when I just hate Donald Trump and the damage he has done over the last 4 years.


  4. Stuart: you should set up a subsidiary of your business over here and you will see what it is like. It would be good for you but not for your employees. The tax code is the opposite of the redistribution of wealth. If you actually work for a living you pay about 40% of the 1st 100k of your income in tax. If you live off dividends and capital gains the rate is 20%. It is not fair, but nobody over here points it out. Trump made the system even worse by giving even more to his billionaire pals. The system is rigged but nobody has the balls to say it is.

    But, we can talk about that next time you are in Chicago. This is a football blog 🙂

    Can you even fly to Chicago? I dont think I can fly to the UK.


  5. Eric, travel to US is out unless you want to quarantine on both sides. I think there’s only about 8 countries we can fly to without quarantine on return. Not ideal and just another nail in the coffin of aviation industry. Some don’t seem to care that industry after industry is being destroyed but they will when services are beyond bad and they have to pay ridiculously high taxes to pay for the bad services. Wonder if they’ll just blame the governments or look in the mirror and accept its what they wanted.


  6. Stuart: I have thought about this a lot and cannot get my head around what is the best/better/any solution to this. I lean towards having sick and older people quarantine and the rest of us get on with it because shutting down the economy (again) will lead to worse consequences. I have said this before on here and you might have seen me say it.

    Anybody that says there is a simple solution to this has not been paying attention.

    It is one of those things where it could be that the cure is worse than the disease. I know I would not put Trump in charge of either the cure or the disease. The man is a menace. A giant orange blob whose spawn should also probably die. It is Halloween soon, where is that Jason guy with a chainsaw and a hockey mask when you need him?


  7. Interesting that we can disagree Stuart without shouting at each other. I could name another blog where that is not possible and there are 75 year old blokes getting into hissy fits. Or was that the 1st US presidential debate? I think I am banned from there but havent checked recently. I called their main clique a Confederacy of Dunces and they didnt seem to like that 🙂


  8. Bruce trying to defend his tactics. He says he plays a back 4. He doesnt, he plays 9-0-1.


  9. Someone on Jeff King’s article saying we should all stop moaning about Bruce. It is Bruce doing the moaning now. He has been given the tools to succeed and is failing at this point. I think our squad is about 9th to 15th. There should be no excuse for this terrible football. We have some very talented players and they just need to be organised.


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