Another false dawn at Newcastle United?

After the positivity and hope that arrived from our 1-0 win over Burnley, yesterday’s collapse at Leicester was hard to watch and a harsh reality check for us fans.

As I vent my feelings about Sunday’s 4-0 defeat, I want to say that I do not blame Eddie Howe and his staff. They have my support and I still believe the change was right and will benefit us in the long run.

But, I was so angry after the game I couldn’t bring myself to write about it. I woke up this morning and, to be honest, I still feel exactly the same way. All our writers on this blog try to have hope and try to be positive but where were the positives yesterday.

After that a 1 – 0 win over Burnley and draws against Norwich and Brentford some, including me, thought we could see signs of improvement and recovery. But think again! Not just because of what happened yesterday, but because draws against sides we need to be beating won’t be enough.

Remember the 2-2 draw vs Southampton? The 1-1 draw against an out of sorts Leeds and the way we threw away what should’ve been a comfortable win at Watford?

We went to a Leicester side hit by COVID, in poor form and supposedly there for the taking and got absolutely battered. Any hopes of recovery were smashed by a side that didn’t even play their top scorer! We were abjectly awful and lacked any cohesion or spirit, in my opinion.

I get that Lascelles played well against Burnley and with Eddie coming in he’s survived three Managers to retain the Captaincy but really, really is he the inspirational leader we need? Not at all he was terrible yesterday and looked lost. Mind you he wasn’t alone.

I think our lack of leadership was a big concern yesterday but just as concerning was and is that there’s no one else in that side that you could trust to lead us out of trouble. When Lascelles was out Wilson was made Captain. Probably as much because he’s our best player and for no other reason.

You can’t make a centre forward Captain when he’s so far isolated from the rest of the team. Similarly Dubravka is probably our most vocal player and possible leader. But again, TBH, he’s got enough on his plate organising that shambles of a defence and stopping goals.

For me away from home Willock and Shelvey look like a luxury together. I’ll admit it was forward thinking by Howe playing those two with ASM, Miggy and Big Joe but it feels like too much pressure was put on defence who need support.

I’d play Hayden definitely instead of Willock at the moment and Fernandez in front of Lascelles always. Fact is we’re just not good enough no matter who plays. Too many flatter to deceive I’m afraid and not often enough.

How many seriously are top-half Premiership quality or even any level Premiership quality. Would ASM really get in any side in the top half and Miggy is merely a long-distance runner that occasionally kicks a ball.

I say that after really feeling that these were two I’d be very disappointed to see leave. Now? I honestly think both are luxuries we don’t need at the moment. They have the ability to be Premiership class but not the consistency I’m afraid.

The rest of our squad including the supposedly rejuvenated Big Joe and Shelvey are simply not good enough. If you ask me for an opinion I’d only keep two players right now. Dubravka and Wilson. The rest for me are surplus.

We go to Liverpool on Thursday. Shuddering at that thought! Eddie Howe will no doubt prepare the side as best as he can and will pick the side he thinks may get a result. In reality we all know what’s going to happen which for me means it’s a free-hit.

Shake the side up, bring in one or two youngsters, play some that haven’t played. After all I feel that many of these playing at the moment have proved without doubt that they cannot cope in this division.

2 thoughts on “Another false dawn at Newcastle United?

  1. Fernandez is a must start, can’t afford St Max or Joelinton in away games would rather play Ritchie and Murphy, midfield must have a holding player and we’ve only got Hayden, Willock should be pushed further forward as we are not getting the best out of him and his form is suffering.


  2. Fernandez is a must, lascelles out. ASM is on to win games but he tries to hard to be Messi. He never passes to players in a better position. We can’t afford him to play at the moment. We need Hayden in and willock further forward. Lewis, Fernandez, sharr and manquilo at the back for me. Hayden almost as another defender. Bruce probably played the way he did because he knows how bad we are in defence.


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