Leeds 0-1 Newcastle: Eddie Howe’s Mags hold on for mammoth win at Elland Road

GET INNNNN! That really does feel massive, in so many ways.

A Jonjo Shelvey free kick, some heroic defending and a huge effort from all involved saw us hang on to take all three points at Elland Road, handing Eddie Howe a much needed win that sends us just one point from safety!

We came into the game fearing the worst, with no new signings in this week, Leeds arriving on the back of an impressive 3-2 win at West Ham and ourselves rocked from that late collapse against Watford last weekend.

However, despite scraping through a few early scares and losing three players to injury in Joelinton, Dummett and Jamaal Lascelles, we dug deep and ran our socks off to survive everything they threw at us after a 75th minute free kick from Shelvey gave us a 1-0 lead.

The result takes us up to 15 points and above Watford, who look set to sack Claudio Ranieri after Friday night’s 3-0 defeat to Norwich.

Believe it or not, beat Everton at St James’ Park in two weeks time and we’ll be just one point behind the Toffees, with the Blues losing at home to Aston Villa earlier today and Brentford (23 points) also losing their fourth game in a row this afternoon at the hands of Wolves.

Eddie Howe has made just one change for this one, seeing Sean Longstaff replaced by Joe Willock in the middle of the park.

STARTING 11: Dubravka – Trippier, Lascelles, Schar, Dummett – Shelvey, Willock, Joelinton – Fraser, Wood, Saint-Maximin.

SUBS: Darlow, Clark, Lewis, Manquillo, Hendrick, Longstaff, Murphy, Almiron, Gayle.

Schar leads way, Shelvey stays cool, Saint-Maximin up a level: Leeds 0-1  Newcastle player ratings - Chronicle Live

We had a decent half chance we didn’t make the most of early on, with Willock bursting into the box but failing to get a shot away while he had the chance. A moment which sums up his lack of confidence at present, perhaps?

It was a scrappy start, despite both teams playing at a decent intensity, and the first save either goalkeeper had to make was a huge one by Dubravka, who showed a strong hand and impressive reflexes to get a glove Daniel James’ close-range shot.

This was the start of a mini onslaught from Leeds, who began to get star man Raphinha into the game. He had the beating of Dummett and was unfortunate to find his cut-backs evade white shirts in the box.

We survived a period of sustained pressure from Leeds – who were getting Jack Harrison in behind Trippier far too often – but our first shot on target then arrived through Jonjo Shelvey.

Leeds only half cleared our corner, the midfielder saw a brilliant half-volley parried my Meslier. That was the start of us coming back into the game in the first half, however we suffered a blow minutes later.

After a decent period of possession and pressure, Joelinton went down holding his groin for the second time and was forced off. A real shame to see the Brazilian be unable to continue, especially when our midfield enforcer was being replaced by an out of sorts Sean Longstaff.

We ended the half on a high, but there was a clear lack of quality or decisiveness about our play in the final third. That had to improve in the second 45 if we wanted to win this.

The second half started with a host of misplaced passed that created a period of end-to-end action that seemed bound to end in a goal.

The stretched nature of the game then came with injuries, with Paul Dummett and Jamaal Lascelles – who was better today – forced off with muscle injuries.

Manquillo and Clark came on and the former was outstanding during his time on the pitch, winning his battles against Raphinha, snapping into challenges and winning the free kick that lead to that all important opener.

Watch it below here, with Jonjo Shelvey’s low curler being too hot the handle for Meslier:

A Leeds onslaught then followed, but this time we kept our heads, defended well and continued to carry a threat on the break, with Wood and Fraser firing wide before a huge change for Willock was well saved by Meslier.

Leeds resorted to high balls into the box after five minutes of added time were awarded, but the away fans were able to breathe a huge sigh of relief when each of those was met by a Newcastle head or Martin Dubravka; who didn’t put a foot wrong today.

A monumental win, brilliant celebrations in the away end, a huge air punch from Eddie Howe and hugs all round as the players made up for that late collapse last time out.

Next up, a big week in the transfer market (especially after three new injuries today) and a meeting with Everton at St James’ Park in two and a bit weeks time!


About Olly Hawkins

Olly has been a Junior Magpie from birth. As a season ticket holder and avid Newcastle United fan, he eats, sleeps and breathes all things NUFC!

523 thoughts on “Leeds 0-1 Newcastle: Eddie Howe’s Mags hold on for mammoth win at Elland Road

  1. PremAndUp:
    I’ve been looking at our fixtures. Am I right that we only have 7 home games left, Everton, Villa, Brighton, Palace , Wolves, Liverpool and Arsenal. Even if we win the first 5 we still only have 30 points. That means a point a game from 8 of the ten away games, again the other two Chelsea and City I’m assuming the worst.

    Prem – I agree when you look at it that way (in isolation) it looks grim mate.
    But if that’s how you are analysing our run in, then you must do the same for Burnley, Watford & Norwich – and my obvious question off the back of that is ‘do you see them accumulating that many points?’.

    I’m not trying to convince you we’ll be safe, coz I’m not convinced myself. My point is simply that tallies go out the window now – can we finish 1 point higher than Watford, Burnley & Norwich from where we all stand now – if we can get a bit of a run going then quite possibly we can.

    I seem to remember us having better 2nd halves to the season under both Rafa & Bruce with undoubtedly weaker squads.

    We have strengthened in January – Norwich haven’t. Burnley have replaced their forward, and I know some think with better – but the lad coming in has no PL experience & will have to hit the ground running to help them survive.
    Watford strengthened by bringing in Roy – but they still have the same players.

    I think it’s going to be tight & im sure it goes to the wire – last game of the season? Burnley!!.


  2. On a different post someone said with our new squad we should be aiming for top 10, so I looked at the fixtures and gulped.
    You are right of course and it’s a great last game to have


  3. PremAndUp:
    On a different post someone said with our new squad we should be aiming for top 10, so I looked at the fixtures and gulped.
    You are right of course and it’s a great last game to have

    Prem – top 10????. They are off their nuts!!!. No chance will we be that safe.
    I think if we finish more than 2 points above the 3rd bottom placed team then Howe has performed a blinking miracle.


  4. PremAndUp:
    Lingard not on the bench for FA CUP, I’d payup the contract and become a free agent

    Agreed mate. If he did we could get him the money back in his signing on fee so we could sign him on a 2.5/3 yr deal rather than the big loan fee for the 6 months that Man Utd wanted.


  5. There is fewer things in life that give me greater pleasure than watching Man Utd fail … Boro rode their luck at times but the penalties were outstanding – all held their nerve and fully deserve it 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼


  6. Lingard asked for a couple of days off to get his head straight. He said all the correct words about being a professional, etc. but his head is not at MUFC now. They have really messed this lad around!


  7. Just watched Wraith’s show and the Geordie Dentist/Drunkard got absolutely trashed on live Youtube. I have said before on here that I think he is mainly full of shyte. But, more importantly, I have also said that I dont mind people getting drunk as long as they are not my heart surgeon or dentist. Need a steady hand for those types of jobs!


  8. The Chronic are saying Bruno “could” start on Tuesday. I think it is almost certain because we sent a private jet to get him. That gives him 4 full days with the team plus Tuesday to warm up.

    I watched Olly’s video of him and think we need to raise his wages. The poor lad cant afford a pair of socks!


  9. Is Frank Lampard the Scouse Mackem Messiah? In 20/21 he won 8 of his 19 games in the PL with Chelsea. This is EXACTLY the same squad that Tuchel won The Champions League with. I am not even saying Lampard is overrated. There really isnt the body of evidence to rate him!

    Just because he was a brilliant footballer doesn’t mean he will be a brilliant Manager. Sometimes that happens, like with Bobby Robson or Brian Clough but other times they fail. Shearer, Thiery Henry, Tony Adams. I could probably name more who have failed than have succeeded.

    Will Everton get a “new Manager bounce”? I hope not. It doesnt ALWAYS happen. I will be mightily surprised if the cabbage turns West Brom into Champions, for example. Remember they are 5th so he starts from a decent base.


  10. Is Bruno Guimaraes a transformational player? If you look at his stats you probably would say he is. I have never seen him play, so this and a few Youtube clips are all I have to go on. But, there are signs. The lad seems extremely confident, even just looking at Olly’s clip of him introducing himself to the rest of the NUFC players.

    There are precedents for a single player changing an entire team. Need I remind anyone that when Beardsley signed for NUFC that Andrew (Andy) Cole scored 40 goals in a single season.


  11. You know, with no football and also the transfer window I have watched a few of these new Youtube channels about NUFC. They all seem like they are real supporters, but they might also be idiots. Some of them, anyway…

    1. Adam Pearson. Nice lad, it appears. But barely comprehensible between his rhotacism and mumbling of all of his words.

    2. The Geordie Drunkard/Dentist. Live on Youtube getting p!ssed out of his mind. Would you trust this man to give you a filling? No!

    3. Paul (dont know his last name) on “The Toon Review”. He thinks he can do funny accents and they are about as crap as I have ever heard. His sidekick, “Bazza” is enough to put you to sleep unless you are already comatose like the Geordie Drunkard.


    Youtube seems to have allowed certain fools to have a say about NUFC and they all think they are in some way smart and funny and charming when they are not.


  12. Seriously, these Youtube channels are like Ed Harrison’s blog of geriatric mumblers and bickerers have been reanimated and got their own video channels. And some of them aren’t even that old, they just act like it! The Pearson kid, I can hardly understand at all.


  13. More on the Pearson kid! He has like 18,000 followers. Are there really 18k morons out there to follow a mumbling imbecile? he stands outside the training ground. That’s about all he does! Then he mumbles and jumbles his words.

    Is this what the world is coming to?


  14. And Again… The Geordie Drunkard!!! Who want to go live and get totally wasted on Youtube! and show how much of a fool you really are? WDITW – Worst Dentist In The World.


  15. How can 18 thousand people on Youtube think a mumbling Rhotistic moron like Adam Pearson is worth listening to? Or The Geordie Drunkard? They have to be out of their minds.


  16. On any other forum except Youtube, getting yourself blind drunk, pass-out drunk, blackout drunk, would be unacceptable if you purport to represent fans. The Geordie Drunkard can do it though. I dont really care, except that he and his cohorts want to represent our great club and show how we are to the world. A drunken moron, not being able to string 2 words together, and passing out in full view of everyone is not how I would like my club to be seen.


  17. The one thing that Steve Wraith did that was commendable was take the Geordie Drunkard down from the chat. I assume that it was Wraith that did it. Having that as a representation of our club is reprehensible. They should issue an apology. NUFC matters has 47,000 followers and Mitch/Geordie Drunkard/Dentist is a disgrace. As I have said before, I wouldnt have him working on my teeth. I wouldnt have him working on my dog’s teeth FFS!


  18. I like a drink as much as the next man, except if the next man is Shane McGowan. But passing out whilst trying to represent NUFC fans as the Geordie Drunkard did is not really acceptable.


  19. Let’s say Lee Ryder passed out drunk on one of The Chronicle podcasts? Would you listen to him again? These Youtube things are supposed to be the voice of the fans and the new media. How we are heard. And the Geordie Drunkard acts like that FFS!!!!!!!!!!! I think it is a disgrace. And it is there for all to see. To be repeated forever unless Wraith takes it down. To be pored over in scorn from dirty stinking Mackems showing how NUFC fans are worse than them and should be held in contempt.


  20. Watford 0-0 Burnley

    Best possible result for us I reckon & another game chalked back for Burnley.

    They play again on Tuesday – Man Utd while we play Everton.


  21. Have to say having watched the game, neither had any threat up front so think both will struggle to win many games this season.

    Sadly though, the same can be said for us.


  22. https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/statistik/endendevertraege

    There are some big players out of contract in the summer too.

    I’m not sure how many are signing pre contract agreements with us until they know we are safe – we do need a DoF to start working on future deals – not just ones coming in but also are there any of our players going out of contract that Howe wants to keep with a new contract.


  23. Well. It has been freezing cold in Chicago, so I spent my time indoors watching youtube discussions of scholars and clerics explain why God does or does not exist. I am an Athiest, and nothing convinced me otherwise. The arguments all go back to creating something out of nothing, whether that is the Universe or God herself. I dont know enough physics to understand the Big Bang, but saying God came from nothing is just as difficult to fathom as saying the Universe came from nothing.

    What I do know though is octopuses (pi). The world has been around for billions of years so it is plausible that an octopus could evolve in that time however strange that may seem. I dont really get why a God would invent/create an octopus though. It just seems so implausible a creature to just make up.

    To be having a cup of tea one night with your Son Jesus, the Holy Ghost and The Virgin Mary and think – I know what I’ll do today- I will invent and octopus. But even more, he was supposed to have created the whole of the earth and the rest in 6 days so Octopi must have been at 11.59 on a friday night after a few beers.


  24. The variety of life on earth suggests to me that there could not be a creator. As I said, who would invent an octopus unless it was amazingly adapted to live its own life for a specific purpose before being trapped by Greek Fishermen to make calamari? The Duck Billed Platipus was thought to be a joke by a taxidermist when first brought to England.

    That’s enough about science, theology and taxidermy. I’ll get back to football!


  25. It all comes down to faith though dunnnit! I wish I had it. It would make a things a lot easier if all I had to do was be nice to a few Mackems and I would spend eternal sunshine in heaven.


  26. Yeah, so God says to the Holy Spirit and Gabriel at one of Boris’s “work conferences” (booze-ups) – what I am going to do, like, is invent this creature that changes form and colour and shape that Greek Fisherman can serve up with olive oil and lemon. Great idea, and how about Penguins?

    What we will have them do is have these tiny little feet and march for 3 miles in South Georgia to stand in minus 30 degrees for 2 months incubating eggs and have their kids eaten by killer whales?


  27. He might have lit the touch paper for the big, bang, or created an earth as a blank canvas and said go and evolve. Not that I’m a theist.

    Any advanced meditation practitioner will tell that there are states way beyond the ability of language to describe. So teachers use parables. Those who have the ability to understand develop their own practices, those who don’t become literalists and develop religions around the teachers.

    Teachings are the same, so are the religions, only the names and practices change


  28. I will stop with my religion stuff now. It was Youtube algorithms. Once you are in there it keeps suggesting other stuff to look at and then suddenly you have gone down a rabbit hole that google programmers sent you down. But on a final note, I think that people of faith have it totally the opposite when talking to non-believers like myself. The burden of proof shouldnt be on me, it should be on them to tell ME why I should believe. It is because any question you might ask THEM they have the ready-made answer that they believe, that they have FAITH. You can ask why and they dont have an answer, or their answer is “that’s the way it is”. That’s not really an answer.

    But anyway, from what I see I BELIEVE that this Bruno kid will be transformative for NUFC.



  29. One last, last thing. I love the argument that because Hitler and Stalin didnt believe in God that it follows that all people that do not believe in God are murderers of Jewish people and their own political rivals.


  30. Hells bells Eric, it must be bloody freezing in Chicago for you to get into all that mate 😂. #netflix


  31. Sharpy, am. It was minus 13 degrees last night. I have lived here for 32 years so I know what it is like. Planned a trip to Savannah for the end of the month – because I know what it is like and you have to escape it or it will drive you batty.


  32. PremAndUp:
    He might have lit the touch paper for the big, bang, or created an earth as a blank canvas and said go and evolve. Not that I’m a theist.

    Any advanced meditation practitioner will tell that there are states way beyond the ability of language to describe. So teachers use parables. Those who have the ability to understand develop their own practices, those who don’t become literalists and develop religions around the teachers.

    Teachings are the same, so are the religions, only the names and practices change

    Exactly mate.


  33. Eric+Sykes:
    Sharpy, am. It was minus 13 degrees last night. I have lived here for 32 years so I know what it is like. Planned a trip to Savannah for the end of the month – because I know what it is like and you have to escape it or it will drive you batty.

    Eric – I imagine it’ll be a little warmer out there mate 😎


  34. I will get away from religion and just say again I have a gut feeling that Bruno will be a transformative player for NUFC. I can just feel it!!! It is like a religious experience in my bones. But it what I feel.

    I will predict the team again for Tureday, and I bet you I am right, and I have not been directly informed of it by God or Buddha:


    Tripps Lascelles Burn Targett

    Shelvey Bruno Big Joe

    Fraser Wood ASM


  35. Harold Varner III, an American, just won the Saudi Golf Open. I wonder if Richard Keys or Miguel Delany of The Independent will mention that? Or Amnesty International?

    Double standards?


  36. Eric+Sykes:
    Harold Varner III, an American, just won the Saudi Golf Open. I wonder if Richard Keys or Miguel Delany of The Independent will mention that? Or Amnesty International?

    Double standards?

    Eric – did you see the putt he won it with as well 🤭 – bet he couldn’t do it again 😂


  37. It is flying under the radar a bit how badly the Mackems are doing. They sacked their Manager and then get beat at home by Doncaster who have a record of:

    Won 6, Drawn 4, Lost 20.

    Then you look at the table and the Mackems have a very small chance of automatic promotion. They are 2 points behind 2nd placed Wigan who have 4 games in hand. It really does look like they are headed for the playoffs which is a crapshoot. Table:

    Rotherham P29 Points 62
    Wigan P26 Points 56
    MK Dons P30 Points 55
    Mackems P30 Points 54


  38. I forgot the 6 nil to Bolton.

    When was the last time we got beat 6 nil? Must have been Man City at some point years ago. Did Aguero get like 4? I really cant be certain, but a 6-0 loss to Bolton is a bit of a catastrophe.


  39. I have watched some of the Youtube channels and a few are worried that Bruno might not start because of jetlag. Are they insane. He arrived by private jet on Friday so has 5 days to get over it – Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon, Tues. Have they ever travelled anywhere? You get over jetlag in a couple of days. If he doesnt play it will be because Eddie thinks he wont have had enough time to coach him.

    I think all 5 new signings will start.

    I have to stop watching these Youtube channels because about a lot of them seem to share 1 brain-cell between them.

    Will Bruno start. YESSSSSS… FFS as long as Eddie thinks he has settled. Jetlag has nothing to do with it.

    They sent a private jet to get him so they fully expect him to start on Tuesday.


  40. And as for Lascelles. They tried to bring in his replacement TWICE – Carlos and Botman. They settled on Burn as their 3rd choice and I think he will replace Jamaal full time if he has one more error in him. They went for big physical CBs which is Lascelles’ replacement. There are 2 reasons I think he will start on Tuesday – because he is Captain, and because they dont fully trust Schar either.

    Lascelles is being sold in the summer though unless we get relegated. As I said, one more mistake and we will see Schar or Dummett.


  41. Interesting news from Howe’s press conference:

    Wilson – might be out for the season? Some people need to shut up about Wood and get behind the lad. It looks like he will be 1st choice for the foreseeable future.

    Bruno – I think Eddie is playing mind games. You dont send a private jet for someone and not play him. We do have a replacement though in the shape of 25 mil Willock. I really do want to find a way to get BOTH in the team.

    Burn – says he has a toe problem. Infected? Some anti-biotics should clear that up. Again, some fans are saying we should be OK without him because our CBs did OK at Leeds. Have they watched the rest of the season?

    Lewis – this is a strange one because Howe said he has been carrying a groin injury for a year and now has a hamstring injury. Why would we be loaning him to Birmingham and not have him fix his groin?


  42. Dummett – injured again! This is probably the final straw. He is what, 30 now? I dont think we offer him a new contract in the summer.

    But back to the other CBs. Lascelles played a decent half of football against Leeds and suddenly all is right with the world? He has been our worst player and a big reason we have dropped 21 points from winning positions. A couple of draws turned in to wins and we would be level with Everton.

    And Everton have been crap for a while now. I think they had 3 wins to start the season and were top. Since then, their record has been worse than ours. THEY also have a few injuries to key players, and new players who have mainly sat on the bench for a year. I think they will get a bit of a lift from Lampard, Dele and VDB, but we should also get a lift from our new players.

    It has a draw written on it, but I am still going 3-1 to us if Bruno starts, which I think he will.


  43. How long has it been since the Leeds game? 18 days? And Dummett is still not fit… In my book that is YET ANOTHER long-term injury. I wanted to keep him, but I am done now. There is not even a return date and even if there was, his history is that he is out for a few weeks past that, just like with Calum Wilson.

    Sorry to be pessimistic, but I am starting to think we need to replace Wilson as well. We need competition for his place at the very least (and I dont mean in the physio room 🙂 )


  44. Stat Attack!!!

    As I said, Everton had a good start and have been sh!t since. They won 3 and drew 1 of their 1st 4 games. Last 10:


    That is not a town in Wales, that is Everton’s record. And that is 5 points from 30.

    I see it being talked about like Lampard is going to work miracles. Maybe, but probably not. His record at Chelsea wasnt that great even though he had at worst the 3rd best squad in the PL. I would say equal with Liverpool and only behind City. I think he won 8 of 19 games. That’s why he was sacked!!! It wasnt like he resigned after winning the league.


  45. I’d be well chuffed with Dan Ashcroft if he does indeed join us! I see Marc Overmars has left Ajax too! Some dodgy stuff that he got up to with inappropriate messages to female staff. Shame. He’s an excellent DoF. Sounds like a twat though.


  46. Must admit I’m still worried about where the goals are going to come from. Just hope some new defensive stability and composure in midfield will free up the more creative players to actually deliver some end product. It’s by no means a given that we are going to survive. Still think we are more likely to go down if we don’t beat Everton this week.


  47. Also chuffed with Ashworth, it’s the right appointment imo. We don’t need some big time charlie coming in chasing stupid signings, we need someone who can come in and grow the club & find players like he has at Brighton.

    Like Sham (and probably most) I’m worried about our goals too.

    Regardless of what you think of Wilson he can’t be relied on as our main goal scorer with an injury record like his.

    If we stay up, I think he has to be replaced – harsh as that may be, but we need to start moving on players who have so many injuries – him, Dummett, Hayden to name a few.


  48. Wilson is a nice option to have moving forward as a squad player – and with fewer games he should be injured less! But yeah we need a new full time #9. Wood is a great tactical option but is not the prolific striker we need to realise the new ambitions of the club – and I don’t think we have enough firepower in support either. ASM yes but where else are goals coming from?


  49. I checked Wilson’s record and it is not as bad as I thought. His appearances in the PL in his last 3 years at B’mth were 28,30 and 35. Some may have been as sub.

    He played 26 games for us last year but only 15 this year.

    The problem has been/is we didnt have a backup. I think next year that Wilson will be the backup and we will have a better and more reliable striker as 1st choice. I also reckon Wood will be used strategically where his physicality will be an asset, but I see him more coming off the bench for the last 20 mins.

    Dont ask me who our new striker will be. My dream signing would be Chiasa but he is also injured so I would have to check his record. We could afford him, but would he come?


  50. Seems we have a long wait for Dan Ashworth. Only now going on gardening leave. Why didn’t he leave months ago so he could take up this new position with us sooner? Strange.
    Worried now about tonight’s game too. Everton rejuvenated?


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