John Carver on Ben Arfa, Gosling and transfers.

John Carver

John Carver
Carver's Toon talk.
John Carver has been speaking in depth to the local press today about a whole host of happenings at NUFC.

From talk of transfers to revelations that both Hatem Ben Arfa and Dan Gosling will be back in pre-season training much earlier than the rest of the squad in a bid to get fit again after such long injury absences – Gosling has played for five minutes since his move to Newcastle last summer while Ben Arfa has been out since early October with his broken leg – Carver has had his say on the lot.

They should both be fine for the start of the season though according to Carver.

“Both Dan and Hatem will be back and up to scratch for the new season,” Carver told The Chronicle. “Dan is going to the US first to have a family holiday, then he’ll do some warm weather training before joining us for the games in the States.”

“It’s the same for Hatem. Last season we knew there was no point in risking anybody once we were safe. Dan and Hatem looked really good in training.”

Having these two back is literally going to be like having two new signings. Hopefully there will be no long-lasting issues and the pair can and do make a full recovery. With medical science the way it is at the moment I would hazard a guess that the likelihood of a recurrence has been assessed using fancy techniques that you or I wouldn’t see at an NHS hospital.

It’s still not a guarantee though and the only way we’ll be able to tell if they are over their injuries is by giving them time. Fingers crossed that they have both made a full recovery and suffer no setbacks. If would be nice to have two ‘new’ faces around the squad.

Speaking of new faces, Carver also insists that Newcastle are working hard to find those players that will “put bums on seats”. With the deal for Yohan Cabaye seemingly done and dusted, albeit not officially as yet, it does give some indication that signing good players is aprt of the agenda at Newcastle.

Carver said: “The manager has already said that he wants players to get bums on seats at St James’ Park, and that’s what we’re working to do. There are a lot of negotiations going on, and there has been progress. But, like everyone else, we’re waiting to hear back from clubs and players.”

“This is a huge club, and not so long ago it was playing Champions League football and attracting top players. We hope, in time, we can get back to that situation, but this is still a club which sells itself because of its fan-base. We’re in a strong position.”

Another indication that Newcastle are busy in the transfer market? Or is John Carver just another one who is towing the party the line? I would suggest it’s the former. I think we’ve heard enough rumours and chat regarding transfers to suggest that we are up to something, but I guess the only way we can really judge it is by looking back on the transfer window in September and evaluating what we have left.

Two bits of good news anyway. One about injuries to two of last season new recruits, and the other about this seasons new recruits. A bit more communication from the club….

I like it!

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118 thoughts on “John Carver on Ben Arfa, Gosling and transfers.

  1. Steve Wraith is an utter *******. Just in case my previous feelings towarrds him had been missed 😀


  2. Bollocks. Found free WiFi at wooley edge motorway services. Could have brought my laptop if id known seeing as I’ll be Sat here until 4:45 doing jack **** 🙄


  3. true.

    I was just screwin around on sky’s website and looked at their best XI from la liga. What happened to all the speculation and rumors surrounding Rondon? Do we want a big target man at the club or do we want a quick striker up top?


  4. MikeAshleysWallet
    Posted June 2, 2011 at 12:20 AM
    re: Michael Owen saying on Twitter he’d rather sit on the bench for a top club then play for a struggling team?

    A Scouser who isn’t willing to work for his money, what’s new there?

    Owen would rather play international football, nevermind which club, that came second. 😉


  5. Andrew T-really like the look of Rondon, with Arfa/Jonas and possibly Gameiro/Gervinhio we’re looking really lightweight up front, would like someone with a bit of strength


  6. Rondon is apparently pretty quick too. I honestly haven’t ever seen him and don’t want to pull a Dennis Wise and base all my opinions from youtube.

    The main striker that we bring in will have to offer everything.


  7. Andrewt – just an update, but I’ve found some other amazing service station goodies that I feel I have to share with you. No only is there free WiFi, but I’ve also found a chewable toothbrush which needs to tothpaste or water, and a foldable back scratcher.

    #Enlightening 😀


  8. He’s no slouch from what I’ve seen….but I agree, even Luque could move when he wanted to,I’ve only ever seen glimpses of him against Barca in real TV, and obviously he didn’t have the ball for too long there, its hard to judge. I do kinda worry about us overloading on flair and becoming too lightweight to deal with the likes of stoke and blackburn etc… 😕


  9. newkie – didn’t you know that under Steve keen Blackburn play a much better style of football?

    No neither did I 😉


  10. Toonsy- 😀
    Oh aye I remember that, their first match under keen they managed to string enough passes together to hit double figures, then as soon as they started getting beaten again it was hoofball…quality. I’m glad they ended up with Venky’s, theres summit about blackburn that makes me hate them more than any other…


  11. I doubt that will happen. We still have SHola ImAdonkey and Leon Richie to stick on.

    Plus we could just to a Barcelona on their ass and play them off the park with proper movement and goals, instead of ‘long ball to Carroll’ trademark.

    Barcelona wouldn’t need any 6’2” strikers to kick Stokes ass about 6-0.


  12. DJG-true but we’re hardly Barca.
    Says summit that this year we scored one goal against stoke…a penalty, whilst they put 6 past us. Hmm 😕


  13. AndrewT

    ‘toonsy that toothbruch sounds absolutely amazing’ 🙄

    Im sure my cat has something similar tbh. :mrgreen:


  14. Newkie

    True but it just depends how good your players are. Big or small if they are good enough they will do the business.

    The 4-0 was just one of those games and the 2-1 was a pathetic Whoton home defeat if memory serves.

    I’d be very suprised if they do us again like that next season tbh.


  15. DJG @ 90 – lets just say I wont be buying anything. As a coach driver I get free meals, or I have to pay a oenny, which is worth it. A chewable toothbrushh for 4 quid, isn’t


  16. Newkie, good point about being too lightweight. I really think that with the 4-5-1 system we’ll be looking to play, we’ll need somebody who is obviously a clinical finisher, but also be deadly in the air and have some dribbling ability


  17. DJG-True like, we lost the home game on a ****in perch own goal ffs! Still, someone like Carroll was handy to have around, he knocked a fair few of the oppositions corners/free kicks away. I know we all hate him now but his strength and tracking back helped a lot. When we had him the opposition tended to mark him with both their CBs, and enabled our own CBs and lads like Shola to attack set pieces, without him though we’ve been noticebly poorer, and we need to make those set pieces count somehow. If Cabaye can score a couple of screamers fair enough, but i guess we’ll be reliant on Stevie taylor for corners…


  18. Andrew-Aye we need someone with muscle, you play teams like chelsea and Manu with their big CBs and you’ll find weak strikers get shoved off the ball with no mercy..against other teams we might win a pen, but against them? Nee chance..


  19. Where have you all been?! Ive been on my lonesome all night shift. No use!

    Do we think we will find out which club Gervinho is going to today then? Hope all these ‘in the know’ folk on twitter etc are ready with the excuses!


  20. Raffo – dont think we will hear anything official until after match on sunday. So Monday 6th June. When intl transfers can begin..

    Toonsy, those chewable toothbrushes are 2 for a quid at washington services.
    Its a bit worrying that you are hanging around the gents bogs for 4 hrs tho 😯
    You’re not related to George Michael are you ❓


  21. re: Michael Owen saying on Twitter he’d rather sit on the bench for a top club then play for a struggling team?

    The americans have launched a new stealth bomber called the Owen,costs a fortune ,always broken, you know where it should be but nobody can find it.


  22. Twitter latest re Gamiero: But in Le Parisien, it’s reported that Valencia are unable to match the €12m Newcastle have lodged for Kevin Gamiero and PSG might not bid.


  23. Love a bit if gossip me. Looks like gameiro is going to be this seasons transfer saga 🙂


  24. sorry like….I’m a bit behind the times, but Pearceet@62 regarding Owen…..immense…. 😆


  25. magpie 1980….is Piers Morgan giving Owen some welly ?

    Where is the crack going on….? ….hopefully elsewhere than Twitter….don’t wonna go there…don’t like it at all.. 😥


  26. Toonsy @ 109 – I agree. Half of me is thinking with Gamiero though, if he doesn’t want to come then withdraw the offer. At least Ben Arfa wanted to be here.


  27. i know that this is off topic – and every time it rears its head i tell myself that i’m not really bothered anyway – but the England international team, squad, management piss me right off.
    We havent made any progress for 12 years. Every squad and training session they roll out the likes of Terry, ferdinand, Lampard, Gerrard, – every one of them the wrong side of 30.
    when postman pat was appointed i thought – great – at last someone with the ******* to tell the press to shove it – they would have to rely on him to pick the team. what a F**ckin disappointment he turned out to be.
    Every other international team is planning for the future by bringing through the youth (a la Germany). Convince me that Willshire would be in the team if he didnt play for a top 4 club. And as for the goalkeepers – Stockdale FFS……. I despair – but i dont careanymore really 🙁


  28. To be fair to Piers Morgan, he says things to the stars on twitter that hit the nerve.

    Classic calling Michael Owen a lazy get for wanting to warm the bench rather than playing regular for a crap team.

    Mind, I would have asked a few more nerve touching questions to make him squirm. He’s let him off the hook.


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