Gervinho one step closer to Newcastle according to agent.

Gervinho tooning in?
Newcastle are believed to be on the verge of securing a deal to bring Gervinho to St James’ Park, if the local press are to be believed.

The Northern Echo is among a few sources now that have informed the Geordie public and the legions of NUFC fans that the players agent has announced that he is about to embark on discussions with the Newcastle board this week.

It had been rumoured in the French press over the weekend that Gervinho would be set to join his former Lille team-mate Yohan Cabaye and current international team-mate Cheik Tiote at Newcastle, and with strong rumour spreading about a press conference being planned for Thursday – incidentally the same date that international transfers are permitted – it could suggest that the rumours have some foundation behind them.

However it’s still a case of wait and see for the moment. Nothing is concrete as yet, despite the vast amount of rumours linking us with the same players time and time again, so I’d tend to err on the side of caution. This transfer malarkey is a funny old game.

If you hear any more rumours then why not share them with us? They aren’t to the tastes of everyone but it was always odds on that we were going to be heavily linked, rightly or wrongly, with transfer activity during the summer thanks to the wedge that was brought in from the sale of Andy Carroll. If we can use that to get the players that we are supposed to be in for then you would have to say that selling Carroll would have gone some way towards setting us up for the future.

That is of course of this transfer speculation firms up. If it doesn’t and we don’t improve then questions will surely be asked about why we sold Carroll and where the money went. This is what fans are waiting to see – signs of improvement and progression – although I understand entirely why people remain sceptical.

Remember we have had more bad windows than good windows recently!

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64 thoughts on “Gervinho one step closer to Newcastle according to agent.

  1. Really hope this is true like! Although I cant see him choosing us over Arsenal like


  2. Arsene Wenger really has lost the plot…

    He has 15 players in Gervinhos mould and no target man, no out and out striker, and he wonders why despite all the talent in the world, Arsenal never win anything.

    I have the same concern if Gervinho comes to us…

    He is a fantastic player, he energy would compliment the flair of Ben Arfa, power of Tiote, but we would still need an out and out striker…


  3. Only meeting to talk? I thought many were saying Cabaye and Gervinho were done deals at the weekend?

    Don’t want to be too negative cos I might scare Jimbob off, but there’s nee chance of getting him if he is as good as you’s all say.

    Top strikers come at a real cost and competition for their services is strong .

    As I say, if he’s as good as everyone makes out then top clubs will be in for him.


  4. Aye Bobby,

    I have been wondering why CL clubs aren’t queuing at the door when he is so mint 😕


  5. A front line of:


    Ben Arfa_______________Nolan_______________Gervinho




    Ben Arfa__________________________________Gervinho




    That with the likes of Jonas, Nolan, Best, Ferguson, Krul, Gosling, Williamson to rotate… could be one hell of a line-up.

    And its only three players… Cabaye, Gervinho and Sturridge…


  6. Bobby

    Because the top club’s have players just as good or better… It doesn’t mean he isn’t a quality player himself.
    And trust me, he is quality.


  7. @JJ

    Well if he is that good then we won’t be signing him IMO.

    If we do, then again, as I mentioned last season regarding retaining the services of Jose, Barton and Nolan on new contracts , then I will show my ass in Fenwicks window. 😳

    It looks like I’m safe with that bet.


  8. Does Nolan really need a new contract though? I mean its not like he is running out is it? Plus I would hope that we have better than him next summer anyway 😕


  9. The source of this article is the Northern Echo. The same source states Neil Taylor is going to be a direct replacement for Jose. 🙄

    🙄 🙄 🙄 🙄 🙄 🙄 🙄 🙄 🙄


  10. Bobby…the top 4 are looking for players of the quality to help them win the league and Champions league, we are looking for players of the quality to at least get us 10th to 6th, if a player we sign turns out to be better than that and turns out to be good enough to play for a top 4 team then that’s a bonus………of course there’s plenty of other clubs trying to do the same.


  11. Bobby says:

    Only meeting to talk? I thought many were saying Cabaye and Gervinho were done deals at the weekend?

    What would anyone here know? It’s speculation until announced…personally I’m not sure how good he is or if we’ll get him


  12. For those mentioning Sturridge, he would be near the £20m bracket in today’s climate, partly through ourselves selling Carroll for so much.

    It’s all well and good believing £35m is a good price. On the face of it, it is.

    But Carroll needs replacing and his fee has inflated British players fees.
    We are now left with a situation where we have to look abroad and there’s never any guarantee that they will adapt to the EPL.

    Sunderlands Gyan springs to mind.


  13. Bobby, I do agree with you that we won’t go for Sturridge and that if we don’t get Gameiro I can’t think where we would look….

    Van Wolfswinkel joined Sporting Lisbon a few days ago as well so he’s ruled out but I’d trust Graham Carr to find us someone!


  14. Norwich have signed 3 players I think.

    Morison from Millwall.

    Johnson from Leeds.

    Bennett from Brighton.


  15. Domestic transfers can happen now, but international transfer can’t happen until Thursday Bobby. Not many club have signed anyone as yet.

    Swansea have had a bid accepted for Danny Graham.


  16. Maybe some English to English club ines bobby but the international window doesn’t open until Thursday.


  17. Is there an echo in here?

    If you go your hand out of the donut bag you’d have beaten me to it Rich 😆


  18. Bobby Shinton stop it now your going to hurt my feelings and ruin my blogging confidence 🙁

    Whats your problem, have I upset you 🙂


  19. Diego to Newcastle 8.5 million, held talks on Saturday. Also bid for Bradley Johnson.
    Gervinho has already been around newcastles training facilities, with tiote. I know no more than this.


  20. Doesn’t even touch the sides 😉

    You know people who think they are clever by eating a donut without licking their lips? Aye well I can do that with a bag of them 😆

    I notice Bobby is pretty chirpy today? Maybe because we are now Facebook friends again he feel a bit more secure. I think he knows that when he’s pissed me off that is the first stage to go 😆


  21. Jimbob – Take no notice of Bobby. He’s just like that. He likes a wind up and means no harm by it.

    And if he pisses you off just call him Booby 😉

    Oh yes I did 😈


  22. ..without taking them out the bag too 😆

    Ice…aye mate, didnt want to go back 😎


  23. Rich – Aye. It comes out the other end packaged.

    Too far 😥

    Enjoy your lunch people 😆


  24. Emile Heskey has hit the net with every single volley in training this week.That’s right, he’s **** at tennis too.!


  25. Terry Henry was a winger before he made the switch to stricker. He turned out ok.


  26. New to this blog and wanted to say where did you hear sturridge done deal??

    Heard hangeland to meet officials this week and that few others are following;

    Cabaye, gervinho, taylor, and you heard it here first…..barnetta apparently fee agreed for the winger!


  27. @jimbob
    😉 😐 😡 😈 🙂 😯 🙁 🙁 🙄 😛 😳 😮 :mrgreen: 😆 💡 😀 👿 😥 😎 ➡ ❓ ❗

    No it’s the way I post me thinks. Some people just don’t know how to take me until they get to know me.


  28. Craig – Welcome 😉

    From today there are no quotes, but at the weekend there was a bit. I tried looking for it but my god it’s like a midfield. And not speaking French doesn’t help either! I think it was on somewhere like foot.fr101 or something like that but I couldn’t hunt it down again.


  29. @49 – I don’t recall seeing any in the artical I could be wrong though.

    @48 – Are you having a laugh?


  30. Cheers man. Just saw that England beat Norway and thought I’d missed the start 😕 😆


  31. Duncan Ferguson working towards his coaching badges 😯

    I’d like to see Ranger piss about in that training session 😆


  32. see that klose is going to valancia on free,is that gameino bid oot the window then? 😀 😀 😀


  33. no barnetta high on the toon list in press reports and toon scouts at the england game watching him


  34. Just realised that Thursday, the day when the international transfers can start is also the 9th of June, 149 years to the day since the Blaydon Races!

    Could be a lucky day for us geordies! 😉


  35. Dan – That’s the one. I wasn’t far out 😆

    Jamie – I recko that is what the press conference is for 😆


  36. @Bobby

    Right got ya 😉

    If we do get gervinho in and cabaye, does anyone think that will be it, in terms off large amounts being spent? We still need a striker, gervinho isnt a lone striker, so we will still need to spend something.

    Cant see us spending the alledged 18mill on cabaye and gervinho aswell as another large amount on a sriker, which if we want a quality one, we will have to.


  37. Artnoon smegs!

    We’re only a couple of weeks into this transfer window bull**** and already I’m a bit sick of it. It’s like watching a barrell of Arthur Dailies trying to stick cigars into each-others’ eyes while picking their pockets with the other hand. Load of ****kin’ barrow boys and conmen earning stupid money for stirring up ****e and giving players an over-inflated opinion of their own importance.

    Arse! 👿


  38. I’ve just been reminded of a promising striker who’s deeply unsettled at his current club and would love a transfer to the Toon. Young, strong, good left boot; great in the air. Native Geordie. Bit of a ****ing Judas…


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