Cabaye says that he won’t be the last summer signing.

Inspiring words from Cabaye.
New boy Yohan Cabaye may be the first signing of the summer, but he is certain that he won’t be the last as the club look to strengthen over the summer.

I caught these quotes from the Daily Express and found them interesting to be honest as either Alan Pardew has done a good job in selling the club or Cabaye is very dumb and naive. Personally I think Pardew has the gift of the gab so I can see how he can sell the club to potential new recruits. Think of a used car salesman…

Anyway, let’s take a look at what Cabaye said first and foremost:

“I am going to play in the best championship in the world for a club who want to get back into Europe within a year and one who are building an ambitious team,” Cabaye told The Daily Express.

“I am the first recruit but I have discussed things with manager Alan Pardew and I know others will follow. The directors have assured me on this point.”

There is that word again – ambition. The word that some feel is lacking from our club at the moment. Now do you see what I mean about Alan Pardew selling the club to potential new recruits?

I’ll await the conspiracy theories and such from people, such as Pardew is lying and how Cabaye has been duped and so on. Well maybe we can dupe a few more international players into moves to the North-East?

For what it’s worth I believe the club do want to strengthen and do want to compete, but they won’t have the piss taken out of them in the process. Just because we haven’t made much movement yet, it doesn’t mean that the club aren’t working hard to secure more players. After all, there is still quite some way to go before the transfer window closes!

It certainly seems as though Cabaye has bought in to what the club are trying to achieve. From what I’ve made of him so far he seems to be a canny bloke and has his head screwed on, so if he can combine that with reproducing the kind of form that he has been showing in France we could have a very good signing on our hands indeed!

Ambition? It seems as though we do have it, we’re just not beating the drum about it publicly and setting ourselves up for a fall in the process. These are good words from Cabaye – I like them a lot.

Hopefully these Euro dreams will come true, although maybe not next season. We’ll see!

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110 thoughts on “Cabaye says that he won’t be the last summer signing.

  1. Old Chinese Proverb:

    “Don’t be surprised people don’t like you when you go round slapping people in the face.”



  2. The goal by Shaqiri the other day was quite something. He looks a real prospect with a neat left peg. Thiago from Spain is also said to be a good playmaker.


  3. Jobey – I just happen to think that people have a right to an opinion without being spoken to like they are some form of remedial 😉


  4. Different thread, same arguement

    “And yes, Carroll was forced out IMO.”

    “I can’t divulge my source”

    Bobby, you are becoming a joke…

    Again, taking speculation and hear say as fact with its suits your arguement. Tisk Tisk…

    Carroll may not have “wanted” to go, but it was the wages that Liverpool offered (that we wouldn’t and quite right match) that would have forced his hand.

    She big fat smile on his face when he arrived at Liverpool said it all for me… I could see the pound signs in his eyes.

    And any manager in the world would have accepted 35mil for him… because he isn’t worth anywhere near that (FACT).


  5. One of my favourite Chinese proverbs…

    “Man with hole in pocket feels ****y all day.” 😆


  6. dan,
    Not sure about Erding’s goal prowess but at least they are realistic targets, hope to hell we don’t go after Reo-Cocker. Would much prefer Ireland as I don’t think we will go after CNZ.
    We need 2 strikers.


  7. As for Adebayor,

    Ye, good player, we won’t get close to getting him. But someone similar to his style of play would be good.

    Bobby, you have every right to suggest you don’t think we have a chance for a player. But other than doing that every five minutes, do you have something positive to add to the blog. Because like I said yesterday… Is just getting a little boring now.


  8. Thiago from spain has been touted as a makeweight for Fabregas to go to Barca. I hope the moaning get goes really, it must be annoying being a gooner having to listen to it all the time how he loves Barca, and to see him wearing the shirt last year!

    Shaqiri’s price has gone way up since that and so we can scrub him off the list!


  9. Raffo, he’s a bit like Gameiro but stockier and likes to drop deep more and get involved with the play.

    He does a lot of work off the ball as well, similar mold to Tevez, now am not saying he is Tevez before Bobby tries to drown me with Coffee but he’s similar in the way he plays.

    Him and Ba would be a great partnership I think.


  10. Just remember eveyone, this is toonsy’s bus and he will decide it’s destination and who he will throw off. 😆


  11. “now am not saying he is Tevez before Bobby tries to drown me with Coffee”

    😆 😆 😆


  12. TGS doubt we will get Reo-Coker, Pardew said in every interview asked about him ‘no chance’.

    As for Erding, yeah he did only get 10 goals this season but he had a dew injuries and when he did play he was playing the off the striker, like Rooney does for Hernandez.

    Erding wouldn’t work on his own but with Ba it would/should.


  13. Reo coker is classic red top research, Played for Wham under pardew and was made captain, Available



  14. JJ,
    Your not helping the matter are you! Trying to get booby to bite eh. 😉


  15. I bought Erdinc on FIFA and it said he was a LW! (I put this in for you Bob 😆 )

    I think Gosling will get a chance before we go for Reo Coker, but he wasnt all that bad at west ham but got a bit greedy suprise suprise.

    Well I would love to see us going for Whickham but I dont know what chance we would have with Lpool involved. I read Scumderland were trying to get involved, and perhaps with the good chances of playing time at them or us would put us above Lpool? I cant see him playing ahead of Kuyt, Suarez, and Carroll, even if they do revert to a 3-5-2 formation.

    I pains me to say but I think Lpool could be a decent team next season


  16. AntB_NUFC
    Drogba claims he, Tiote and Cabaye have done all they can to get Lille striker Gervinho to join NUFC. It’s all up to the Ivorian now..

    Interesting if true…

    **I can just picture Bobby key-bashing over this 😆 **


  17. Sorry TGS 😥

    I enjoy a good debate. But I’m losing hope for Bobby.

    He seems to be stuck on making people smell coffee look at his arse… 😆


  18. I would love Drogba at the toon. NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN I know but it would be amazing.

    Isnt it interesting that Drogba would be trying to get him to come to us. If he was that good why wouldnt he try to get him to Chelski?


  19. Toonsy,

    I think he’s busy waxing him bum in anticipation of the last day of the transfer window… :mrgreen:

    Reo Coker

    Why would we need a replacement for Nolan, when we just bought a CM we didn’t really need.

    Even if Barton Smith and Nolan go, we’d still have, Tiote, Cabaye, Ben Arfa, Gosling, Guthrie, Vuckic to play in the centre.

    We are more than covered in that department.


  20. sy- that didn’t work. but it was blatantly the keyboard smash animation with blood?:P


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