Will Sammy fulfil the potential that Shola didn’t?

Two Ameobi's....
There is little difference when you look at the two Amoebi’s. Both of them look the same, they both have the same gangly style and elastic legs. They even have the same initials if you go by Shola’s more widely used shorter version of his first name.

The similarities end there though.

It’s fair to say that Sammy and Shola are completely different players both in terms of style and ability and also in terms of them playing in different positions. Shola is of course a striker, loosely, whilst Sammy seems to be more of a winger. Shola can appear lazy, slow and disinterested at times whilst Sammy is full of running and has pace to burn. As you can see there are plenty of differences on the pitch which is essentially where it matters of course.

It’s early days for Sammy but he has definitely impressed in his limited appearances so far. It all started off at the tail end of last season when he impressed against Chelsea after coming on a sub, and to the younger Ameobi’s credit he has built on that and has nudged himself even closer to the first team with his recent showings.

The goal against Scunthorpe the other night was exceptional. He beat three men with pace, power and trickery before smashing a long rage drive into the back of the net. I can’t remember the last time I saw Shola do the same thing. It wasn’t the only highlight though as I remember another instance from that same game where Sammy had the ball and managed to come away from three tackles with it still glued to his feet.

If Sammy can keep his head level and keep on improving he will have a very very bright future ahead of him. This is where, love or hate him, Shola can come into his own and help out his brother.

In fairness to Shola he is about as level-headed as you will get, apart from when it comes to hats in all different sizes and different colours. Say what you want about him but few can match Shola’s professionalism. If he can get his younger brother to follow the same path then Sammy can go from strength to strength.

In fact there is already a sense of professionalism instilled in young Sammy. I remember at Leeds when the crowd were asking for a wave from Sammy only for the request to be ignored. He went on Twitter after the game and apologised to fans for not waving but insisted that he didn’t want the boss to think he was a big time Charlie. Nile Ranger take note.

Fair play to Sammy. He is forcing the issue himself through his performances on the field which absolutely the right way to go about things. Sure there are still some rough edges to his game, but I get the sense that he is willing to spend the hours working on them and improving. Isn’t that all we can ask for?

Keep it going Sammy!

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137 thoughts on “Will Sammy fulfil the potential that Shola didn’t?

  1. Toonsy, its all a question of personal judgement and the judgement is that at all costs we should buy any striker – then that is fine and is a perfectly reasonable judgement … lets see if MA agrees .. personally fully agree that we need a striker and a left back at least, but i wouldnt do it at any cost – would only do it if the right deal is available otherwise, whilst it might seemingly address a problem in the short term, long term it might just cause another problem.


  2. NilePowerRanger Nile ranger
    Not feeeling good 2day
    3 hours ago

    I’d bet the bloke you allegedly knocked out doesn’t feel to clever either…..

    NilePowerRanger Nile ranger
    Press.. Leave me alone
    2 hours ago

    Well actions do have consequences Nile…


  3. It’s all greed / character deficiencies. Read some interesting stuff ‘arry’ said in the sun this morning about nasri saying he signed for city due to sporting reasons and arry saying if he moved for sporting reasons he would be at man united. Nice to have a managers view on it and a bit honesty, obviously they have their own issues with modric and the giant cheques waved in front of him so it will be interesting to see what happens. As for the toon, you raise a great point and I am afraid I don’t have the answer. Our stumbling block seems to be duration, rather than a weekly figure but I totally understand big mike is reducing both and if high profile players move as part of that then it appears that is what will happen. However, with a sustained improvement and the right characters brought onto the first team , along with what looks like s very organised and effective scouting system got the first team and development squads, I think we can do well. However, long term goals are one thing, we need to keep an eye on the short term and it is imperative we get an lb, cb and st in this window


  4. Emilio Izaguirre has signed a new Celtic contract to 2015.

    That will price him out of a move to us. Then again, a penny sweet is too expensive for us now.


  5. toonsy,

    True, but I could have seen us struggling by with Ryan Taylor to January and trying to get him there but that’s off now.


    I don’t live in Scotland anymore, so maybe. I miss those little teddy bear things that you got two for a penny. They were epic.


  6. No, spangles don’t ring any bells to me.

    I can’t get that powder stuff that pops in your mouth anymore either. It was always great to sprinkle on some ice cream.


  7. I reckon Patsy is under a bit of pressure to play the attacking entertaining football he promised .

    I haven’t seen much evidence of it yet. πŸ˜•


  8. I reckon Patsy is under a bit of pressure to play the attacking entertaining football he promised .

    I haven’t seen much evidence of it yet.


  9. Oh one more before I go….. Sherbet, but real Sherbet that made you eyes water and mouth go numb. I miss that.

    Cocaine is similar but not as sweet tasting πŸ˜†


  10. I see many of the pro-Cissokho brigade have changed their tune after checking him out for the first time tonight. I didn’t watch, but let me guess; positionally poor, head down and lazy tackler? …No surprises there then πŸ˜†


  11. El Toro,

    Most people haven’t seen 95% of the transfer targets we get linked with, it’s just a foreign name and people just say they want them to look knowledgeable, lol.

    I have no idea who any of these people we’re linked with are anymore.


  12. FJ

    This guy isn’t the player many think he is. There’s a reason why he’s always linked to top teams, yet Lyon can’t seem to give him away. He is quite literally a lesser version of Enrique. I haven’t seen much of Pieters aside from the odd match for Holland where I didn’t even notice him (Good sign!), but I am fairly confident he is better than the Frenchman.


  13. I agree wi Moreno@77…..whey not the funniest thing ever but made me chuckle.

    Wi ElToro on Cissoko, Pieters is way better imo…wouldnt mind both like.

    Batty….spangles were great….actually they’re probs to blame for half me fillins but hey ho :mrgreen:


  14. Richietoon,

    Izaguirre should hopefully be back by January time, all things going well. Hence my theory that we might stick with Raylor at left back until then and try and get him, because any player in the SPL is dirt cheap when English clubs come calling it seems.

    His price has gone to over Β£5m now with his new contract, so we’re out the game there.


  15. Moreno…I’ll believe ya……..neither have I πŸ˜€ ……I remember seeing Texan bars onsale online a while back though πŸ˜€

    FJ…If he’s back then. I think clubs will leave it ’til next summer before making a move.

    Jose looked canny today πŸ‘Ώ …balanced out by Judas looking crap though


  16. Can still get the Jolly Ranchers in America. Got some in Canada last year, tasted as good as ever.

    Impressed with both of the kids but would be happy to see both of them go out on loan tbh. Six months maybe for Sammy to get a consistent run of games and see how he does when teams start to figure out what he’s about, hopefully can still be effective.

    From what Pardew said about Hairs needing to adjust to the physicality, three months in the championship couldn’t do him any harm. Would’ve happened in the reserves by now you’d think but i suppose all the teams are more kids now than grizzly vets and the injuries haven’t helped.

    For me it would be the positive side of getting knocked out of the CC. As it is I think we need them playing in the cup games while we’re in it. Hope fergie comes back ok and gets a few sub appearances in before the next round whenever it is.

    Bit worried like some others about the disappearance of Kadar; always looked a great talent and never let the side down. Maybe Lee Clark is trying to get him on loan again…. 😐


  17. moreno…never had it,is it owt like Dandelion and burdock?…..and on that note, I’m away up the dancers, later lads.


  18. Seen a few people captained Charlie Adam on fantasy football….*******s.

    Either him or Lampard captained is 20 points and they will no doubt get a team of the week bonus too once the other games have been played


  19. Sorry, excuse my ignorance..

    “Will Sammy fulfil the potential that Shola didn’t?”

    My answer….wey aye. All he needs to do is say “am a geordie! wey aye!”, that should convince Lord Fat there’s too much water in the sea.


  20. On Jolly Rancher sweets. Marktoon spends far too much money on some website that imports American sweets. They’ll probably be on there

    Counting down to kick off now πŸ™‚


  21. Good day for me in the predictor league yesterday, nae doubt that will be balanced out by a crap today to today ‘cos that’s how I roll


  22. Morning Toonsy! Great article! Really exciting watching Sammy play, hope he gets some more chances to show what he’s about. Pleased that Pardew seems to bring the subs on with enough time to get some play, none of this last 10 minutes BS. Sammy is like the anti-Nile Ranger! Same sort of potential but he’s not going to be a **** and disappoint me like Ranger did last year!! (Sell!!) Haha…. instead we’ve got a nice level-headed kid, just like Shola, who can cause havoc like Ranger plus actually find the back of the net. Along with other stable personalities, in the form of Colo and Cabaye for a start… was gutted to see Joey go, but could it be that the new team spirit could be based a bit less around drama and ego??? Loved seeing the lads pile on top of Sammy on Thursday night, loved seeing them pull it together and fight back from a sh1t start… didn’t seem any less spirited than last year’s lot to me…. Fulham…. bring it on! Howay the lads!!! πŸ˜€

    Now for more coffee πŸ˜€


  23. Toonsy@123. I used to do that. Vanilla coke, almond mars bars, peanut butter m&ms. Used to buy them by the boxful.

    There are loads of shops out there on the Internet that sell old sweets. Just goggle for them.


  24. Oh and there’s no better rush than a gob full of that popping candy space dust stuff, keeping it in you mouth and then taking a big swig of coke. Eye popping. πŸ˜€


  25. i like pardews idea to get the good young lads out on loan,would love to see sammy get a place in league 1 or higher(if there is a space)as reserves is not as competitive as that level.just look at how kaz and tav have come on …..i definetly think tav will be back up if simmo leaves. hope young richardson and airey get more game time instead of sitting on the bench on loan!


  26. Morning Thad and everyone who predicted Pieters would be signed at midday today.

    3 hrs to go. πŸ˜†

    Grandma Baba is never wrong πŸ˜†


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