One week to go! Are you worried about it?

Will we be cashing a Cheik this January?
The transfer window has just one week remaining and as things stands it is us who are the biggest spenders after the arrival of Papiss Demba Cisee.

Now personally I never thought that would be the case although it is down to what has been an unusually quiet transfer window combined with an unusual willingness for not so fatty to splash a bit of cash.

I very much doubt that we’ll end the window as the biggest spenders though. We are entering the danger zone when the action starts to heat up and teams become that little bit more desperate to acquire that final piece of the jigsaw in preparation for whatever their aspirations are for the rest of the season, whether that be Premier League survival, a chase for a European place or a stab at the title.

After last January you can forgive fans of NUFC for being rather pensive as the window reaches its climax. The Andy Carroll transfer worked out with the benefit of hindsight, but last season it left a massive hole in our attack which, fortunately, Leon Best managed to fill.

So are you worried about the same thing happening this time around? We’ve heard allsorts of rumours and have some cracking players that bigger eyes will be watching. Demba Ba has been rumoured with a move away, as has Yohan Cabaye. Cheik Tiote is always linked with a move and Tim Krul is another NUFC player who has not gone unnoticed.

By now I think that most are aware that we won’t just sell for the sake of it. If anyone wants our players they must be prepared to have their eyeballs ripped out on any deal, much like we did with Liverpool 12 months ago. In fact that is one area where I have to praise the regime – if a player does go, he doesn’t go on the cheap unless they are not wanted at the club ala Joey Barton.

Anyway I digress…

So any team who wants our players will have to pay handsomely for the privilege, but with desperation increased you just never know what can happen in the final few days of the transfer window. Add to that the fact that we would have little time to respond in the transfer market and all of a sudden a transfer window with promise starts to look a little less pleasant should we shed one of our big stars and not have the time to replace them.

The question is, are you worried about it?

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97 thoughts on “One week to go! Are you worried about it?

  1. Bizarrely with this regime im not worried, I was crapping mesel in the last day or so of the summer window when the colo/valencia links popped up but i can see this deadline day being skys nightmare deadline day scenario where next to **** all happens, David craig having to pass the time showing us his ventriloquist act and jim white playing the greatest hits of the proclaimers on the bagpipes. 🙄

    Cant see owt of note happening, probably us getting some cheap and cheerful centre half cover and maybe this loon from man utd…


  2. M dont know the guy,just know hes the sports writer for the paper,theres nowt happening anywhere so maybe hes stiring things up 😀


  3. @Liam

    I’m trusting my source who states they are done deals.

    If he’s wrong, I will howk him! 😯

    Then again I will be relieved if they don’t go.


  4. They done deals for jan or the summer?
    I heard the chelski rumour for tiote but not so sure now that hes in full swing with acon.
    Also krul….just cant see that….but we said that with carroll! 😯


  5. So if it’s a done deal and Tiote was to break both legs in the ACoN it wouldn’t be our problem? 😉


  6. Perhaps worried is the wrong question, although I did answer yes. Its more a combination of being pensive/expectant of something bad, which is always going to happen under Ashley methinks.


  7. Cheers for the feedback lads, sorry i didnt reply to neeone, was at graft.
    Im sure what some of yous have said will put mrs skips mind at ease!!!
    Feckin playin away!!!! I couldnt be chewed with the clart on!!!!
    On a football related matter, yes Im cacking oneself about the last week of the window!!


  8. Arent chelsea signing this brazilian lad from donesk and essiens fit again, Cant see tiote joining them this month with the ammount of midfielders they have already and the acon in full swing…


  9. If theyr’re done deals, have we just had them on loan the last few games they played for us?…..a done deal is everything signed, medicals done etc etc, therefore not our players.
    If they stay or not, who knows, but the only thing that is 100% fact is that they aren’t “done” deals 😉


  10. I think I am late and folks are likely on to the next thread.
    That said, I am not worried at all. At the beginning of the season, I was worried about survival in the league…that is virtually assured now, and we still have 4 months left to go. The fact that we’re competing for a potential European spot is icing on the cake. Also, it’s likely we’ll see 2 more FA Cup games as well, so again, icing on the cake.
    Additionally, our scouting network has proven themselves very adept in the last 2 years, and if some lazy team like Chelsea want to pay $25Million for Tiote, that’s fine. With a bit of work, our scouts may be able to find the next 2 or 3 Tiote’s for that same amount. That, or it may make it easier for MA to offer Colo the contract he wants and tie up Simpson and Guthrie as well.
    That said, I hope no one goes as I really like our squad/team now. I’ve been enjoying this season very much and can’t wait for mid-February to roll around to see Cisse and Ba playing up front.


  11. @JT

    You know how they operate. Everything to suit NUFC.
    The deals will be announced on the final weekend and they will act as if it was unexpected.

    I haven’t heard about Colo but I believe there’s a strong possibility a club will come in for him and we will sell.

    I can’t see us offering Colo a long enough contract which he will be satisfied with.


  12. I think the only players that will leave this window if any one wants them is Simmo , Harper ,Smith and Perch . The rest won’t be allowed to leave unless crazy carroll like offers are made for them . Ashley wants us in Europe next season too give the image of the club a boost , that would bring in more sponsor money , sell more buisness seats , making us more sellable . We are in the mix and he knows this hence the move for Cisse .


  13. @troyore

    You keep saying its a done deal but only you know about it and your source 🙄

    not one Journo, not one twitterer, no one but you 😯

    if its done, as Johno says ‘why are they not annouced’

    Tiote – £25m
    Krul – £15m

    comes to £45 mil, dummy 😯

    boin boin boing


  14. Skip it may have summat to do with you looking like a seventies porn star,she might really have the hots for you…. 😉


  15. I think barca might come in for Sammy or shola 😕 or maybe both 🙁 which would be very bad news they are both cracking players and it would take a lot of money to prize them away from us.


  16. I just want this window to end i would be over the moon if it just ended now with Cisse in and no one out , but do i think it will …….. NO WAY ! skinny mike will flog someone if not more than one but not long to wait to find out only a week to go tick tick tick 😛


  17. I think the board are learning from their mistakes. If a key player does go, it will be for a good profit, with a guaranteed replacement done and dusted before the sale is sanctioned. A mon avis….


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