No need to sell and money to spend, says Pardew

Pardew has money to spend
Rumours have been a big part of the summer so far. In fact I’m struggling to recall a summer quite like it in terms of players linked with moves to us.

Naturally these rumours have been interspersed with players being linked with moves away from us, but for those fearing that particular scenario then Alan Pardew’s words in the Sunday Mirror should be of interest to you.

The silver-haired supremo has revealed that United have the cash to bring in as many as three more players this summer, and perhaps most tellingly, also revealed that the he can do so without the need to sell one of our bigger players to fund the recruitment process over the next six weeks or so.

“I know we can sign two or three ­players and keep all those we have. I know we can do that. I think we will be stronger,” Pardew told the Sunday Mirror.

“And if we do lose a ­marquee player to a ­really inflated price – an Andy Carroll price – then we have got to trust our ­judgement and go into the market place and bring in an equivalent, and I think Mike is quite comfortable with that.”

“The big job this ­summer is keeping players, as well as signing them. I think that is the key. We still have a window wide open and everyone is analysing and looking at what they did over the last year and at what other teams did. A lot of people will look at us, so I’m not out of the woods on that for sure.”

“I don’t fear a big offer coming in, I expect it. I expect a bid for one of our marquee players. Whether it’s enough money to take the player away, we will have to wait and see, but it would have to be a lot of money.”

“I would be very ­surprised if the spirit and ­camaraderie we built up last season was broken up, unless we lost four or five players – and I cannot see that in a million years.”

What about the aims for next season though? The other day he suggested that the fans would be happy with an eighth placed finish, but is the real aim for this season? Improvement it seems is the order of the day.

“We ­finished fifth, but that was last season. It is important that the message gets through to the players here that, while it is a good finish, it isn’t winning the league,” said Pardew.

“There are still four places to aim at above us and, if you want to be a winner, then you have to be better than you were last season.”

So nobody out, two or three in, plus an assault on the Premier League title? That wouldn’t be too shabby would it. I’d quite like us to conquer Europe whist we’re at it, and maybe win a domestic cup competition. Is that too much to ask?

In all seriousness though these are pretty positive words. Yes one of our big players could still go and no doubt people will say that Pardew is “whoring” our players out again, but look at the facts. It’s going to take big money to do so and the kind of clubs that can offer that will more than likely prick the interest of the player in question as they will be clubs who are competing in the Champions League. It’s happened at bigger and more successful clubs than ours so we can’t be surprised can we?

Right, now back to waiting for something concrete to happen…

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174 thoughts on “No need to sell and money to spend, says Pardew

  1. Dub I think Carroll is a lot better than people give him credit for, its not like we need to hoff the ball from Krul up to him he thrived whe he was being supplied from the wings which we have player to provide that and I think Cisse would love playing of him and his knock down, **** Tugboat Nolan was like a snail but still bagged the goals because of Carroll.
    On Pards when did he assure Ba about playing through the centre

    Ice they must be up to no good or maybe Richie was hungry so has ate Batty


  2. Just watched Jaarman third division side Stuttgart Kickers cuff the mighty Sellic Glasgow, easily too…. They’re good those German third division teams…. 🙁 🙁


  3. Had exams and that. Trying to enjoy my last summer before full time work in a few months 😕 been reading a bit but never on long enough to read all the comments.

    How are you getting on? Pup been keeping his nose clean?


  4. I don’t trust wor lot, I fear the poor innocent Ba is gonna get a shock somewhere here …. 🙄 Del Boy and Cashley wheeling and dealing…they’re good at it…. 🙄 Could force Ba’s hand somewhat…


  5. Aye dave, think he’d been brilliant in a 442 with wither ba or cisse but would we still be able to change to a 451 and keep the three happy? Hell even if AC couldn’t kick the ball he’s worth having on the pitch for set pieces alone. We’d be so much more of a threat from corners and long range free kicks.

    Cant find the ba comment. Don’t think he made a promise to him or anything but said it would be a part of keeping him happy


  6. Found it dave :mrgreen:

    “He has said to me he wants some reassurance from me because he wants a more striking role this season and I think he will.

    “He played a couple of roles that were unorthodox for me last season to help the team, that’s the sort of person he is. He wants to play through the middle and he wants to score goals – that’s what he does best.”


  7. DUBTOON good luck with work mate just dont end up like dave sticking needles in folk and getting payed for it 😀 pup never keeps his nose clean dirty lucky sod 😆 😆


  8. Dave honestly there is no reasoning with you. Any high points under Shepherd were all a MIRAGE. All built on money we didn’t have. If we had stayed with Shepherd we would have gone down the pompey/leeds route.

    Ashley has been the best thing to happen to the club. We’ve had loads of crap from him but fckin hell, look at us now.


  9. Big D he’s had a couple of good shots and not been banned yet. Think you’ll need to hang onto the tee-shirt for a bit…. 😉 😆


  10. MM 😆 My guess is he’s already blocked.

    Worky does have a bit of a point though for once. The liverpool bosses would have to be big men to swallow their pride and not only send him back to newcastle, but have llamearse’s smug face looking down at them as they sign the deal. I don’t think i could manage that without trying to hit him with something….


  11. Dubtoon…the toon wouldn’t send Del Boy for this one, he’d get his lug punched for sure…. 😆 😆 😆

    Disagree with you completely though that Workyticket made a good point… 🙄


  12. Would be risky in the extreme loaning him to a team who are right now already stronger than us.

    Wehey, taken directly from the Liverpool blog…..regarding us perloining the gypsy… 😆 😆


  13. Dubtoon, stick in there mate, you’re doing a great job. Must just be a slight fatigue after all that cramming you’ve been doing … 😉


  14. Andy Carroll just been spotted in Landsberg am Lech Top Club…you heard it first here… 😉


  15. ST how many times have I to say that FFS made **** ups aswell before you get it 😕
    As for ” If we had stayed with Shepherd we would have gone down the pompey/leeds route. did your crystal ball tell you that or is that just your opinion 😀


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