So what is Kinnear’s job at Newcastle?

Is any caption really needed?
Is any caption really needed?
Joe Kinnear’s summer appointment was met with dismay and confusion amongst fans of Newcastle United.

Appointed as Director of Football, it was the task of Joe to look after the football side of things and, in particular, to assist in transfers into the club.

The anger to his appointment was met with some bullish claims by the former Wimbledon man who even claimed that he could call up any manager he liked and they’d all answer the phone to him. He also asked to be judged on his signings so, after adding no new permanent faces over the summer, is the time for judging now? Or would we, as Joe says, just be looking for something negative to chew on like we always do according to the man himself?

In terms of signing players he has failed at his job miserably. That is in the terms that I, and probably most of us, thought that he would be utilised by the club. However having pondered things these past few days and digested what has come out of the club prior to the window closing, I’m now wondering if Joe has failed at his job at all?

Take Alan Pardew’s statement for example, released the day after the transfer window closed. Read it below and see what you think:

“We are delighted to have brought Loic Remy to the club in this window and we believe he will form an exciting and effective partnership with Papiss Cisse.

“Joe has worked hard on numerous targets, particularly an additional offensive player. However some of the options that were available within our financial means were not as good as the players we already had and there is no point bringing in new players unless they can improve us and take us forward.

“We did the majority of our business in the January window, signing five excellent first team players.

“With the strong squad we have we should all approach the season in a positive, optimistic frame of mind.”

Now from that it looks as though we were never really interested in anyone over the summer so was Joe’s job to deflect some of the attention from a lack of activity? Is he being used as the fall guy?

Like I said in the last article, I’m angry we’ve not signed anyone but I’m not disappointed. It’s hard to be disappointed abut something you’ve half expected all along. I don’t like the waffle that comes out of the club, I don’t like who they have waffling at us so as a result I don’t believe anything until it happens any more.

It’s just a shambles that is in danger of turning toxic just like what happened in the relegation season. Fan unrest is at a high level and whilst I agree that a stand should be made I’m also mindful that the backing for players during matches still needs to be there. After all, they’ve not been helped out either.

So among all of these claims that Kinnear is just a Director of F**kall, just spare a moment to think of the possibility that perhaps he’s not the inept halfwait he makes out to be and has instead done what he was hired to do in the first place.

Just a few thoughts…

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270 thoughts on “So what is Kinnear’s job at Newcastle?

  1. Villa (a): win 0-1
    Hull (h): win 2-0
    Everton (a): draw 1-1
    Cardiff (a): draw win 2-0
    Liverpool (h): win 3-1
    Mackems (a): win 3-0

    @CC very good posts again mate

    @Mark 209 SD are only getting bigger and bigger. Fans from most other clubs dont really care that much about Ashley in fact some fans would love him at their clubs. We are a laughing stock because the way our fans act. (or portrayed)


  2. Wow Santii I’m impressed. 16 out of a possible 18 points should put us in the top 5 or 6 mate. Let nobody say you’re not an optimist! 😀


  3. TROY@206 stop sitting on the fence and tell us what you really think of Ashley m8 😆

    the trouble is singing anti Ashley songs and anti Ashley marches will only give him a massive hard on , while laughing at us and thinking look at all those ****es i have given a good battering too . The only way too hurt him is in the pocket and thats hard too do with so many fans stuck with the payments for their season tickets ,plus the tv money and the Wonga deal .


  4. G2 tbh Liverpool is the only team there that has a better team than us. We have much stronger squad than all the rest (only slightly with everton). Do you not agree?


  5. I’m thinking of putting Kinnear’s name forward for an important position with the national side. After all he can pick up the phone and speak with any manager any time he wants. That’s half the job right there isn’t it? He would be so much better off with England with all his incredible talents and skills I feel. Let me help you pack and get you on your way Joe.


  6. It’s more about our manager and how he sets the team out than the players Santii mate especially away from home. We had much the same group from January on last season but it got us very little. Cisse has been terrible, Cabaye is out of sorts, Tiote has been terrible. We have Remy now so there will be improvement but we have a long way to go. Especially with Pardew in there. He may prove me wrong and I hope he does. I would really love to see us break out and have a good set of games.


  7. “Ashley took £11m back last year and is entitled to another £18m in this one if he wants it. The club’s media department deny he has taken the second repayment, which makes the lack of spending on players even more bewildering. ”
    Quote from Luke Edwards article. So what’s the game here Ashley? You gave Joe transfer funds but he wasn’t skilled enough to actually bring anyone in? Where does that leave us then? Praying for no injuries, that’s where.


  8. Surely even Ashley would sack a mate if he can’t do the job. How long will it take to find out? Certainly I think we’re stuck with Joe through the January transfer window. Especially if we struggle and Joe has to step in for Pardew temporarily until another manager is brought in.


  9. I think I’m on here alone again? Anyone care to join in? 😆 I know it’s Friday night but howay priorities mates!


  10. @ Santii

    Be sensible please. Those predictions are ridiculous. 🙄

    From what I’ve seen from January onwards we are relegation fodder. The only thing that might help us is Remy if he stays fit. But I don’t expect a dramatic change.


  11. G2 @ 234 maybe he was due to take £18 mil in June but decided to wait until after the window so that he could take the summer window money, as it wouldn’t look as bad only taking one lump sum instead of 2 😆 😆 😆


  12. That’s possibly it Big Dave mate @238. Or maybe Kinnear was supposed to do his job this summer and bring in a couple of players that Pardew was asking for. Again, where does this leave us? Who is actually minding the shop Mike?


  13. Troy what about Mark’s @ 221 they were pretty realistic for him 😆

    G2 I don’t think there is anyone minding the shop, we must be the only team that doesn’t have a chairman 😕 but maybe JFK is covering that post as he has done **** all else 😀


  14. Troy @240, I’ve only seen it stated in a couple of news articles mate. Luke Edwards mentioned it and I think it was in the Chronicle as well. I would like to see more confirmation myself.


  15. Yes we’re in a right state with Kinnear coming in. I think Charnley is standing in as Chairman is he not? What a mess and Ashley sits and does nothing about it. The whole board is probably a farce anyway. Ashley makes the big spending decisions so why pretend otherwise I suppose.


  16. G2 ,I got home just in time for ko mate. Been up the girls giving a hygiene clean to the loft apartment she rents out. Her tenant moved out last sunday not before letting his pet chinchilla go for a roam which led to it getting in the eaves and under the floorboards 👿 .Took us three days to capture it ,had to use an humane trap in the end. I was so mad with him for letting her out the cage ,anyway all sorted now and clean ,just need the carpet shampoo guys in . New tenant moves in in a week ,went up to help her today as Lew away .

    Welbeck England 3.0


  17. Fine pass from Lambert as well. Kimtoon that sounds like quite a mess Kimtoon. Bit of a lout for a tenant? An accident or on purpose do you think?


  18. @Big Dave

    It’s quite amusing reading Mark’s complete turnaround about the regime. 😆

    It wasn’t long ago that he was ridiculing us for doing the same. 😯

    It’s strange how people are slow at reading situations. Clearly we don’t find it difficult but Mark needs leading by the hand. 😆

    Well done Mark. Better late than never. 😉


  19. No ,not on purpose ,he’s a nice guy just a bit dopey over Romona (the Chin), she must of got freaked out with all the moving out boxes everywhere and did a runner ,as they do .Trouble is they LOVE electric cables and her being under the floorboards didn’t do much for my mood this week . He had to come back every night across town from his new flat to try and catch her. In the end he brought a trap over . He’s a musician the flat was full of amps guitars ,all sorts and he was the hairiest guy I’ve ever seen 😆 .New tenant is an arts therapist for the NHS ,what a contrast.


  20. Troy better late than never 😆

    Kim yeah the internationals suck, but I must say us beating Portugal atm is making it a bit easier but maybe I shouldn’t speak too soon


  21. At least it was just an accident Kimtoon and they (musician and pet) are reunited. 😆 The new tenant is likely quiet in comparison? Yes it’s difficult with no game this weekend. I hope Pardew is using the time off well. Try practicing offense for a change Alan!


  22. Unstoppable sometimes when he really gets going BD. Lambert should be man of the match for England. Ukraine will be much more difficult especially away.


  23. Dave ,your having as bad a night as me .Just got off the phone to lews respite carer and he’s thrown up all his meds twice (party trick ) they are about to attempt 3 rd lot he’s now had three showers tonight 🙄 He hates the carbamazepine liquid but has to have it for his seizures poor thing.

    Dave I can’t stand Ronaldo ,ever since he did that wink .


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