Rafa Explains Second Half Display

As reported by The Chronicle, Rafa Benitez was not totally satisfied with yesterday’s second half performance.

Benitez said that “In football if you play well you will have more chances to win more games. Sometimes you cannot because the other team is physically strong or aggressive.”

The Newcastle manager then went on to further explain why his team had to do so much defending in the second half by adding “If the referee allows this type of contact you have to play and you have to adapt. If you can do that it means you are stronger.”

Rafa will not be the only person who was not satisfied with the referee, who was targeted by boo’ing from Newcastle fans throughout the game, most notably at half-time.

Benitez, however seemed delighted with the team’s performance in the first half, even saying “I would like to play like we did in the first half. We were creating chances and taking them more.”