Will Rafa Appeal to the FA – Following Below Par Refereeing?

As reported by the Chronicle, Newcastle manager Rafa Benitez will not approach the FA, following a poor display by referee Stephen Martin, last night.

After the game, Benitez said: “In both situations, I think he (Lansbury) was doing something that normally in England everybody criticises.

“I was really surprised by that. I don’t know if they (the FA) can look at the images, but maybe they can consider their number ten (Lansbury) in both situations because I think he was creating a mess.

“I will not ask for anything. If they want to do something, fine.

“If they do not, it is up to them. We made a mistake, but he was kicking Jonjo first, and after that he was waiting and diving.

Benitez was clearly not happy about how poor things had been, adding: “It was so obvious, so clear, so if they want to do something, fine. If not, forget it.

“We will carry on and do what we have to do, and make sure we do not make these mistakes like Jonjo.”