Embarrassed to be an England fan – The sickening story behind my first day at Wembley

After returning home from a few days in London, I’m left with mixed emotions – and I’m not even talking about the football itself.

It was amazing to be around Wembley for the first time, celebrate with friends, take in the atmosphere and get behind this young England team that’ve made us smile again after an awful year, but some of the things we’ve witnessed from so-called ‘supporters’ over the past 24 hours have been disgusting.

Players racially abused (one only 19) for missing a penalty. The lowest of the low, yet entirely predictable these days. It’s becoming the new norm, but what’s being done to clamp down on these vile morons? They should be sacked, fined & banned at the very minimum.

Mobs of England fans fighting their way past stewards to get into Wembley without a ticket. In one case, this meant a disabled young fan had his view blocked all game by some bloke who didn’t pay a penny.

A policeman with blood pouring from his head because some idiot thought it was a good idea to throw a bottle of beer 100ft into the air for ‘banter’.

Parts of London trashed by lads who claim to love England, yet happily turn their capital into some garbage dump after a few too many drinks.

Italy fans targeted before the game and attacked after it because some people can’t handle losing. A bit of rivalry is great pre kick-off, but some of it was embarrassing to watch; including the booing of the Italian national anthem.

Young families rushing to leave because fireworks were being set off in the middle of huge crowds and traffic cones thrown about like they were soft toys.

A Marcus Rashford mural vandalised with racial abuse in Manchester after he missed a penalty, forgetting that so many kids aren’t missing meals because of his efforts off the pitch!

I love the way football can bring people together, I love this England team / Gareth Southgate and I love seeing people have a good time – especially after the 18 months we’ve all been through – but I hate how many idiots there are in this country.

On the plus side, so many have stood by Saka, Sancho and Rashford in light of the abuse, racists have been sacked and that mural in Manchester has now been covered over with messages of love and support, it’s just a shame how the minority threaten to ruin things for everyone else.

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Olly has been a Junior Magpie from birth. As a season ticket holder and avid Newcastle United fan, he eats, sleeps and breathes all things NUFC!

2 thoughts on “Embarrassed to be an England fan – The sickening story behind my first day at Wembley

  1. England fans have always been vile. This is a vile uneducated little island of chavs


  2. Ian Cusack:
    England fans have always been vile. This is a vile uneducated little island of chavs

    Ian – speak for yourself.

    What we saw outside of Wembley, and the morons storming in without tickets – were not England fans simply because they had an England shirt or tattoo.
    They were in a minority, and actually the vast majority of those IN the stadium & those up and down the Country watching on the big screens & in their homes were brilliant.
    I don’t condone booing another’s National Anthem, but to hear them banging ours out and Sweet Caroline was spine tingling.

    The cowards that targeted Rashford, Sancho and Saka are absolutely vile. There is no ground given on that. But the response by the masses has been bang on – love & support for the lads & rightly so.
    Society has reacted in the right way to these creatures – it’s our politicians who have let them down (again) and the social media companies who are choosing to protect the wrong people on their sites.

    Our government share your opinion of this Country mate & they are wrong too. They are extreme pomp & wealth – they are in the minority.
    There are also small minded thugs & bigots that reared their heads on Sunday. But the vast majority of this Country are intelligent, decent human beings. Different in gender, appearance and walks of live – but understanding of what’s right and wrong. We may have different levels of acceptance – but the majority would agree the conduct of our politicians is unacceptable & the conduct of the thugs & bigots is unacceptable.
    The majority need to learn to come together & hold the minority to account.


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