Palace 1-1 Newcastle: Wilson magic & VAR help Jones’ Mags earn fortunate point

A disappointing display at Selhurst Park and a difficult watch for Newcastle United fans, but it’s a point – and one we were lucky to hold onto in the end.

After Christian Benteke’s header gave the hosts a 1-0 lead early in the second half, Callum Wilson scored a stunning overhead kick to hand us a point.

It looked like Palace would take all three in the 89th minute when Benteke slammed home another header, however VAR came to our rescue as – just like it did at Watford – as Guehi was guilty of a blatant shirt pull on Ciaran Clark.

With Watford pulling off a stunning 5-2 win at Everton, Southampton and Burnley drawing and a struggling Leeds equalising in the 92nd minute against Wolves, a point isn’t really enough for a Newcastle United side still looking for win number one of the season.

Sadly, we didn’t play like a team believing they’d win and spent most of the game camped in our own half. We did defend better and didn’t fold under the pressure, however the lack of quality on the ball combined with the negative set up was tough to watch at times.

Graeme Jones made two changes, replacing Joe Willock and Joelinton with Emil Krafth and Ryan Fraser – a move that saw us revert to a five-man defence.

Here’s what he had to say when asked about those changes:

“So, from Emil Krafth and from Ryan Fraser, they have trained really well, they have showed me that they want to be in the team, they want to be part of things. Both international footballers, both good Premier League experience. SO I’m expecting a good positive performance from them.”

As for the game itself, it was a pretty grim opening 20 minutes.

Gallagher was being given too much space, we were sitting far too deep, not putting enough pressure on the ball and should’ve went 1-0 down after Benteke struck the post from a header he really had to score from.

Aside from a scramble in the box that saw Wilson hit the side netting and one counter attack which ended in a poor final ball from Saint-Maximin, the travelling Toon Army were given nothing to shout about across the opening half an hour.

We had the ability to do damage with Wilson, Fraser and ASM in attack – even if the latter was having a shocker – but our inability to keep the ball and get good service into our front three was painful to watch over the first 45, highlighted by Palace’s 79% possession.

We had to push up – even if this low block was seeing us look better solid defensively and more compact.

Heading into half time, it felt like we’d be holding on for a point at best if nothing changed, which wasn’t really what we were looking for as a winless side set to face Chelsea next weekend!

The second half was a similar story, sadly. Only this time Palace found a breakthrough just 10 minutes after the restart.

After another abysmal pass was easily intercepted – this time the culprit was Sean Longstaff – Palace broke, got the ball wide and swung a cross up to Benteke. The big Belgian was too strong for Clark and this time headed past Darlow.

1-0 Palace. Exactly what we deserved and it nearly got worse five minutes later as Benteke hit the woodwork once again.

At this point I didn’t know what the game plan was. We needed to change things. The formation wasn’t working and, right on cue, Willock and Almiron were stripped and ready to come on as Jones prepared a double change.

Before that, however, Callum Wilson drew us level!

A corner kick was flung into the box, Krath flicked on the loose ball and our number nine improvised brilliantly to fire an overhead kick into the top left corner to make it 1-1!

We didn’t really deserve it but it was the moment of quality we’d been missing all game and came at a time where Palace were threatening to run away with it.

Frustratingly, we reverted to type soon after and were on the back foot, with Vieira throwing on Zaha and Benteke spurning another huge chance soon after when slipped through on goal.

Just as we were edging closer to a point, it looked like the big man had won it for Palace. He climbed highest from a corner and headed past Darlow, sending the home crowd wild and every Toon fan in the country slumped back into their seat.

Fortunately, VAR spotted Marc Guehi pulling down Ciaran Clark just as the ball came into the box and the referee disallowed the goal after watching the incident on the pitch-side monitor.

We held out for the five minutes of stoppage time and secured the point, which could prove to be a precious one in the end – even if the performance and results elsewhere create fresh cause for concern.

Next up, a clash with Chelsea at St James’ Park fresh from their 7-0 win over Norwich today!

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Olly has been a Junior Magpie from birth. As a season ticket holder and avid Newcastle United fan, he eats, sleeps and breathes all things NUFC!

134 thoughts on “Palace 1-1 Newcastle: Wilson magic & VAR help Jones’ Mags earn fortunate point

  1. Just me on here then 🙂 OK I will take the baton and run with it.

    The more I think about Overmars and Ten Hag, the more I see them as long term. We need someone to put this fire out because Jones is not equipped to do it (prove me wrong Graeme). That team selection and tactics along with his stint at Luton prove he is another bad hire in a whold host of bad hires. I know he only had 3 days, but not really, he has had 9 months coz Brucie said he gave Jones the attack and had the Steves coaching defense.

    So, it’s Favre for me. I have never seen a Fonseca team play so cannot comment on him. We dont need to overhaul the academy this year, so we dont need Ajax alums. What we need is a bit of a chequebook manager to give us a quick fix in Jan. I am also getting the feeling we need rid of Jones. I dont care what assurances he has been given. He talked a good game before and after Palace but we actually played a rotten game.

    We have to leave “the project” until after we stay up because that would set us back more than a year. What good players would come to a newly promoted team, even if we have more money than Jeff Bazos and Bill Gates combined?


  2. Let’s be hones Eric. The Ten Hag / Overmaars dream ticket would be too goo to turn down. If we cant stay up then he’s not the manager every body thinks he is.

    However I can understand Ten Hag saying come and get me when you have establi9shed a foundation, ie kept us up.

    Favre would be my choice on the basis of his Budasleague experience. He alos plays more attacking football thasn Ten Hag. Not sure about DoF’s not sure about the liverpool academy boss, but there have been other names I can’t remeber but I haven’t seen a duff one, unlike managers


  3. Personally I haven’t a clue who I would appoint as manager so that’s probably why it’s taking so long as they’re probably thinking the same as we are. It’s a shame timing wasn’t better with Rafa as I suppose he would have been perfect but we are where we are. Favre would be a good choice but a risk as he has no PL experience. Maybe someone like Steven Gerrard would be interesting.


  4. I am finding it difficult to figure out who I want as new Manager for several reasons:

    Martinez – no, I watched his Everton team and they faded badly before was sacked.

    Gerrard – no clue, I havent seen a single game he has Managed.

    Fonseca – same as Gerrard, I havent seen a game he has Managed either.

    Favre – good reputation but I will admit I have only seen 2 games he Managed at Dortmund. We get a couple of games a week of German football and one was probably Der Classica.

    Eddie Howe – not a big enough name if we want to get a few in in Jan.

    Lampard – I dont know about Frank. I thought he did OK at Chelsea but he has never really been in a relegation scrap, even as a player.

    Conte – he wont come. He might be holding out for Man U but I am not sure they would take to his style. He would want his own coaches there and they are currently stacked with ex-players. They would really have to sack the whole backroom staff along with Ole.

    I look at a few other Blogs and a lot of people are certain who they want. I will say it again, I bet they have hardly seen their teams play and the decsion must be being on paper talk or maybe Youtube videos. Last time we did that didnt we end up with Xisco? I reckon that’s how we got Donkey as well although they are adamant the watched him at Dortmund.


  5. Eric, tend to agree with your post, not sure Lamps or Stevie G are a good fit though. I would like Jose, think it’s destined he manage us at some point. Would he be the right fit, god knows but would be one hell of a ride. Still it won’t be him at the moment. Not sure on going dutch either. they don’t tend to fair well as managers in our league. Ten Hag, not a chance he comes or Conte .
    Eddie Howe sounds like Pards, close your eyes and listen when he talks, I can’t get past that .


  6. Has anyone seen a comment or heard KK talk about our new owners. It’s really odd he’s not said anything or attended any games yet now that jabba has left. Perhaps he’s not a fan of the new regime.


  7. I think it’s between 2 now – Fonseca and Favre.

    I don’t see Martinez leaving Belgium in the run up to a WC – I think he may leave them after that but not now.

    I don’t see Gerrard leaving Rangers for a number of reasons – but the main one being he’d never get the Lpool job if he had help us become one of their major competitors.

    Lampard & Howe had chance in the summer – Everton, Palace, Celtic and Spurs and none of those clubs wanted them – Everton even opted to p!SS their fans off with Rafa.

    I reckon it’s Fonzy or Flav .. and I’d opt for Flav or the 2. More experienced of the 2 and probably the man we need for that 2-3 season transition because we are starting from a long way back.


  8. Fonseca is the hardest one to judge. He was sacked by Porto when they were 3rd after a bad run of form. We dont need a manager who goes on death spirals, we just had one of them. That might be harsh on Paulo though.

    Then there is the Ukraine. The smaller leagues tend to have their better players syphoned off to better European Leagues and are left with 1 or 2 clubs with money that win everything. That’s why I find it hard to judge him, plus I never saw his team play.

    Then he finished 5th with Roma. That is probably par for the course as there is usually Juve, The Milans and then Napoli and Roma. It usually follows the money over there and Roma must have some money if they can afford Jose.

    I just find it hard to judge this guys record and not having seen his teams playit would be a total shot in the dark on my part. I would like to see Caulken or Henry Winter make an assessment, someone who might have watched his teams in Europe as part of their job. I will not be going on Ryders views as I bet he has seen about as much of Fonseca as me. He did reach the semi-final of the Europa League but didnt Pards get to the querter final 🙂

    I have never really rated Martinez and I think there is a decent chance that Belgium will flop again at the WC. That happens quite a lot when people talk about a golden generation.


  9. I am still seeing some people say give the job to Jones and take our time. What planet are they on? His record is getting sacked when he was 23rd of 24 in The Championship at Luton. Then we hired him from a Championship club where he was coach.

    The 1 Managerial game he has had for NUFC was a Benteke away from a calamity. How many shots did we have? We had 25% possession and Palace really should have won about 3-1.

    I am not putting the guy down, I am pointing out facts. He talks a good game, I would like to see his team play a good game before even keeping him on as coach let alone Manager.


  10. And if you are going to give Fraser a chance you do not play him as a number 8. Havent we already had enough of square pegs in round holes? And we need to drop Ritchie as well. I dont know who would be his replacement, but he is simply not a defender and that is what he is being asked to be when we play the 8-0-2 system of Bruce or “Bonner”.


  11. In addition to seeing it said all of the time that ex-players played the game and should know more about football than the average fan, I see that they are all entitled to an opinion. Are they though, because I think there are several types of pundit that should just keep their mouths shut on NUFC.

    1. The biased pundits, and there are quite a few of them. Chris Sutton and Simon Jordan.

    2. The stupid pundits. I would put Danny’s Murphy and Mills in this camp along with Paul Merson’s Giant Balloon Heed. They will occassionally get something right but that is after getting 9 things wrong.

    3. The pundits looking for attention by saying something controversial. Savage is the king of this on the national scene but as far as NUFC is concerned it is Agbonlahor. Kevin Plillips sometimes weighs in as well.

    In all of these cases it is about keeping their name out there and the money rolling in. How the hell are so many of them now! Is it the internet and easier access to information or more of them just being on the wind-up? I know I shouldnt listen but the Chronic and Blogs recycle all of their comments. Even this blog, so it is hard to avoid their clap-trap.


  12. I am going to point out a few realities. The Palace game was probably joint worst of the season with Spurs. That Spurs game had a dead man walking in Bruce. The Palace game had at least 2 dead men walking in The Steves, and probably a 3rd in Graeme Jones. Jones was brought in to have us play a more possession based game and we had 25%. The players know him after 9 months and they either ignored him or he set them up for the 8-0-2. As I have said, we were a Benteke away from being thrashed.

    Caretakers hardly ever work out. The only one I can think of is Dean Smith and ironically he came after Bruce. But they are 13th now on 10 points so I am not sure how much longer he will last.

    Jones might stay but he wont be Assistant Manager. Maybe he will be assigned set pieces? The Steves are as good as gone. Anything 2-0 or more against Chelsea and there will be immediate calsl for Jones to go because he is in over his head. Luton proved that.

    There was a lot of hype about him but what did we really know about him? Only that he coudnt be any worse than The Steves. And we did get a couple of good results, but maybe Bruce was right that that was more to do with getting our best players back. We still usually played with about 35% possession.

    The players will have seen the same drills in training as they saw under Bruce because as far as we know Bruce didnt take training and Jones came in above The Steves. Where did that get us before Saturday? 3 points in 24.

    I know I am repeating myself but Jones has so much goodwill from Toon fans, I am just wondering if he has earned any of it. He talks a good game, now he has to back it up by playing a good game.

    My guess is he will be kept on until the end of the season in some minor role under a new Manager. Then he will be quietly shuffled off never to be heard from again. I highly doubt he will be on the touchline with the new boss, he will be in the stands which he says he prefers anyway. You really cannot have competing voices confusing the players and that’s what it was with Jones and the 3 Steves. Sometimes they would all be on the touchline together.

    And what do we expect from a Charnly hire, approved by Bruce?


  13. Favre gathering a bit of pace. Well according to De Bild in Germany. I really have no idea about the guy.


  14. Get well soon Kieron Dyer.
    Watched him on Sky Sports the other day and his eyes were yellow, I said to my mate at the time that I thought he looked unwell.


  15. Eric+Sykes:
    I am surprised I didnt get stick from Sharpy for my rant about Jones 🙂

    It was a good post mate, and not a name called in any of it 👏🏼😂


  16. Kim – agreed, hope Dyer gets well soon. He was a daft kid when he was a player with us but he’s grown up a lot and obviously disclosed the abuse he suffered as a young kid which I’ve no doubt contributed to how he was.
    He seems a really good bloke and I wish him a speedy recovery 🤞🏼


  17. Ryan Taylor has come out backing Gerrard as manager as well now – am I missing something???.

    Why on earth would the fella nailed on to be the next Liverpool manager want to build NUFC up to be one of Liverpool’s major rivals?!?!?!!!.

    He spends the next 3 years building NUFC into a top PL side then his first season as Lpool manager he first 2nd in the league – behind Newcastle 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️.

    I can’t imagine it EVER being Gerrard personally.


  18. Sharpy17:
    Kim – agreed, hope Dyer gets well soon.He was a daft kid when he was a player with us but he’s grown up a lot and obviously disclosed the abuse he suffered as a young kid which I’ve no doubt contributed to how he was.
    He seems a really good bloke and I wish him a speedy recovery

    Didnt he have a “mystery” illness when he played for us? He was in and out and nobody would say what it was.


  19. I think we got off easy on Sunday because of the hammering Man U took. It was not only their biggest rivals but also 5-0 away. They were rolling out the stats over here that that had never happened since they were Newton Heath or summink in 1896.

    It was the perfect storm. The scoreline, but also Pogba getting sent off for a lunge after 15 mins, And also the Salah hattrick and comparison to Ronaldo at 36.

    Not to mention Kenny laughing, Lord Ferg shaking his head and Ole looking like a lost puppy.

    We got lucky coz that took us right out of the headlines.

    I dont particluarly care for either of those teams but it was pretty funny.


  20. Eric, yeah he did have something going on when he was with us, not sure what it was though mate. Trying to think what causes yellow eyes, he’s too young to have a chronic liver issue from drink and i really don’t think it’s that anyway. Could be just an infection or hepatitis possibly. He looked awful on Sky sports though poor guy.


  21. Kimtoon: it was Dyer who had the fight with Bowyer wasnt it. He will always be remembered for that.


  22. Eric+Sykes: Didnt he have a “mystery” illness when he played for us? He was in and out and nobody would say what it was.

    Eric – he spoke about it in an interview with True Geordie. They kept treating him for hamstrings – he eventually went to a different specialist as a final measure & it turned out it was his glutes – but by that time he was around 30 & his best years were gone & the damage done.
    He openly admits that he didn’t have the most professional lifestyle, but he was also failed by the medical specialists at NUFC too.


  23. It made me realise just how bad Ashley has left our club when I watched Lpools B team last night and thought I’d take most of them ahead of our first team players 🤦🏼‍♂️.

    I still think with a good manager & coaching team, we can finish well clear of relegation with this group of players – but that is all we will ever get with this group.

    There is so much recruitment needed just to catch up to the likes of WHU and Leicester, never mind the Lpool, Chelsea & City’s – and while we are strengthening, so will they!. This could take over 10years to really get in amongst it imo.


  24. There is pretty much no news on NUFC. Danny Mills spouting off about something or other, but nothing new on a Manager or DoF. Hopefully it is the quiet before the storm.

    It took a while but I have made my mind up on Jones. I knew absolutely nothing about him when he arrived but the Chronic bigged him up, and I was willing to give him a chance.

    It seems he has been working closely with Bruce if you judge him by how effusive he was about the “gaffer” in all of his interviews. That says to me that he is just as responsible for our awful start and the fact we got worse in our last 2 games.

    Everybody was wanting him to be some sort of tactical genius but he has proved to be about as enept as Brucie.

    He has not solved the problem of teams putting 3 men on ASM either. At times against Palace, there were 5 on him. The plan cannot be have ASM take on the whole team. He needs some help, and it cannot be play Fraser as a number 8. Ryan said he was trying out that new position in order to get more playing time, but this is not the time to experiment. He is a winger, play him as a winger.

    The less said about the defense the better, except Matt Ritchie is not a left back.


  25. I mean, there was much made of Jones coaching the players on the touchline with suggestions that there was conflict between him and Bruce. It seems though that Jones had Bruce’s trust and Bruce was allowing him to run the show. That means Jones must take responsibility as well. It will be a mistake to let him have more than the Chelsea game as the players no longer seem to be responding to yet another dead man walking. There was an uptick towards the back end of last season but now we seem to be back to square 1.


  26. So the mega rich, might powerhouse that is NUFC, can attract the worlds best & expense is no concern – they made their first appointment.

    Having the pick of the worlds best, we’ve appointed Elliot Dickman to be our new U23s manager – from Sunderland, where he was a youth team player and has coached there for the last 20 odd years.

    I think we’d all agree, this is the statement appointments we’d all been hoping for!!.

    I fear we may need to lower our expectations on manager & DOF though folks 🙄🤦🏼‍♂️.


  27. Sharpy17:
    So the mega rich, might powerhouse that is NUFC, can attract the worlds best & expense is no concern – they made their first appointment.

    Having the pick of the worlds best, we’ve appointed Elliot Dickman to be our new U23s manager – from Sunderland, where he was a youth team player and has coached there for the last 20 odd years.

    I think we’d all agree, this is the statement appointments we’d all been hoping for!!.

    I fear we may need to lower our expectations on manager & DOF though folks .

    Aye, I think the other PL clubs are cacking themselves for nothing, I don’t see us splashing that much cash to be honest. I reckon it’s more likely the money goes on facilities being upgraded where FFP isn’t a worry. Think our new manager will be less of a big name as well and surprise us and maybe not in a good way.
    Everyone getting a bit carried away, still it’s funny watching the other clubs panic for nowt if only to show the world what a bunch of shysters they all are.


  28. KIMTOON: Aye, I think the other PL clubs are cacking themselves for nothing, I don’t see us splashing that much cash to be honest. I reckon it’s more likely the money goes on facilities being upgraded where FFP isn’t a worry. Think our new manager will be less of a big name as well and surprise us and maybe not in a good way.
    Everyone getting a bit carried away, still it’s funny watching the other clubs panic for nowt if only to show the world what a bunch of shysters they all are.

    Kim – some of the hysteria has been mental. But in fairness to those allowing themselves to get carried away – Staveley sat in front of Keith Downie and on Sky made comments that she wanted NUFC winning titles in the next 5 years.

    Funny coz Ashley said he won’t sell until he won a trophy & got slaughtered.

    I can’t say I’m sold on Staveley yet. She didn’t conduct herself particularly well with Simon Jordan on the Talksport phone in & she doesn’t sound overly convincing in her interviews. I’m sure she is a very clever lady – but what does she know about running a football club?. Why is everything taking so long in terms of appointments?.

    Ashley spent the last 14yrs using NUFC as a front to advertise SD. I don’t think the Saudis will abuse our club anything like that – I agree re the investments in facilities as such like – but fighting for titles in 5 years is simply pie in the sky imo – and pie in the sky is the last thing NUFC fans need after 14yrs of Ashley.


  29. I feel like a broken record as far as Managers are concerned. However, since I have been on this blog we have had Pards, Ugly John Carver and Schteve, so how could I not be critical of them. Rafa was decent but for one thing he came to us and then wasnt given any money. With the resources now I think he could win us a cup and get into Europe but I dont think he would get top 4 as things have moved on and the top 6 make fortunes on the commercial side.

    Then there is Bruce. I watched almost all of his games and am still amazed that we are in the PL. I really think he must have made some pact with the devil. And now Jones. I think he was much more in bed with Bruce than the fans were led to believe so I am having massive doubts about him now. Also, his CV isnt exactly that of a Top 6 coach.

    So, I dont apologize for slagging NUFC managers off given their lack of quality. I am just sick of us repeating the same mistakes and hope that is about to change. We need a new Manager in immediately. We cannot give Jones another game after Chelsea.


  30. I am going to try to predict the lineup for Chelsea. I think Miggy and Willock will definately come in for Fraser and Longstaff. But then there is the defense. Ritchie has do go, but I am not sure he will. Same with Lascelles and Clark, but who are their replacements. Also, Lascelles is Captain so I highly doubt he will be dropped. So here goes:


    Manquillo Fernandez Lascelles Dummett Lewis

    Hayden Willock

    Miggy Wilson ASM

    If Dummett isnt fit enough, maybe Schar.


  31. I cant believe I am going to say this, but if we are going to play hoofball, which is probable with Lascelles, you might actually want donkey in the team. He has to have Wilson and ASM close though to pick up his headers. Too many times they are headers to nowhere. We all know he wont score and the ball bounces off him but there arent many options if it is:

    Lascelles backpass to Dubravka – HOOOOOOOF

    I still think we will get beat but the team above must be able to put up a better showing than at Palace. Miracles can happen. I think we beat Chelsea last year with 1 shot on target.


  32. John Gibson just mentioned that Jones left our 3 highest priced signings EVER on the bench.

    Donkey – 40 mil

    Almiron – 20 mil

    Willock – 25 mil


  33. So far all I’m seeing is talk and speculation… no action. Every hour it’s a different high end manager or dof, and every player under the sun is linked. I think the press just think of the best players in every other team and then link them to us, but actually, all we have done is sack Bruce and bring in Jones as a stand in. No other action at all… not impressed to be honest.


  34. We have a chance of a win against Chelsea – just need a penalty, an own goal and a sending off.

    Ryder is acting like we have a chance and some on Blogs still think we were defensively solid. We were not, Benteke hit the post, the bar and missed a sitter. We were a shambles and had 8 men behind the ball and even then they stood off. It really was like a Brucie performance which makes you wonder what Jones actually did. He is even adopting some of Bruce’s language saying he was “pleased” with the draw. If he starts to say “delighted” I will know he is Bruce Mark II.

    I am sure he will say the right things again in the press conference, a version of we take every game as it comes and on its own merits. He has already hinted he may change formation. But I doubt that very much. It will be backs to the walls, again.

    I would like to be proven wrong because it was only 1 game. But then again, it was 9 months before that and the 2 Steves are still there.


  35. Even if we change personnel, which we must, we will probably still play 5 at the back. Miggy and Willock definately have to come in, but Miggy will probably drop back into midfield as we will be overrun with only Hayden and Willock in there. And the 3 centre halfs is to protect Lascelles. We do not play 3 CB and wingbacks we play a flat back 5 which leaves Ritchie exposed. This has been the pattern for most of the last 2 years. Let’s see if the former Luton Manager (sacked when 23rd of 24) can change things.


  36. If anybody thinks I am being defeatist then I am not alone. Just look at the odd for a NUFC win on Saturday – 17 to 2 (8 and a half to 1).


  37. This manager/DoF search seems to be dragging on a bit. It’s been silent this week. I have a horrible feeling Jones will be in charge for Brighton too. What chance we have against Chelsea and Brighton? Not much I’d suggest.


  38. I just read The Mags line up for tomorrow and the writer said we were more solid dfensively against Palace. What game was he watching? Some fans are delusional and pure mystical thinkers. They think a Failed Luton Manager is the answer because he talks a good game.

    This guy in The Mag also thinks we shouldnt risk Willock. He has had pain killing injections, so have another one. I have even seen suggestions that we should rest ASM and Wilson because this game has already been lost and we should protect them from injury.

    I see this game as a free hit and we should play our best players. If we are 3-0 down at half time then take them off.


  39. Even though Chelsea have put most teams to the sword, they are not invincible. Little Brentford should have definately got something from their game. But the Bees actually tried to play football and didnt just sit back and invite pressure. That has been our default position when pressed so that is what I expect. Prove me wrong Graeme!!!!


  40. Eric+Sykes:
    Stuart: how are you feeling, mate?

    Ok thanks, Eric. Looks like the vaccine has done its job. Just missing taste and smell with a bit of tiredness and that likely to be for a few weeks from what I hear. Other than that I’m ok.

    Brentford should have got something from Chelsea but they look a completely different team to us. For a start they look like they approach games with a plan. I’ll be interested to see what a full weeks training has done to performance but it’s a game we could do without.


  41. What the hell does Jones have to lose by playing Willock and Dubravka? Willock has already shown he can play through the pain with an injection. He may not be fully fit, but even with one leg he would be better than Longstaff. He could hop faster than Sean can run. And Dubs has been in training for 3 weeks now.

    Jones has been given the Chelsea game and this may even extend to the Brighton game. He knows he has no chance at the job full time so put the bloody best team out there and take your chances. The exception might be Dummett as he has to be fully fit to start because of his injury record.

    Anyway, Jones has nothing to lose. We all know he will be gone at the end of the season as the new Manager will want his own people. Cant really see another PL club coming in for him either so it will be back to Bournemouth or the like. As I have said before, I think he will certainly not be Assistant Head Coach under a new man and will probably be put on throw-in duty.


  42. Jones has been cut far too much slack from Geordie fans as proven by that disaster of a team he put out last week. We thought it was all Bruce, but it was obviously not. He has to show this week that he can adapt. It might help him get another job at the end of this season.


  43. Jones has to pick the right team, which he didnt last week, and we have to have a better performance against Chelsea for me to cut him any slack. It was a sh!tshow last week but did improve when he brought our better players on.

    I am sure you will see from the starting lineup this week that even Jones himself knows he got it wrong. Very reminiscent of Bruce with playing the wrong players out of position and sitting back in a 8-0-2.

    What was worrying in the press conference is that Jones said he would remain as Assistant Manager with a new Manager. It will probably be in name only though as I expect him gone at the end of the season.

    When Olly puts his final team up you will see Fernandez, Dubs, Willock and Miggy back. Maybe even Donkey, although I am not sure where he would play. Perhaps Lewis as Ritchie is not a leftback. Some fans thinks he deserves his place because he is a leader. But he cannot tackle and has no positional sense so he is a liability.

    Finally, I wish he would drop Lascelles, but he wont.

    To reiterate, the team this week will be an admission from Jones that he fcked up last week.


  44. The crap weather might be a help against Chelsea.

    Just read some of the comments on Eds and they are praising Jones for his press conferences. Yes, he is not Bruce BUT he put out a Bruce team last week and played a Bruce game plan. I have even seen some on blogs say we played better. No we bl00dy didnt. I can probably name 3 Bruce games this year where we were better than at Palace.

    I will repeat ad nauseam that the team Jones puts out this week will be a tacit admission that he messed up last week. Doubt if he will change the formation though. And as soon as we are pressed the players default is to go to 8-0-2 and either play hoofball or expect Miggy or ASM to beat the entire team.


  45. Oh, and if the new boss doesnt like Jones’ methods he will be given a golden handshake or sent to put out the cones. Verbal assurances are not worth the paper they are not written on. He is in dreamland if he thinks that means anything.


  46. There is no loyalty in football. And why would we be loyal to Jones – because he is a Geordie? He was appointed by Charnley and endorsed by Bruce and has been here for 9 months. There is nothing to be loyal to. In fact, Ugly John Carver got no loyalty and probably deserved it more.

    Hope he rubs my face in the muck tomorrow, but there has been so little criticism after last week that I feel I have to weigh in a bit. If Bruce and Ashley had been in charge of that selection and sh!t show there would have been hell on and demonstrations planned for tomorrow


  47. He needs to load the midfield imo – go 4-3-1-2. Forget attacking fullbacks, they need to defend.

    —————-—— Darlow ———————
    Manq – Fernandez – Lascelles – Clark
    — Longstaff – Hayden – Willock —-
    —————-— Almiron ———————
    ———-—- Wilson —- ASM ————-—

    I’d go Clark over Ritchie as I think he’d be more disciplined staying back defending & would be a threat on a set piece.

    Almirons workrate would get him in my team, but I’d want him on his feet, not falling down claiming a foul all the time.

    I’m not suggesting that team can beat Chelsea – I’m not that daft. But Chelsea totally dominated the midfield when I watched the Norwich game & we have to try and compete in there if we stand any chance of avoiding a heavy defeat.

    Goal difference could come into it at the end of the season 🙄🤦🏼‍♂️.


  48. Dear god, John fuc.king Terry… who next? The weasel himself? Wise next… I wish they would just appoint a fuc.king manager and dof… how hard can it be?

    We will get thrashed by Chelsea tomorrow… I’m ready to put hot pins in my eyes. What are they doing?


  49. Bob Blackadder for the next manager and Baldrick as dof, you heard it here first… don’t know who the they are but just as likely as any of the others that those “in the know” are talking about…

    In fact, I have an interview with Mands on Sunday for the managers job. I’ll take it if they offer me at least a million a year! They can fire me after one game as long as they pay up the contract!


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